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Review: VIP Lounge Caruso at Naples Airport

VIP Lounge Caruso Naples Airport
VIP Lounge Caruso is spacious and trendy. It makes you forget that you are at an airport known to be usually a crowded place.

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VIP Lounge Caruso is an airport lounge at Naples International Airport in Italy. There are multiple ways to access this lounge. Even if you are flying with an economy class ticket, still you can use the lounge. Read more from our review.

VIP Lounge Caruso

VIP Lounge Caruso is the only business class lounge in Naples International Airport (Aeroporto di Napoli-Capodichino in Italian). Being the lone airport lounge in this airport makes it easier for everyone because no matter the entry method you will end up in this lounge. Even though there are no competitors, VIP Lounge Caruso is surprisingly offering high-quality services and amenities.

The quality of the lounge exceeded the expectations. Even though in Google Reviews, it has been rated quite low, it seems that the lounge has been renovated in the near past. That explains lower ratings in the past.

The lounge premises lounge are spacious. Probably there is space for about 100 people but at the time of the visit on a Sunday afternoon, there were only about 10 customers in the lounge.

The Location of VIP Lounge Caruso

Naples International Airport is moderately small. It has only two terminals but all scheduled flights depart from Terminal 1. VIP Lounge Caruso is also located in the same terminal.

The lounge is located in the security zone of the Terminal 1. After you have passed the security check, just head to the gate C17 and the lounge is opposite to it.

Entry Options

VIP Lounge Caruso serves business class and first-class passengers of many airlines. Business-class passengers are almost surely invited to this lounge.

The simplest way for other passengers to enter VIP Lounge Caruso is to have Priority Pass or DragonPass membership. Also, Diners Club card is accepted in the lounge.

Other customers may buy an entry voucher from the automated kiosks situated on the first floor of the airport, just before the access ramp to Security Control or pay the entrance fee upon entry to the lounge. The entrance costs 25 euros at the time of publishing this article.

Our Rating

The Easiness of Getting in

You have plenty of methods to get in. For example, you can use Priority Pass, DragonPass, Diners Club card, or entry vouchers or you pay directly at the lounge. The lounge is also easy to find.


The lounge looks clean and it is spacious. The comeliness in the lounge was better than expected.

A chair in Caruso Lounge
A good chair is needed to relax. Luckily VIP Lounge Caruso had comfortable chairs and a relaxing atmosphere.


The lounge didn't offer warm food at the time of the visit but the cold buffet selection was good. The foods appeared fresh and tasted delicious.

There were beer and wine available in the lounge. Some strong alcohol was offered, too. Alcohol drinks should be asked from the staff but it seemed to be no problem to serve yourself too.

A great thing is that coffee is served to your seat. You just have to order it and the willing staff will prepare it. Then it will be delivered to your seat.

The catering table in VIP Lounge Caruso
VIP Lounge Caruso had a delicious cold buffet. The foods tasted well and everything was fresh.
The catering table in VIP Lounge Caruso
The food catering was in Italian style.
The coffee was prepared by the staff and served to the table.

Friendliness of the Customer Service

During the visit, the staff offered customer-friendly services. The situation may be different when the lounge is more crowded. Probably more people are working during peak hours.

Overall Rating

In Naples International Airport, there are no choices when you fancy a drink in a lounge. The lucky thing is that the VIP Lounge Caruso is of good quality and also not too expensive. It is surely worth the money to visit this lounge which offers a relaxing waiting place before your flight.

Buying Entrance Beforehand

Business class passengers are invited to this lounge so no need to buy anything. Other passengers may use their Priority Pass, DragonPass, Diners Club card or cash to get in.

An entry voucher can also be bought beforehand from the Lounge Pass service. That is a good way to secure your entrance. Additionally, you also save time at the airport.


How to Access Lounges?

You will find more helpful information from our lounge guide.

Bottom Line

Naples International Airport may not be a well-known airport in Europe. It is quite small and that's practical to use. It's a very only lounge, VIP Caruso beats many other lounges in bigger airports in terms of quality.

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Comments (1)

Posted by Lisa Richardson

We were there today and the food was awful, day old and the employee (male) who took our ticket info was smoking IN THE LOUNGE after most of the patrons had left. I have a smoke allergy and asked who was smoking. He hid his cigarette which I saw and then pretended to look for the patron who was smoking.

I would not waste my time on this lounge....

Posted by Finnoy Travel

Thanks for the comment Lisa.

Sad to hear that the service has been that poor. Hopefully, it was an exception and not the normal state. Unfortunately, there are not many lounge choices in this airport.

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