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Let Us Shine Together!

Do you have a passion for content creation? Perhaps you have thought of starting your blog but have been unsure how to begin. Finnoy Friends is the answer!

Finnoy Friends opens Finnoy Travel for guest contributors who are passionate to write about travelling. We love diversity and so contributors from all around the globe are welcome. Did you know? Creating content together instead of founding your blog gives you multiple benefits.

  • You get access to our well-working and secure publishing platform.
  • Finnoy Travel has already a constant flow of visitors. We have also a post list and social media channels. It means that we will promote also your content through our channels to get the first readers quickly!
  • Finnoy Travel's website is Search Engine Optimised (SEO) to rank easier on Google. We provide a styling guide to creating Google-friendly content. Search engines are a great source of traffic!
  • Joining the Finnoy Friends program is free! You will still own the copyrights of your content. If you decide later to found your blog, just transfer your content to your blog and inform us about the end of our cooperation.

Three Models

Writing Every Now and Then

It is okay to contribute only when you feel so. You may just provide a single post or maybe a few posts per year. The content of infrequent contributors will appear among our content but with the contributors' names.

As an infrequent contributor, you need to provide us with text and images by email and we will do the editing work. No need to learn to use the platform.

Regular Posting

If you wish to start writing regularly, say many posts per year, we create your area on the Finnoy Travel website. We can also customise the colours and images of the area according to your wishes. You are free to edit and publish articles independently with your user account.

To make things easier, we provide the following aid:

  • Your user account to our platform. You have full editing rights to your content.
  • Image uploading tool to automatically watermark your images with a chosen name and resize them to web-friendly sizes.
  • A contact form for visitors to reach you easily.
  • Rights to moderate comments on your posts yourself.
  • You will also be listed as a regular contributor on Who Are We page.

More than Contributing

Would you like not just to contribute but to develop the site together? Tell us about your innovative ideas on how you would make Finnoy Travel better. Let us multiple our followers and share the revenue.

Simple Terms

  • The content must be related to travelling. Of course, you can write about related topics like things about your home country.
  • The content creator always owns copyrights. By writing on Finnoy Travel, you just give us consent to publish your text and images.
  • The articles must be in English or Finnish.
  • No commitments. The cooperation can be ended anytime by you or us. Of course, we wish for long-term cooperation.
  • Finnoy Travel platform is free but articles may contain advertisements. We need to cover running costs.
  • Finally, we have the right to choose with whom we cooperate. If we reject your proposal, we tell openly the reason behind it.

And What's not Allowed...

We wish to keep Finnoy Travel a decent and respected website and some prohibited items exist. It is not allowed to publish content related to any of the following topics.

  • Anything that is illegal or promotes drugs, gambling and similar addictive habits.
  • Adult content.
  • Any racism or discrimination. We promote diversity!
  • Plagiarism. The content must be originally written by you.
  • Copyright law violations. Always use your own or freely licensed stock photos.
  • Hidden marketing. You must openly declare if you have any commercial relations behind your posts.

Breaking these simple terms will lead to the end of cooperation. Violating copyright laws may lead to legal responsibility so please publish only your material!

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By sending the form, you give us consent to contact you by email. We do not save the email address or use it for any other purposes.

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