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We present services that we consider valuable for travellers. Regardless of whether you are an inexperienced or seasoned traveller, these services will be beneficial to you.

We exclusively recommend services that have undergone thorough testing and proven to meet two key criteria: excellent quality and affordable pricing. By purchasing the aforementioned services through the links provided on this page, we may receive small commissions, but rest assured that browsing these links is completely free of charge. Get ready to access valuable tips and guidance right at your fingertips!

Flight Booking

Flight prices vary from one booking site to another. Booking from airlines' pages is the safest option but rarely the cheapest one. You may save a remarkable amount of money by comparing prices between booking sites and choosing the cheapest one. We have also written a guide on how to find cheap flights.


Finding the most convenient flight itineraries is made simple with Skycanner. This platform efficiently compares airfare prices across numerous international booking websites. Once you discover a favourable schedule, you have the option to choose from various booking sites or even book directly through the airline itself. It is advisable to utilise reputable and established booking platforms for a seamless experience. For maximum safety, book directly from the airline but you can still compare prices with Skyscanner.

Norwegian Aeroplane

Airport Lounges

Airport lounges are the best places to relax just before longer or shorter flights. We love spending time in lounges instead of noisy, crowded and overpriced airport cafes. Not all people know that entering a lounge is possible just with an economy class ticket. It is not free but with a pre-purchased lounge pass, the costs stay low. Read more from our airport lounge guide.

Lounge Pass

Lounge Pass offers discounted access passes to top-tier airport lounges worldwide. For under 30 euros, you can treat yourself to a cosy and tranquil seating area, along with a complimentary buffet and unlimited beverages. These lounges provide an ideal respite during layovers, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience between flights. We have written a comprehensive guide on how to utilize the Lounge Pass service for your convenience.

Chase Sapphire Lounge HK

Lounge Membership

Frequent travellers should consider purchasing a popular membership instead of single lounge passes. With the right membership, you have will unlimited visits to airport lounges. We have reviewed Priority Pass which is one of the most well-known lounge programs. LoungeKey is another popular lounge membership which comes often with a credit card.

Airport Transfers

Airports can be accessed through various means of transportation. While public transport is often convenient, private transfers are better suited for discerning travellers who value quality. Upon arrival, a driver proficient in English will warmly welcome and assist you, ensuring a seamless journey to their desired location along with any bulky luggage. Private transfer services offer competitive prices when compared to standard taxi fares.

We recommend pre-booking an airport transfer when travelling to a destination where taxis are known to be unreliable.

Welcome Pickups

Welcome Pickups provides airport transfers in numerous locations. The drivers are proficient English speakers who keep a close eye on flight schedules for any delays. The fees for the transfer service are affordable, and payment is conveniently made online at the time of booking. Should any unforeseen circumstances arise, cancellations are free of charge, and their customer support team is readily available to offer immediate assistance when needed.

Hotel Bookings

It is crucial to compare hotel prices across multiple booking platforms, just as one would with flight prices. However, it is equally important to choose reputable booking agencies that offer favourable conditions. While booking directly from the hotel may be the most secure choice, third-party booking sites often provide more affordable options. There is a prevailing belief that individuals who book rooms through third-party websites are assigned the least desirable accommodations. However, our personal experience contradicts this notion as we have consistently been allocated satisfactory rooms despite utilizing booking agencies.

Concentrating only on one reliable hotel booking service is a simple but working strategy. We recommend using that has many advantages: Most of the bookable hotels can be cancelled free of charge; The price level of hotels is averagely low and has good customer service in case you encounter problems with your hotel bookings. Using the system is also simple and it works in many different languages. We typically book our hotels on because the selection is good and prices are competitive. Once, a hotel we had booked refused to refund in case of cancellation but compensated us on behalf of the hotel.
Maleme Imperial pool

Ferries and Cruises

When it comes to covering short distances, opting for a ferry ride proves to be a pragmatic choice instead of taking a flight. The convenience of carrying your car on board and the availability of comfortable cabins make resting during the journey hassle-free. Additionally, overnight travellers can save on hotel expenses as they do not require separate accommodation. Moreover, modern ships offer excellent catering services and entertainment options for an enhanced travel experience.

Did you know that many ferries in Finland are like luxury cruise ships? Even though they deliver cargo, they still provide high-quality services for passengers.

Direct Ferries

To find the best ferry connections, comparing options is necessary. Many competing ferry operators sail on the same routes. You can easily compare schedules and prices on Direct Ferries. The booking site shows the schedules and prices of different ferry operators clearly. You can book a ticket right away after you have found a connection you like. Direct Ferries finds often connections that you didn't even know existed before!

