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Review: Cathay Pacific - Hospitality from Hong Kong

  • Edited 24/03/23

We travelled from Helsinki to warm Bali. We started the journey by flying to Frankfurt with Finnair and then via Hong Kong to Bali with Cathay Pacific. The route back to Helsinki went via London. In this article, we review our flight experiences onboard Airbus A350, A321 and Boeing 777ER. Read from the article what is the service like in Cathay Pacific's Economy class.

Finnoy Travel team travelled to watch the Eurovision Song Contest live in Tel Aviv Israel in 2019.

Eurovision Song Contest 2024 - How to Prepare?

  • Edited 24/03/23

Have you ever watched the Eurovision Song Contest performances live? We have and loved it. Why not attend the ESC 2024 yourself? To make it possible, you have to prepare early since there is a limited number of tickets and hotel rooms. Read from this article what kind of booking strategy we recommend.

Viking XPRS arriving at Helsinki

Helsinki to Tallinn Ferry Booking Guide

  • Edited 17/03/23

Tallinn with its special charm is a must-see destination. The Baltic beauty is easily reachable by ferries of several companies from the Port of Helsinki. Read how to book a ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn and vice versa.

Sofas at Aspire Lounge Helsinki Airport

Guide to Helsinki Airport Lounges

  • Edited 15/03/23

There are seven airport lounges at Helsinki Airport. Three of them are in the Schengen area, three are on the non-Schengen side and one is on the landside. Read our information package about Helsinki Airport lounges. You will also learn booking tips.

Swiss-Belhotel Rainforest hotel swimming pool

Swiss-Belhotel Rainforest in Bali - Detailed Review

  • Edited 23/03/23

In winter 2023, we decided to travel to a tropical destination to escape the cold Finnish winter. We chose Bali which was more than 10,000 kilometres away from our home. Despite being aware that the island offers much to see and do, we decided to book our hotel accommodation in a single location mainly to save on our travel budget and for other reasons. We chose Swiss-Belhotel Rainforest in the Kuta area because the hotel had good reviews, its location was practical and the price was the best. Read from our hotel review what the hotel was like.


Review: Chase Sapphire Lounge Hong Kong

  • Edited 07/03/23

We had a flight connection at Hong Kong International Airport after a long flight from Frankfurt before continuing to Bali, Indonesia. Considering our long journey, we decided to unwind at Chase Sapphire Lounge in Terminal 1 West Hall of Hong Kong International Airport. Read from the article how we rated this well-situated lounge.

Soft chair and view

Review: Plaza Premium Lounge at Frankfurt Airport

  • Edited 26/02/23

We visited Plaza Premium Lounge at Frankfurt Airport's Terminal 2 before flying out to Hong Kong. The lounge offered good services but its design was a little outdated. We can still recommend this lounge for passengers who need to relax and enjoy tasty food before continuing their journey. Read more from our lounge review.

Passports and airplane

Travel Insurance - Why Every Traveller Needs One?

  • Edited 20/02/23

We travel multiple times a year and that is why we have continuous travel medical insurance plans even though it is not necessarily required by anyone. Our travel medical insurances are always valid whenever we exit Finland. In this article, we describe why it is important to have insurance even if you are visiting say your neighbouring country. Read this article and learn what you should know about travel insurance.

Wise Debit Card

Review: Wise -The Best Money Card For Travellers?

  • Edited 22/03/23

Wise is a solution for travellers, nomads and immigrants needing a multi-currency account. With Wise, you can transfer money safely, exchange currencies at the best rate in the market , and spend the currencies in your account with a Wise debit card. The fees involved in Wise are relatively lower than its competitors. Read more from our Wise review.

Taj Mahal India

10 Best Reasons to Visit India in 2023

  • Edited 18/02/23

India is a large country with much to see. In this article, Classy Nomad shares 10 reasons to visit India. Read the article and maybe you'll find a reason to visit the country and enjoy its pulsating life and rich culture.

Immigrant Nurses in Finland

Working as a Nurse in Finland - What to Expect?

  • Edited 27/01/23

Finland needs thousands of nurses as there is a large nursing labour shortage and the problem is getting even worse. Foreign nurses need to get authorization from the health care authority, Valvira, to be able to work as practical or registered nurses. Read more to learn about how to become a nurse in the world's happiest country - Finland!

Cars at a motorway in Finland

Driving in Finland - What You Need to Know?

  • Edited 27/01/23

Finland is a beautiful summer destination. When there is much daylight, driving around the country is a rewarding experience. Also in winter, a car is a practical way to move around but driving is more challenging. Read our tips for driving in Finland.

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