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Review: Sheltair Lounge at Paris CDG Airport

Bread table of  Sheltair Lounge, Paris Airport
Sheltair Lounge's bread table is somehow appealing with its nice wall design. Unfortunately, not many food options were offered by this lounge.

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For the first time, we are giving the worst rating for an airport lounge - the Sheltair Lounge located in Terminal 2D of Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport. Poor selection of food is the major reason for this poor rating. Read more about why visiting this lounge is not worth the money!

Sheltair Lounge at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

Finnoy Travel had a connecting flight from Hong Kong to Helsinki via Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG). The said flight was booked via Skyscanner where the cheapest economy ticket was sold two months ago before this journey. We anticipated a long layover in Paris so we decided to book a lounge there. Sheltair Lounge was the only reasonably located option when we knew to departure from terminal 2D at CDG.

Sheltair Lounge Entrance
Wooden stairs lead up to the lounge in front of departure Gate D56.

Where Sheltair Lounge Is?

Sheltair Lounge in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is located at level 1 of the Terminal 2D after the security in front of the Gate D56. To get in, you need to take the stairs located across from the passport control booths. This lounge is accessible only to passengers who are departing from the Terminal 2D to Schengen area.

Operating Hours of Sheltair Lounge

The lounge is open from 5:30 to 21:00 daily.

Sheltair Lounge inside
The lounge was almost empty during our visit at 11 a.m.

How to Get into Sheltair Lounge

Access to Sheltair Lounge at CDG Airport can be booked via online platforms such as Lounge Pass like we did. Priority Pass and Diner's Club membership card holders can also access this lounge. However, DragonPass, Lounge Key, and Lounge Club are not accepted.

If you are a frequent traveller, we recommend you buy a yearly lounge membership with Priority Pass.

Sheltair Lounge's Price

We bought a single lounge pass to this lounge as soon as we knew after the flight booking that we had a long layover on the return flight from Hong Kong. A decision to purchase a one-time lounge pass was to guarantee a seat during our layover. The online rate on Lounge Pass was GBP 26.00 for 3 hours stay. You can also pay the entry fee at the front desk of 30 euros per person but booking in advance will secure your entry during busy hours.

Our Rating

The Easiness to Find the Lounge

The lounge is easy to locate by following information signs. Only for first-time visitors, it might not be so easy to notice where the stairs leading to this lounge are when there is a big crowd of passengers at the nearby gates. As there is only a quite small dedicated path leading to the stairs up to the lounge. Luckily one airport personnel helped us to locate the lounge.

Sheltair Lounge entrance
The way to the lounge is not easily visible when a large crowd of passengers at the passport control are blocking the way as seen in this photo.


Sheltair Lounge toilet
The toilet is poorly maintained, with long stairs to walk down to be able to access it. The worst thing is no towelling for drying hands.

The lounge was not busy at all during the time of our visit. There were a lot of free seats. Chairs were comfortable and appeared clean in some areas but leather chairs up near the entrance just stink. Generally the lighting was good. The toilets were poorly maintained with nowhere to dry up hands. The proximity of the lounge to the departure both has positive and negative sides. For example, the noise is heard easily from the big crowd of passengers who were lining up downstairs.

The lounge had free Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines and a flight information monitor. However, power sockets were not available in many seating places.

Sheltair Lounge seats
There were many open seats to choose from. Tables and chairs were arranged somehow in a disorganized manner.

Food and Drinks

This is the weakest link of this lounge. They have very limited food and drinks. Only pieces of bread, croissants, ham and cheese, yoghurt, fruit salad and potato chips were the options to choose from. Not any warm food, vegetable salad or fresh fruits served.

Sheltair Lounge foods
Only limited food selection was available at the lounge. Not satisfying for too-hungry customers. And notice the stinky sofa (this is near the entrance).

Drinks included canned soft drinks and fruit juices. Alcoholic beverages were canned beers but not wines. The lounge had also a coffee machine. This is so far one of the lounges with the worst selection of foods.

Sheltair Lounge fridge
Sheltair Lounge had canned colas and beers, and fruit juices available. No wines were offered but strong alcohols instead.

Friendliness of the Customer Service

Once we got into this lounge, the desk was unattended and finally after waiting some time, the lady receptionist who appeared stressed let us in upon checking our lounge pass. She seemed to ignore incoming telephone calls at the reception desk while unable to paint any smile on her face while serving customers. It may be due to a lack of staff because oftentimes she had to leave her post to do something else.

Sheltair Lounge reception desk
The reception desk was left unattended upon our entry and it was the same situation in between, including the time when we exited the lounge, no staff was visible at the desk.

Overall Rating

Sheltair Lounge potato chips
Potato chips in addition to only pieces of bread were just a disappointing food offer at this lounge.

Sheltair Lounge is so far the worst airport lounge we have been to. Hardly any food on offer and no staff around is a big factor for a poor rating. Minimal food and drink choices and the leather chairs up near the entrance just stink! The bathroom needs a serious deep clean and no towelling to dry your hands.

Sheltair Lounge signage
Almost next to a wall, the signage of the lounge is easily blocked by a standing crowd. A small lane leads to the stairs up to the lounge.

There are many ways to access airport lounges.

You will find more helpful information from our lounge guide.

Bottom Line

Sheltair Lounge is overdue for an upgrade to its range of services. To sum up, this lounge is missing friendly customer service, and should improve their food selections and their toilet cleanliness! These are some practical reasons why it was almost empty during busy hours at CDG. Many other lounges which we have visited in smaller airports are even a lot better than Sheltair Lounge in terms of food selections and service level.

Have you visited Sheltair Lounge at CDG? Let us hear how was your visit to this lounge. You may leave your comment/s below.

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