Viking Gabriella


Seascanner proves to be an exceptional resource when seeking nearby cruises or even premium Transocean cruises. In addition to price comparisons, Seascanner also offers the convenience of booking directly through their service. With extensive knowledge of renowned cruise companies, this brokerage platform provides users with a comprehensive array of options from a single search.


Going on tours is one of the easiest ways to see and experience everything that the destination offers. A good tour includes all the necessary services which makes it an easy and safe choice. In addition, local tour guides are the best experts on destination facts and they share interesting stories and provide useful extra information.


You can look for interesting tours from local operators on GetYourGuide. Through GetYourGuide, it is possible to book reliable tours to destinations all over the world. You pay for the tour during the online booking and get a voucher in your email. The service can be claimed with the voucher at the agreed time. The best thing about GetYourGuide is that most of the activities come with a 24-hour free cancellation policy. We are loyal fans of GetYourGuide!

Air Panas Angseri Bali

Car Hires

A hire car gives you more flexibility and freedom to explore the destination at your own pace. Hire car prices vary so comparing them is recommendable. It is even more important to check that the insurance level of your car is sufficient. A rental agreement normally contains an excess that you must pay in the case of an accident. Even a small new scratch in the car can cost you hundreds of euros. We have written a guide How to Hire a Car Abroad.

We recommend buying additional coverage for a hire car. By doing so, you reduce your excess to 0 euros. This is especially important if you are an inexperienced driver or if the road traffic culture of your destination involves more risk than in your home country. Quite often, small damages to your rental car are committed by other drivers, say a small scratch while parking carelessly.

Discover Cars

Compare prices of well-known car hire companies on Discover Cars. On their website, you can also buy additional insurance protection and then in case of an accident, your excess will be paid back to you. The additional coverage is significantly cheaper on Discover Cars than buying it directly from hire companies' offices. The cheapest car hire company may not be the best option so we recommend reading reviews written by previous customers.

Road in Spain

Travel Insurance

When visiting specific countries, it is essential to possess travel insurance. A prudent traveller invests in comprehensive coverage to safeguard against unforeseen circumstances. The exorbitant expenses associated with illness or injury abroad are alleviated by travel insurance, providing peace of mind regarding financial burdens. We have listed many reasons why you need travel medical insurance.

SafetyWing for Nomads

SafetyWing provides travel medical insurance for people all over the world, while outside their home country. The insurance covers medical costs and also other costs related to unforeseen circumstances like transport delays. People may choose a fixed-term plan or an automatically renewing subscription. A continuous plan is the best for nomads while there is no limit to how long you can travel. It is even allowed to have a short-term visit to the home country and you will still be covered. On the SafetyWing website, you can get an instant quotation.

Useful Applications

Simple applications on mobile phones or laptops make using devices easier and safer.

Atlas VPN

With a VPN service, you can bypass censorship and country restrictions. VPN software also encrypts your data transmission over a public wireless network. Atlas VPN is an inexpensive VPN service which has all the basic features and much more. One subscription is enough to run the software on all your devices. Read more from our VPN guide.

Payment Cards

Credit card selection varies from one country to another. We recommend having at least two different payment cards, especially while travelling to make sure you have a backup payment card in case you encounter card-related problems. Be sure that the cards have enough balance available. Credit cards are particularly advantageous when travelling as they allow for convenient payment of deposits. Temporary deposits are typically required by car rental companies and hotels.


Curve Metal suits well travellers. It provides great benefits such as travel insurance, hire car insurance and discounts to airport lounges. Curve card does not work alone but it only combines your existing cards into the Curve application to manage your transactions efficiently. Our Review of Curve Card describes the features in a more detailed way.


Plutus is a cashback debit card providing crypto money back from almost all purchases. Cryptos can be exchanged for fiat money. By paying all your travel expenses with a Plutus card, you get a nice amount of money back. Look at our Plutus Review to learn more.


Wise offers a versatile banking solution that allows you to store funds in multiple currencies within separate sub-accounts, providing the convenience of spending them at a later time using the Wise Debit card. When it comes to currency exchange, Wise offers this service at a lower cost compared to traditional banks. By having a Wise card, you can enjoy significant savings on currency conversions and seamlessly make purchases overseas as if you were a resident. For more insight into the benefits of using a debit card while travelling, refer to the Wise review.

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