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  • By Niko Suominen
  • 01 April 2023 - 15 min read
  • Updated on 06 April 2024
Ryanair and easyJet Wings
We are not exclusively loyal customers of any single airline. We always choose a flight that best suits us.

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We love reviewing airlines and flights. This is a collection article of the airline reviews we have written. Read the article and find your favourite airline.

Flights with Numerous Airlines

Throughout our travels, we have had the opportunity to fly with various European and global airlines. These airlines can be divided into low-cost and legacy carriers. In most cases, we haven't noticed any significant differences between the two types, although a few traditional airlines have surpassed our expectations. By following airlines' marketing, it is easy to find affordable tickets for both legacy and low-cost carriers.

We enjoy experimenting with new airlines that are unfamiliar to us. By booking flights with these carriers, we experience different types of aircraft. While many airlines operate the common and somewhat monotonous Boeing 737 and Airbus A32X fleets, there is always an element of excitement when boarding a new airline. Although most of our flight experiences have been unremarkable, some airlines have left a negative impact on us while others have left a positive one.

More Reviews Coming

To date, we have assessed 21 airlines that we have travelled with. Although we have also flown with other carriers, there are some flights for which we, unfortunately, neglected to record comprehensive information. Nevertheless, additional reviews will be published soon, so remember to monitor our website and subscribe to our newsletter!

Feel free to reach out to us if you'd like your flight stories featured as guest posts on our platform.

Legacy Airlines

We have flown with the following legacy airlines and written reviews of them. It is sometimes difficult to say if an airline has a legacy or a low-cost business model. Usually, the older airlines have the traditional business model.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier from Hong Kong SAR. The airline has only 1 hub at Hong Kong International Airport but its route network is wide. Even though it is a common trend that airlines provide fewer and fewer complimentary services, Cathay Pacific has still an excellent service level even in economy class.

We recommend Cathay Pacific for people flying to East and Southeast Asia. Connecting at Hong Kong airport is a pleasant experience as is flying onboard Cathay Pacific.

The cabin of Cathay Pacific A350
Cathay Pacific has many Airbus A350-1000 aircraft in the fleet. The cabin is quieter and the entertainment system is excellent.

Read the full Cathay Pacific review.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines, the national carrier of Turkey tops the list of Finnoy Travel's favourite traditional airlines. It still has full-inclusive tickets which is very rare nowadays, especially in Europe. One price includes flights, luggage allowance, meals and drinks. The on-board services of Turkish Airlines are superior to that of many other airlines making them our top favourite airline.

Even though Turkish Airlines has a well-earned reputation, it has now and then discounted ticket deals. We fly often longer flights with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul New Airport.

Turkish Airlines tail
Turkish airlines have still full-inclusive tickets even in economy class.

Read the full Turkish Airlines review.

Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines is an airline from Greece. It still has better onboard services than many other legacy airlines. For example, delicious Greek meals are included in the ticket price.

We have flown a few times with Aegean Airlines via Athens which is the airline's hub. Especially during off-seasons, the airline has great bargains. It is easy to combine a stop-over in Athens.

Read the full Aegean Airlines review.

TAP Air Portugal

Tap Air Portugal is the national carrier of Portugal. The airline flies mainly in southern Europe and also long-haul flights between Europe and South America. TAP has two hubs: Lisbon and Porto.

We have liked TAP's service model a lot. Flights are inexpensive, but the airline has still complimentary services onboard. Also, the fleet is fresh and crews operate flights professionally. If we lived closer to Portugal, we would fly often with this airline.

Read the full TAP Air Portugal Review.

TAP Portugal A321 cabin
TAP Air Portugal has fresh-looking cabins in the Airbus A321 fleet.

Azores Airlines

Azores Airlines is a sub-carrier of SATA Air Açores. The airline brings travellers to the Azores from America and Europe. Azores Airlines flies with a narrow-body Airbus fleet. The owner of the airline, SATA Air Açores, flies also domestic routers between the Azores Islands with turboprops.

We have flown with Azores Airlines and also with SATA Air Açores. Both of them offer great service levels. Azores Airlines is probably the best way to head to Azores.

Read the full KLM.

SATA Air Acores Dash Q40
SATA Air Açores flies domestic flights between Azores islands.

Air Europa

Air Europa stands out in the competitive skies as Spain's third-largest airline, offering a seamless connection between Europe and further afield destinations like the Americas and Africa. With its main hub in Madrid, Air Europa is a key member of the SkyTeam alliance, focusing on delivering efficient and comfortable travel experiences across its network. It provides economy and business-class services.

We have experienced efficiency and basic comfort when flying with Air Europa. Despite the absence of some modern in-flight amenities, Air Europa’s service efficiency and cabin comfort hint at its appeal to budget-conscious yet comfort-seeking travellers on short-haul routes.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines, a flagship carrier renowned globally, epitomizes the pinnacle of air travel with its commitment to excellence, luxurious amenities, and innovative services. Originating in 1947, this esteemed airline has woven a rich tapestry of service excellence, connecting continents with its wide network spanning six continents. Celebrated for setting industry benchmarks, Singapore Airlines is the go-to for discerning travellers seeking unparalleled flying experiences.

