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Aegean Airlines aircraft
Aegean Airlines is a Greece-based airline that still has complimentary onboard services. Image courtesy of Aegean Airlines.

Review: Five Reasons to Fly with Aegean Airlines

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • April 05, 2022

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Aegean Airlines - A Flying Greek

Aegean Airlines is the biggest airline in Greece. It is a part of Star Alliance which is one of the most well-known airline alliances. Aegean Airlines has hubs at Athens, Larnaca and Macedonia Airport. The airline serves mainly passengers travelling to/from Greece but buying tickets with only a connection in Greece is also possible.

Aegean Airlines was founded in 1987 and it has an excellent safety record. The fleet consists only of short-haul aircraft so Aegean Airlines does not fly any long-distance routes. Because the airline is based in southern Europe it is not the first choice for people travelling in central or northern Europe.

Travel Classes

Aegean Airlines has two travel classes: Economy and Business.

Economy class passengers have normal seats in the rear or middle of the cabin. Unlike, many other European airlines, there is complimentary onboard service also in the Economy class.

Business class is the best option to fly on Aegean Airlines. The adjacent seat will be free, better meals are served and there are extra services at the airport like priority security and a complimentary lounge visit. Otherwise, the seat on the plane is just an ordinary seat.


Aegean Airlines flies only with Airbus A32X fleet. The fleet is relatively modern and more aircraft have been ordered. The capacity of a single aircraft varies from 144 to 220 passengers.

Route Network

Aegean Airlines has a wide route network in Europe and the Middle East. The airline flies almost to all big European capitals but some of the routes are seasonal. For example, a few routes from Athens to northern Europe are flown only from spring to autumn.

Our Aegean Airlines Experiences

We flew with Aegean Airlines from Barcelona to Helsinki via Athens. It was our first time on Aegean's flight and we were positively surprised. Despite our very affordable tickets, boarding Aegean Airlines for the very first time exceeded our expectations.

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Reasons to Choose Aegean Airlines

Based on our experiences, we list 5 reasons why to fly with Aegean Airlines.

Better Onboard Services

Aegean Airlines does not ask for money for every service provided onboard. Before the pandemic, a passenger used to get a warm meal and free drinks even during short international flights. These meals were tasty Greek food. In addition to the warm meals, the airline served also delicious desserts. However, during the pandemic, only snacks, sweets and water have been provided. We wish Aegean Airlines to return to the state before the pandemic.

Aegean Airlines is also bringing WiFi to its fleet. The WiFi does not provide only an internet connection but also onboard entertainment.

In Europe, there is another airline that has a chance to beat Aegean Airlines with even better onboard services. Also, Turkish Airlines provides excellent onboard services.

Friendly Crew

On our flights, the crew appeared to be happy and friendly. They were rendering their services passionately. The services on board were catered by an enthusiastic and professional crew. We could say this is closely related for the reason that people in southern Europe possess a cheerful attitude. We felt Aegean Airlines' customer service was great!

Stopover at Athens

It is easy to book Aegean Airlines flights so that you have a one-night stopover in Athens. The stopover does not increase the flight price so basically, you get it free.

Greece is an inexpensive country so you will easily find a moderate-priced hotel for your one-night stopover. The Athens airport is connected to the city centre by a metro line so visiting Athens for one evening is easy and handy.

Flight Deals

The normal rates of Aegean Airlines do not differ much from other airlines. Aegean airlines are not always the cheapest option but the prices are competitive.

Luckily, Aegean Airlines has often great deals. Travellers should follow marketing and finding an affordable deal is more than probable. Even though connecting flights at Athens Airport may take a little more time, the great onboard service pays it back!

How to Find an Inexpensive Flight?

Follow our simple checklist to find a good deal:

  • Compare flight prices on Skyscanner on different dates.
  • Choose the most suitable schedule and price.
  • Decide whether to book directly from the airline or via an Online Travel Agency (OTA)
  • Let Skyscanner to forward you to the chosen booking site.
  • Go through the booking process and avoid buying unnecessary extras.
  • Double check all the details CAREFULLY before the payment.

Miles Program

Aegean Airlines is a part of Star Alliance. The airline has a frequent flyer program called Miles+Bonus.

Aegean Airlines' bonus program has often been rated good but you can freely choose to which Star Alliance program you collect miles. A passenger can just choose the program that suits them best.


We rate Aegean Airlines as 4.5 airline. The airline still provides free onboard services even in Economy class. The fleet is moderately new and entertainment is provided. Aegean Airlines is well-known for its friendly crew.

Bottom Line

If you are planning to travel around southern Europe we recommend choosing Aegean Airlines. The airline may also be a suitable option while travelling from northern Europe to the south as Athens is a practical connection point. If we lived in southern Europe, Aegean Airlines would be our favourite airline.

Have you flown with Aegean Airlines? Write below your Aegean Airlines experiences!

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Readers' Comments (7)

  1. 09-03-2022 at 10:29am UTC by Passager :

    Aegean airlines lost my luggage. Already 5 days without any update or information . I shocked & never recommend Aegean airlines to anyone. Terrible experience!

    1. 09-03-2022 at 10:44am UTC by Finnoy Travel :

      Thank you for the comment. It is always an unpleasant experience to get luggage lost.

      Have you checked their tracking portal if any updates there?

  2. 05-15-2022 at 6:15pm UTC by Mario Ortega :

    Aegean is super restrictive with respect to personal item. You have to buy a “flex” ticket which is an additional 10-20Euro and in my case I am backing and want to buy a cross body bag. They want the bag to be under 3 inches thick! The seats are designed to accept up to 8” thick so they are arbitrary even with flex. I need more than 3”!

  3. 04-22-2020 at 3:50pm UTC by Chandlor Grandon :

    How about one huge reason NOT to fly Aegean- They are stealing from people during COVID-19. Even with the rules set out by the EU commission, Aegean is refusing to refund people when they cancel flights. I am out almost 400 Euro in tickets and they refuse to refund my price. Do NOT fly with this company.

    1. 04-22-2020 at 4:01pm UTC by Finnoy Travel :

      You are right, that is unacceptable and a reason not to fly. Aegean should behave better.

      We recommend filing a complaint to your credit card company if paid with a card. Or contacting European Consumer Centre to ask for assistance.

  4. 07-13-2018 at 6:27pm UTC by Isabel Blundy :

    Haven't even flown yet!!! Booked tickets last year return from Manchester Athens. Checked flights April and the flight on Thursday had been cancelled and changed to Friday no emails to advise of this. Had to phone them and try and get tickets refunded as already had hotel booked and paid for. Took several calls and speaking to several different ladies to get our money back for the Thursday flight and then had to book with easyjet which cost twice as much. The return flight had its times changed and then found out my surname had been used on my partners’ ticket we don't fly for a few weeks and they refuse to change it! Have to pay for a new ticket even though they will be able to put him in the same seat!!!!!!!!!!
    Awful, awful, awful service................
    I have flown with lots of airlines put up with delays ect..... But their Customer service is the worse

    1. 07-13-2018 at 6:54pm UTC by Finnoy Travel / Niko :

      Thank you Isabel for sharing your experience with Aegean Airlines. By your description of the said event, it sounds like that you received a very bad customer service.

      We would like to inform you though, If the flight was cancelled less than 2 weeks before the departure you are entitled to the full refund plus 400 euros.

      Airlines are usually unwilling to do name changes for free. If the wrong name has been airline's mistake we suggest to contact European Consumer Centre. They are there to help for free.

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