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Review: Puerta Del Sol Lounge at Madrid Airport

Wines at Puerta del Sol Airport
While most lounges feature a standard wine station, the wine station at Puerta del Sol was not only functional but also served as a stylish decorative element, adding to the overall ambiance of the lounge.

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Puerta del Sol Lounge in Terminal 3 of Madrid Airport offers domestic and Schengen travellers a tranquil haven. Our detailed exploration of the lounge in 2024 unveils its accessibility, amenities, and the serene ambience it provides to weary travellers. Despite minor critiques such as less scenic views and the occasional underripe fruit, the lounge's overall quality secures it a 4-star rating. For a comprehensive insight, delve into the full article and discover why it might be your next airport lounge destination during travels through Madrid-Barajas.

Puerta del Sol at Madrid Barajas Airport

Madrid, the capital of Spain, has one of Europe's largest airports, serving over 50 million passengers annually. Madrid Barajas Airport featuring four terminals is a popular hub for travellers in Spain, Europe and South America.

Puerta del Sol Lounge is one of Madrid Barajas Airport's Priority Pass lounges and it is situated in Terminal 3. This lounge is accessible also for Schengen travellers departing from other terminals excluding those departing in Terminal 4 as this terminal is located in a separate building.

Signs to the lounge
Puerta del Sol Lounge is easy to find by following the signs to Terminal 3 and then to Sala VIP.

Our Puerta del Sol Experiences

Our last visit to the Puerta del Sol Lounge was in March 2024 when we flew from Madrid to Paris. Since the Priority Pass lounge in Terminal 2 was restricted to passengers with domestic flights, it wasn't an option for our international trip. Fortunately, the terminals at the airport are conveniently connected airside. This allowed us to reach Terminal 3 from Terminal 2 in 10 minutes, bypassing security checks.

Finding the Puerta del Sol Lounge in Terminal 3 was easy. It's conveniently located on the upper floor near Gate E69. We located the gate quite quickly and took the elevator directly to the lounge.

Elevator to the lounge
This elevator took us directly to the reception of the lounge.

We'll describe the lounge's amenities and conclude with a rating based on our most recent visit.

Arrival into the Lounge

We accessed the lounge using our Priority Pass membership. The lounge also accepted LoungeKey, DragonPass and Diners Club cards. The entrance fee varies depending on your lounge membership type, with some memberships offering free entrance while others may cost approximately 20 to 30 euros. The walk-in price is about 40 euros without any membership. Our visit was complimentary under the Priority Pass Prestige membership.

If you happen to travel in business class or hold an airline status card, you may be granted complimentary access to the lounge by the airline you're flying with. While certain airlines may provide access to Puerta del Sol Lounge, the agreements between airlines and lounge operators are subject to change. It is advisable to confirm with your airline which lounge you are eligible to enter with a business-class ticket.

Puerta del Sol Lounge caters also for travellers who do not own lounge membership. To access the lounge, purchase a voucher through Lounge Pass before your trip. Pre-booking your lounge visit guarantees entry, even during high peak hours. The good news is that Lounge Pass vouchers are also refundable if your plans change.


The Puerta del Sol lounge is a spacious and cosy area that is divided into two main sections. During our visit there, there were numerous unoccupied comfortable seating choices, and some travellers were even taking naps. The general atmosphere was tranquil because of the absence of large crowds and the availability of plenty of personal space. While the lounge didn't provide the best spot for plane spotting, it provided views of both the tarmac and the interior of the terminal building.

View to the terminal from the lounge
The lounge is located above the departure level, offering views of the terminal premises as well as the tarmac.
Soft chairs
The lounge had an abundance of available seats, many of which were comfortable soft chairs.

The lounge featured restroom facilities equipped with showers, offering a convenient option for refreshing during extended layovers. Furthermore, it boasted a designated family area along with a separate television room for entertainment purposes. While dining tables were provided for those seeking a meal, the majority of the seating appeared to be geared towards relaxation.

TV room in Puerta del Sol Lounge
The Puerta del Sol Lounge featured a TV room for entertainment.
middle section of Puerta del Sol Lounge
Adjacent to the buffet tables stood brown wooden tables and chairs, perfectly suited for dining.

