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Privacy Policy

On this page we will tell what personal information we are collecting and how we handle them. You can always contact us for more information.

Usage Statistics and Log Data

Our site collects usage log that contains, for example, the user's IP address, the time of the visit and information about the browser the user has used to access our site. Additonally, the log data include information about the user's location and pages he/she has requested. Such information will be kept confidential and not be disclosed to any third party unless required by authorities. The log data is also used to automatically generate usage statistics, of which an individual user is not identifiable. Log information can be used for investigative purposes in cases of a technical fault.

The site collects also statistics with Google Analytics (GA). GA is configured to anonymize IP addresses so that the original identifying address will not be disclosed to Google. GA provides statistical information about the use of the site where an individual user is not identifiable. Statistics will not be released to any third party.

Please read more about the privacy of Google Analytics data.

Targeting Ads

Finnoy Travel serves personalized ads via Google Adsense Network. During the first visit the user will be asked a consent for sharing information with advertisers and the consent will be stored as a cookie. The list of possible advertisers, where the information can be shared to, can be seen here. The information is not shared before the consent. The systems defaults to rejection if no choice has been made.

Please read more about the privacy of Google Adsense.

The user has not made his/her ad choice yet.
You may change your choice by the following links: Accept / reject personalized ads.

Comments on Articles and Contact Form

An user has an opportunity to comment on any article. The user will comment by providing his/her nickname, email address, the comment itself, and web site name if any. These information will be published with the exception of the email address. The email address may be used to send automatic notifications about the comment approval/rejection and notifications about new comments. The email address will not be disclosed to any third party.

The Contact Us form is also asking for personal information. The form generates an e-mail message to the web site administrators. The e-mail address provided by the user will serve as the communication channel between the user and Finnoy Travel.


The site uses cookies. Cookies are required for the normal operation of the publishing system. The above-mentioned statistics and advertising tools set their own cookies that are essential for their operation.

Affiliate Marketing

The site has links to our partners' products and services. These links are marked with asterisks (*) and a separate note is included to the beginning every article.

When an user clicks a link, our partner or partner network maintains data about clicks to be able to calculate a possible commission. This often requires sending a cookie to the user, so that the commission can be targeted to the right place.

E-mail List

We are keeping an email list for our site visitors. The user shall give us a permission to send newsletters related to our articles. The newsletters may include ads. A separate consent is asked for receiving newsletters.

Email addresses will never be forwarded to any third party. We are storing and maintaining the list ourselves.

User's Right to Data Deletion

The user has a right to request removal of his/her data from the system. For example, if you want us to remove your old comment/s, please contact us, and we will be happy to do so.

In order us to be able to delete information related to a specific user, the user should be able to identify him/herself. Finnoy Travel is recording personal data as little as possible and also anonymizing statistical data, so it may be we have not anything to delete. However, please contact us, if you would like further clarification.

Access Rights for Collected Information

The data is stored in databases that are protected by security measures. Finnoy Travel site administrators have access to these personal information by using their personal user accounts.