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Finnoy Travel is a Finland-based travel site that publishes content both in English and Finnish language. A huge percentage of our site visitors comes from Finland but our travel website attracts also readers globally. We write about our personal travel experiences and also review travel-related services. We warmly welcome cooperation with individuals and businesses to work with us.

Our Reach


In January 2023, we had more than 12,000 unique visitors on About 29.5 per cent of the visitors came from Finland and the others from all over the world. The UK and the US are well-represented among our readers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is our primary source of visitors.

A typical visitor is looking for information about a specific topic. For example, our service reviews are popular but many visitors are also interested in living and travelling in Finland. Contact us and let us see if we could reach your target audience too!

Social Media and Post List

We also reach more readers via our social media channels and post list subscribers sending them regular newsletters with our latest publications.

Ways of Cooperation


We are an Ezoic-certified publisher. If you wish to have an advertisement on our website, contact us and we direct you to talk to our representative on Ezoic. You find us on Google Ads too.

Guest Posts

Guest posting is free of charge for private website owners. Please read our guest posting guidelines.

We also accept sponsored posts from travel-related companies. We follow the best practices and mark paid links with rel=sponsored attribute. Being transparent is important. Please get familiar with our instructions for paid posts. Expect a service fee of 40 to 80 US dollars for a commercial guest post.

We optimise guest posts and sponsored posts for search engines and share them via our social media channels.

Travel Service Reviews

We love to write reviews of travel services. The majority of the reviews on our site have been produced independently by us. If you wish us to review your product or service too, feel free to contact us.

We only review services that we would like to buy ourselves. Our reviews will remain, to be honest, and not biased and results can not be bought. We charge the actual review costs and a service fee of 40 to 80 US dollars.


We cooperate always by upholding high ethics to deserve the trust of our readers and keep our SEO rankings high. Please read our advertising policy.

If you are interested, open a discussion with us and let us see what we can achieve together!

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