Despite its roominess, the Puerta del Sol lounge embraced a minimalist aesthetic, creating a sense of openness. The thoughtfully designed layout ensured an effortless flow of movement. To the left, a dedicated children's play area provided a comfortable area for youngsters to keep themselves entertained. Comfortable chairs and ample tables were scattered throughout, fostering a peaceful atmosphere ideal for relaxation and conversation.

QR code to access the press platform
Following the pandemic, airport lounges tend to favour electronic magazines over conventional newsstands.

Though the lounge's décor favoured a classic style, the lounge prioritized comfort and cleanliness. It was evident the space was meticulously kept, fostering a welcoming atmosphere. The staff worked tirelessly to keep the lounge tidy. For example, tables were swiftly cleared and ready for the next guest.

Puerta del Sol is the only Priority Pass Lounge accessible for international Schengen flights in Terminal 1, 2 and 3.

With its children's play area, this lounge presents itself as a family-friendly space, catering especially to guests with children.
Meeting room
The lounge also had a meeting room.

Food and Drinks

Puerta del Sol lounge offered a satisfying spread of self-service snacks from the buffet tables located in the middle of the lounge. We particularly enjoyed building our plates with cheese, Serrano ham, and fresh bread. Beyond that, there were pre-made single-serving sandwiches, yoghurts, fruits, and salads for a light and healthy option. For those seeking something heartier, chips and sweet treats were also available. During our lunchtime visit, there were even three different hot dishes offered. While everything tasted delicious, the kiwis were a bit underripe.

Buffet tables
The buffet tables were conveniently in the middle of the lounge.
Niko's lunch featured warm and cold food, drinks and desserts.

The drink selection was equally impressive. Guests could enjoy a wide variety of soft drinks from the refrigerator, along with a selection of wines, liquors, and beers. A delightful surprise was the availability of milkshakes! Of course, coffee and sweets were also on hand for those seeking a classic caffeine fix.

Dining table at Puerta del Sol Lounge
Near the buffet tables, there was an area dedicated to dining.
Left wing of Puerta del Sol
There were plenty of free comfortable seats in the left wing of the lounge offering a view of the tarmac.


The Puerta del Sol lounge provided a few entertainment services. Instead of a traditional newspaper stand, we were welcomed by a QR code offering access to a variety of local and international publications to stay updated on current events. However we didn't read the newspapers, but we stayed connected with the reliable complimentary Wi-Fi during our visit. Conveniently located power sockets near the seats made it easy for us to charge our devices while browsing the web.

Power sockets
There were enough power sockets everywhere in the lounge.

A flight information screen was conveniently located in the reception area.

Reliable Wi-Fi

While Wi-Fi access might not have been a priority for us due to free data roaming within the EU, we recognize its importance for many travellers, especially those coming from long distances. The good news is that the Wi-Fi at Puerta del Sol lounge was both easy to connect to and functioned flawlessly during our visit.

We measured the speed of Wi-Fi. The downstream was more than 30 Mbit/s which is enough for messaging, web browsing and even streaming. Puerta del Sol lounge offers good facilities and infrastructure for working with laptops.

speed test of the lounge Wi-Fi
The Wi-Fi speed test result in the lounge indicates that it was sufficient enough also for streaming purposes.


Puerta del Sol Lounge easily earns a 4-star rating out of 5 from us. Its convenient location made it readily accessible even from Terminal 2. The lounge itself was a haven of peace and tranquillity, offering much space to unwind during a layover.

The lounge catered to our hunger pangs with a selection of warm dishes and snacks, complemented by a wide variety of drinks. The inclusion of showers and restrooms was a welcome convenience, and the high-speed Wi-Fi kept us connected.

While the tarmac view wasn't the best, and a few of the fruits could have been fresher, these minor shortcomings did not detract from the overall experience. The lack of signature dishes was a missed opportunity, but the unexpected delight of milkshakes deserved a special mention.

Check the price of a single visit to Puerta del Sol Lounge on Lounge Pass.
Water and juice
The lounge offered refreshing infused water and juice, providing a welcome relief from the hot weather in Madrid.

Bottom Line

Right after stepping into the lounge, we were impressed by the Puerta del Sol Lounge's spacious premises and delicious food. Ample seating, thoughtfully arranged, provided room to relax but the lounge is also suitable for working.

Conveniently located, the lounge was easily accessible even from Terminal 2. This lounge is a perfect choice for those flying Schengen from Terminals 1, 2, or 3 whose airline doesn't offer lounge access.

Have you visited Puerta del Sol Lounge? Did you like it? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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