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The Tail of GetJet Airlines

GetJet's aircraft are totally white. They are easy to recognize but not especially beautiful.

Review: GetJet Airlines - Can I Trust It?

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Table of Contents

  1. What is GetJet?
  2. Why Do Airlines Hire Planes from GetJet?
    1. Fleet of GetJet
  3. Is GetJet Airlines Safe?
    1. Safety Audit
  4. Our GetJet Experience
  5. Rating
    1. Friendliness of the Crew
    2. Aircraft
    3. On-board Services
    4. Overall Rating
  6. Is GetJet a Good Choice?
  7. Bottom Line

What is GetJet?

GetJet Airlines is a Lithuanian airline founded in 2013. It does not have its own route network but it operates for other airlines. Leasing a plane with crew is called wet-leasing. The airline leases not only the aircraft but the whole crew operating it. The wet-leasing airline provides pilots, cabin crew, maintenance and even flight certificates. However, all airport service fees are usually paid by the client.

GetJet Airlines is also a charter operator. A few tour operators has GetJet as their holiday carrier. For example, Matkavekka from Finland is a charter customer of GetJet.

GetJet is not the first charter operator coming from Lithuania. For some reasons, this kind of companies come and go in Lithuania. An explanation can be, that Lithuania does not have anymore its own national carrier after flyLAL's bankruptcy. Still, we believe, that there are many skilled people in Lithuania's aviation sector.

Why Do Airlines Hire Planes from GetJet?

There are multiple reasons why some airlines hire aircraft from GetJet. The most common reason is that they are not able to operate some of their flights themselves. Airlines may have lack of aircraft, pilots or cabin crew. Usually this kind of situation comes fast when an aircraft gets broken or the airline's crew are not able to work. Then, the only solution is to hire an aircraft with crew if a cancellation is not an option.

Quite often, lease agreements are short-term but also long-term lease agreements can be made. For example, Norwegian Air Shuttle has been using GetJet Airlines already long time. Norwegian's Boeing 737-MAX planes are still grounded and the company is lacking aircraft to operate some of their particular routes. As a temporary solution to this, they have ended up renting wet-lease planes from GetJet.

Fleet of GetJet

The fleet of GetJet Airlines is old. The airline is still operating Boeing 737 Classic series aircraft that are almost 30 years old. The airline has also Airbus A319, A320 and A330 planes but they are not new either. The average age of them is about 20 years. The Airbus A319 and A330 aircraft are a little newer being only about 10 years old.

Shortly said, all GetJet's flights are operated with old fleet.

Is GetJet Airlines Safe?

Oftentimes, the first question that comes to mind: ¨Is GetJet Airlines safe?¨ Unfortunately, no one can answer, but we can give some background details.

It is impossible to evaluate statistically if GetJet is safe. GetJet is a young airline and it has only a few aircraft so there are no enough statistical data to make reliable evaluations. The airline has not had any fatal accidents that is absolutely a good thing. But it does not prove that the airline is safe.

On the other hand, many good airlines like Norwegian and Finnair are using GetJet's services. We bet, GetJet's clients have high safety requirements. Most likely, GetJet does everything to meet these standards.

We flew with GetJet from Helsinki to Stockholm and we were not worried about their safety. The airline is still operating inside the EU where high safety standards for all airlines needs to be fulfilled. However, we must remember that this airline is considered young but fast developing. And said factors may pose some risks.

Safety Audit

GetJet Airlines has passed IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) in 2018. IOSA is internationally recognized evaluation system to verify that operational management and control systems of an airline are good enough. A successful audit is valid 2 years, because the standards are developing all the time. Currently, more than 200 airlines have passed this audit.

Our GetJet Experience

In the summer 2019, we flew from Helsinki to Krakow via Stockholm. The flight was marketed by Norwegian Air Shuttle but the first leg from Helsinki to Stockholm was operated by GetJet Airlines. Norwegian has had challenges to operate all routes after their MAX planes were grounded. Not many wet-lease companies exist so Norwegian has ended up using GetJet.

The flight was operated with a Boeing 737-300 Classic plane. The plane was 21 years old that was easy to see. It was also painted totally white and the cabin was boring and simple. Despite of these minor things, the flight from Helsinki to Stockholm went well and it was eventless.


The rating is based on our GetJet experiences.

Friendliness of the Crew

East European cabin crew attending this flight were professional and friendly. Pilots gave also many informative speaks and sounded relaxed. We have nothing bad to say about the crew's behaviours. Cabin crew made also safety demonstrations and safety checks well according to GetJet's own policies.


The aircraft got only 1 star from us. It was old. Cabin was filled with so tight seats that there was barely space especially for the legs. This is especially challenging for tall passengers. Luckily, the flight lasted only 1 hour.

The cabin of GetJet Airlines Boeing 737-300

The cabin of GetJet's Boeing 737 was simple. It was really tightly packed with (too) many seats so flying long time would be uncomfortable. Otherwise, the flight was eventless.

The cabin didn't have any kind of entertainment.

On-board Services

The flight was marketed by Norwegian Air Shuttle and it had Norwegian's on-board service. However, the flight lasted less than 1 hour so the service procedures were made fast.

We didn't give any rating for this area, because GetJet just followed Norwegian's directions.

Overall Rating

The flight was eventless and the cabin crew was friendly. The crew carried out their functions professionally.

However, the aircraft was old and uncomfortable so we can't give any better overall rating.

Is GetJet a Good Choice?

At least, GetJet Airlines is not a bad choice. As long as the aircraft are that old and the seat pitch is too small, we can't recommend flying long flights with GetJet. Having short legs with them is totally okay.

The wing of Boeing 737-300 Classic

The missing winglet is a sign that you are flying with an old plane.

If you are worried about the safety, it is good to remember that the aviation industry is heavily regulated and supervised by the EU. No one can guarantee that a single flight will be safe but we hadn't any fear of flying with GetJet. Their professionalism was a good sign.

It is important to compare flight prices because they vary a lot. Find the best flight deals on Momondo.

Bottom Line

Don't be surprised if your favourite airline is using GetJet to operate some of their routes. If you are unwilling to board GetJet, marketing airlines usually allow to change tickets free of charge when the operator changes. GetJet Airlines may also be a new experience for you. You can fly with older plane types that are uncommon nowadays. An old plane is safe as long as it has a good service history.

Have you flown with GetJet Airlines? Comment your GetJet experiences down!

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