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Bread table in the lounge

Catering in Aviator Lounge consisted mainly of bread. A big wall advertised breads to be freshly baked which actually were not.

Lounge Review: Aviator Lounge in Copenhagen Airport

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • Updated: 07/28/21 | April 16, 2018

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Table of Contents

  1. Aviator Lounge - A Tiny Room Under Renovation
  2. How to Find the Lounge in Copenhagen Airport?
  3. Services Available in Aviator Lounge
  4. The Price to Get in
  5. Our Rating
    1. Comfort in the Lounge
    2. Catering
    3. Drink Selection
    4. Services
  6. Why Aviator Lounge Wasn't a Good Choice?
  7. Lounges at Copenhagen Airpot
    1. Schengen Lounges
    2. Non-Schengen Lounges
  8. Final Words

Aviator Lounge - A Tiny Room Under Renovation

In a beautiful Friday afternoon, we were flying from Helsinki to Brussels via Copenhagen Airport. We had a few problems with our Brussels Airlines flight that led to a long layover in Copenhagen. Luckily as Priority Pass and Diners Club card holders, many airport lounges were waiting for us.

There are 6 departure business lounges at Copenhagen Airport. With our membership cards, we had rights to access Aviator Lounge, Primeclass Lounge, Eventyr Lounge and Aspire Lounge. Because our connecting flight was leaving to Schengen area, we had to visit naturally a Schengen area lounge. Finally we had to choose between Aviator and Aspire Lounges.

We ended up choosing Aviator Lounge because it was located on the tarmac side of the terminal. We had a camera with us and our plan was to do some nice photographing of airplanes.

Unfortunately once we got in after registration, it was an immediate huge disappointment. The lounge did not look like a business lounge at all but a social room in a construction site. It was really small, crowded, noisy and poorly furnished with old sofas. The overview of the lounge was ugly and untrendy. This lounge has never seen the beauty of Scandinavian design.

The lounge's owner could defense by saying that there was a renovation going on. That may be true but this information was not mentioned outside the lounge. The receptionist did not say any word about the renovation but it was a big surprise for the customers, as one can not notice it immediately from the entrance.

Renovation in the lounge

The lounge was so tiny because there was a renovation going on. The renovation area was clearly visible to the lounge.

How to Find the Lounge in Copenhagen Airport?

There is also something good to say about the lounge. It is easy to be found in the terminal 2 between gate wings A and B. In the middle of the terminal there are clear signs. The lounge is located right after climbing the stairs up to the second floor.

Services Available in Aviator Lounge

The lounge had the basic services. There were some old sofas and a few tables with chairs. Toilets and WiFi were also available. Working in the lounge was not easy at all because there was severe lack of power outlets.

Old worn sofas in the lounge

The lounge has old worn blue sofas which were actually quite comfortable. Unfortunately there were not enough of them and only few power sockets. Working in the lounge isn't easy.

The decoration of the lounge wasn't special but as hungry travellers we were expecting more from snacks and food. The first disappointment was that there was no warm food. The catering consisted mainly of bread, cheese, butter and ham. Some fruits like apples and oranges were available. Behind the bread table there was a big advertisement about fresh bread. During our actual visit though, the breads did not appear nor taste to be fresh at all.

The catering table in the lounge

The catering table had basic a drink selection including alcohol. No warm food was available and only a few snacks.

The drink selection was also very ordinary. There was a soft drink machine with Danish labels attached. Juice was also available. Alcohol selection was small consisting of wine, self served beer (one type) and one type of strong alcohol. Compared to our other lounge experiences, the drink selection of Aviator Lounge was really minimal.

The Price to Get in

The lounge's own price is 155 Danish Crowns, which is about 21 euros. Even though the price seems to be low, it is still too much for this lounge.

Our Rating

Comfort in the Lounge

Sofas in the lounge

The decoration was quite old style and the lounge does not reflect Scandinavian design. We think, it needs a facelift.

Comfort inside the lounge may be better than outside but compared to the baseline of lounges, the quality was poor. The decoration was not beautiful and the lounge was way too small, so crowded and noisy. It was not a pleasure to wait for our flight here.


There was not any warm food available, not even soup. The bread was not that fresh as advertised and not many other items available either. This lounge is not for hungry people. We give two-star rating for very little variety in the food.

Drink Selection

The drink selection was a little better than the food selection. There were soft drinks, alcohol and hot drinks available. The selection was quite small but enough for us.


The lounge had all basic services like toilets and WiFi. They were working well so nothing to complain about. They have a screen monitor that shows flight status. However the lounge didn't offer any nice extras.

Why Aviator Lounge Wasn't a Good Choice?

To be honest, this lounge was a really bad choice. We can't recommend it to anyone. We didn't get peaceful atmosphere there. The snack selection was way too small and the decoration was not relaxing at all. We recommend you to choose another lounge in Copenhagen airport. The lounge may have been nicer before but its best days have gone.

Ceasar leaving the lounge

Unfortunately we didn't know that the lounge was in renovation before we came. The entrance may look more comfortable than the lounge really is.

Lounges at Copenhagen Airpot

Luckily there are many lounges in Copenhagen Airport so you do not need to enter Aviator lounge. We made a brief search what departure lounges there are available in Copenhagen airport. And we found many options.

If you are an airline status card or a business class ticket holder, the airline will invite you to a lounge. Other people may prefer choosing their lounge from the following.

Schengen Lounges

Aspire Lounge About 22 Euros Terminal 2
Atelier Lounge About 26 Euros Terminal 2
SAS Lounge About 24 Euros (only for SAS passengers) Terminal 3

In the Schengen area of the terminals 2 and 3 we recommend you to go Aspire Lounge if you have Priority Pass, DragonPass or Diners Club memberships. If you are paying yourself in by cash, Atelier lounge could be your choice. We have not been there but it looked really fresh outside. We were really wishing our cards would have given us access there.

Non-Schengen Lounges

Eventyr Lounge About 34 Euros Terminal 3
Primeclass Lounge About 29 Euros Terminal 3

In the non-Schengen area we recommend Eventyr lounge if you are a holder of the said lounge memberships cards. Other people can buy a discounted entrance voucher from Lounge Pass for 22 British Pounds (26 euros).

Primeclass lounge can also be accessed by Priority Pass and DragonPass.

Final Words

This time we were not happy with our lounge visit. Luckily Copenhagen Airport has many other lounges and there must be better options too. We recommend you to read our Priority Pass Review and also our analysis about DragonPass.

We recommend buying an inexpensive lounge access on Lounge Pass.

Have you visited Copenhagen Airport lounges? Which lounge is your favourite?

Would you like to have more information about airport lounges. We have also written the Ultimate Guide to Airport Lounges. Check it to learn the best ways to get in.

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