Our flight with Singapore Airlines, taking us from Singapore to Manila, earned a 5-star rating based on our experience. The onboard service was exceptional.

Read the full Review of Singapore Airline.

Singapore Airlines cabin
The cabin of the Airbus A350 was imbued with a festive Christmas atmosphere.


Lufthansa, the flag carrier of Germany, stands as a testament to traditional airline excellence with a modern twist. Operating from its primary hubs at Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport, Lufthansa's extensive network spans 220+ destinations in over 80 countries worldwide, making it one of the largest airlines in terms of international reach. Despite the evolving landscape of air travel where carriers are cutting back on amenities, Lufthansa maintains a commendable level of service, especially in economy class where it continues to offer complimentary meals and beverages.

We have taken numerous flights with Lufthansa. While the airline maintains a reputable brand, its economy-class service has simplified over time.

Read our Lufthansa Short-Haul Review and Lufthansa Long-Haul Review.

Lufthansa Airbus A32x cabin
Lufthansa flies many of its short-haul routes with small Airbus aircraft.


KLM is the flag carrier of The Netherlands. It is the oldest operative airline in the world with an original name.

We have flown with KLM via Amsterdam Airport a few times. The airline provides decent service with some complimentary snacks. The airline can´t beat the best airlines in Europe but we could choose KLM again anytime.

Read the full KLM Review.

KLM economy meal
It is difficult to photograph aircraft from a terminal of Amsterdam Airport during the dark hours. That's why we chose a photo of this simple in-flight meal.

Air France

Air France is the national carrier of France. Air France has existed since 1933 and today it is flying globally.

We have flown with Air France via Paris a few times. Paris is not the nicest and easiest airport to connect but otherwise, Air France provides good service. The airline still offers complimentary snacks even on short routes.

Read the full Air France Review.

Airbus A318 in Lisbon Airport
Air France has also short Airbus A318 aircraft. We flew with this nice aircraft type from Paris to Lisbon.

Air Malta

Air Malta is the national carrier of a tiny independent Mediterranean island, Malta. The airline has only short-haul destinations usually originating or ending in Luca, Malta. The airline's fleet size is small.

According to our experiences, there is nothing to complain about the airline. The staff are extremely friendly reflecting Maltese hospitality. However, their fleet is a little outdated though the fleet has fresh livery. The airline is a good choice if you fly to/from Malta.

Read the full Air Malta Review.

Croatia Airlines

Croatian Airline is a young national carrier of Croatia. The airline has limited destinations and the fleet is small. The company has a fresh modern look.

According to our experiences, Croatia Airlines is a neutral and almost invisible airline. It does its job well. The airline is a good choice when flying in the Balkan area.

Read the full Croatia Airlines review.

Croatia Airlines in Split
Croatia Airlines has a simple but fresh livery. The planes look beautiful in sunny Croatia.


Finnair is the national carrier of Finland founded in 1923 which makes it one of the oldest airlines in the world. We fly often with Finnair because Helsinki is Finnair's base. Helsinki Airport is one of the best airports in the world.

Finnair concentrates especially on Asian and American routes not forgetting a comprehensive intra-European network. Finnair categorizes itself as a legacy airline but you still need to pay separately almost for every service like luggage in the hold. Long-haul flights have more services included in the ticket price.

Finnair has a fresh brand reflecting Nordic and Finnish values. However, there is still room for improvement but the airline is constantly improving.

Read the full Finnair review.

Finnair Airbus A321
Finnair operates many of its short-haul routes with the Airbus A320 series.

Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is the national carrier from Belgium. The name gives you high expectations as Brussels is the de facto capital of the EU.

Unfortunately, our experiences with Brussels Airlines have been bad. We feel that the airline is unreliable. Luckily, the airline's ticket prices are quite inexpensive.

Read the full Brussels Airlines review.

Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is an airline that originates from Scandinavia, with its main bases located in Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen. The airline offers both short-haul flights within Europe and long-haul flights to various destinations around the world. SAS primarily operates Airbus aircraft in its fleet.

While SAS' bases are conveniently located near us, we don't often fly with them due to their relatively high ticket prices. Despite being a reputable airline, we find that their economy-class service is comparable to that of short-haul carriers. As such, we tend to opt for other airlines that offer more affordable fares with the same quality.

Read the full SAS Review.

SAS Airbus A320neo at Helsinki Airport
SAS uses gates at Helsinki Airport. Boarding is fast since both front and rear doors are used.

Low-cost Airlines

Low-cost airlines are often the ones that cause people to get frustrated whenever flight plans do not go as planned. We have noticed this from our readers' comments.

Typically, low-cost airlines are not flexible and they are trying to charge you more whenever possible. However if you follow carefully their stated rules, everything goes smoothly.

Norwegian Air Shuttle

Norwegian Air Shuttle is our favourite low-cost airline. Its business model is not a pure low-cost model but more advanced. There are many good quality onboard services available but you have to pay separately for them.

Norwegian Air Shuttle has many routes from Helsinki, so we fly often with it. The airline has also a good loyalty program, Norwegian Reward. The Wi-Fi service onboard is a nice extra.

Read the full Norwegian Air Shuttle review.

Norwegian Air Shuttle in Split
Norwegian Air Shuttle is our favourite low-cost airline. It sells inexpensive flight tickets to many popular destinations.


Transavia is almost like a traditional airline. It is a low-cost carrier from the Netherlands owned by KLM. That is why it operates many routes on behalf of KLM. The airline has a fresh brand and friendly customer service.

We have flown a few times with Transavia. Our experiences have just been positive. Transavia is a reliable and inexpensive carrier.

Read the full Transavia review.

Transavia in Amsterdam
Transvia is a low-cost airline of KLM. It performs well in the low-cost class.

Wizz Air

Wizz Air is a Hungarian low-cost airline. It concentrates especially on East European destinations. The airline is moderately inexpensive but a pure low-cost airline.

We are flying with Wizz Air now and then. They are reliable as long as things go as planned. Their customer service isn't especially good according to the comments from our readers. Wizz Air is one of the unfriendly airlines which tend to separate passengers to sit far away from each other even though they are in the same booking.

Read the full Wizz Air review.

Wizz Air is the airline of big feelings. The majority of the passengers are totally happy but the customer service also fails sometimes.

Sunclass Airlines

Sunclass Airlines is a Nordic charter airline. The airline has changed its name many times during its history.

The airline operates for Nordic tour operators by taking travellers to holiday destinations. Flights depart from Nordic cities to Southern Europe, Africa and Asia. The fleet is small but quite modern.

Read the full Sunclass Airlines review.

Sunclass Airlines Airbus A321
Sunclass Airlines flies with modern Airbus A321 and A330 aircraft.


Easyjet is a low-cost airline from the UK with a good reputation. The airline is one of the oldest low-cost airlines in Europe.

We fly with easyJet now and then and we have found easyJet as a reliable low-cost carrier. We would choose easyJet more often if it had more destinations from Helsinki. London is a hub for easyJet so many routes start or end in London.

Read the full easyjet review.

Easyjet Airbus A319 tail
People sometimes compare easyJet to Ryanair. We feel that the service level of easyJet is much better.

GetJet Airlines

GetJet Airlines is a charter airline from Lithuania. It flies with a really old fleet and the image of the airline isn't especially fresh.

The airline has no route network. We boarded GetJet Airlines on our way to Stockholm. The flight was marketed by Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Read the full GetJet Airlines review.

Airbus A320 of GetJet Airlines in Helsinki
GetJet Airlines have an old fleet and many of the planes are white.


Volotea is unknown to many. It is a regional commuter originating from Spain. The airline flies mainly around the Mediterranean Sea. It uses still rare Boeing 717 fleet.

The airline is just another low-cost carrier. There is one big minus: The airline does not allow to carry drones! The quality of in-flight service needs also improvements.

Read the full Volotoa review.


AirBaltic is the biggest airline in Baltic countries based in Riga, Latvia. The airline has been renewing its fleet lately and it is now flying with modern Airbus A220 and Dash 8-Q400 fleet. Airbaltic has only short-haul destinations and almost all its flights originate or end up in Riga.

Riga is close to Helsinki and airBaltic is often an inexpensive choice for us. These are the reasons why we fly often via Riga with airBaltic. AirBaltic has become a professional in the aviation industry.

airBaltic A220 in Riga
AirBaltic is getting better and better all the time. They have been renewing their fleet fast.

Read the full airBaltic review.


Everyone knows Ryanair. The airline's CEO is known for controversial comments which is a strategy to get the airline's name frequently into the news. Ryanair is often extremely cheap but the service level is simple.

We fly sometimes with Ryanair but do not expect much. Tickets are cheap which compensates for the cons of the airline. Ryanair uses distant airports but lately, the airline has opened routes to major airports. Ryanair is one of the unfriendly airlines which tend to separate passengers to sit far away from each other even though they are in the same booking.

Read the full Ryanair review.

Ryanair B737-800 tail in Athens
There is barely anyone who doesn't recognize Ryanair. You may fly extremely cheap with them but don't expect much.

Bottom Line

Price and schedule are often the key factors when choosing an airline. While we may have preferences, we remain open to any safe option that offers a reasonable price. We understand that a lower price comes with certain expectations of reduced quality.

As our reviews demonstrate, price does not always equate to good service. There are instances where expensive airlines provide poor customer service. Particularly, older legacy airlines may struggle to adapt to new aviation trends.

We would like to know your preferred airline. Please leave a comment below!

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