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Norrsken Lounge

Typically, airport lounges have self-service catering tables. This photo is from Norrsken Lounge in Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.

How to Use Lounge Pass?

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • Updated: 07/28/21 | November 07, 2020

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Table of Contents

  1. What is Lounge Pass?
    1. When to Choose a Lounge Membership?
  2. How to Book a Lounge Visit on Lounge Pass
    1. Choose the Best Lounge
    2. Placing a Booking
    3. Arriving to the Lounge
  3. The Code of Conduct in Lounges
    1. Dresscode
  4. Is Lounge Pass the Best Option ?
    1. Our Lounge Pass Experiences
  5. Bottom Line

What is Lounge Pass?

Lounge Pass is a service that sells single entry passes to airport lounges all over the world. The passes are sometimes called also as lounge vouchers or lounge tickets. A pass is valid for a single entry to a certain airport lounge. Visiting an airport lounge with Lounge Pass does not require any additional lounge membership card.

The best thing is that lounge passes are inexpensive. Almost always, they are cheaper than the counter price in the lounge if you just walk-in. The passes have also good cancellation terms. Say, if your travel plans change, you can request a full refund of the value of lounge pass which is guaranteed.

When to Choose a Lounge Membership?

Lounge passes are good if you visit lounges only a few times in a year. You only pay for the intended lounge visits and not any recurring membership fee.

On the other hand, frequent visitors should consider buying a lounge membership, for example from Priority Pass. Then, the total price becomes cheaper when there are multiple lounge visits per year. For example, if you travel every month, you can consider having Priority Pass Prestige that provides with a fixed price for unlimited lounge access to more than 1300 lounges.

How to Book a Lounge Visit on Lounge Pass

Before you can book a lounge visit, you need to know when you are flying and the airport/s you will be. After that, head to Lounge Pass and check the lounge selection. Many airports have several lounges but they are often in different terminals. Find out which terminal you will be transiting, take a note if it is in the international or the domestic area.

The home page of Lounge Pass

Head to Lounge Pass' own website to perfirm searches for airport lounges all over the world. The website works smoothly for all devices.

A quick search shows you the available lounges with their corresponding entry prices. Before finalizing your booking, we recommend you to check for visitors' reviews of these lounges. For example, we have written many airport lounge reviews. Reviews can also be found easily by Google.

Choose the Best Lounge

Not all travellers have the same preferences. Though we assume most travellers seek for a calm environment to relax between travels which thankfully, airport lounges can offer.

Basic services in an airport lounge includes food and drinks. However, the food and drink selection varies from one lounge to another. Some lounges offer a wide selection of free drinks including even free spirits. While in some lounges, they offer only non-alcoholic drinks. If you are visiting a lounge for a glass of wine while working on your laptop, choose a lounge that has a good alcohol selection.

The same applies to the catering. The simplest catering consists of cold snacks. The most common selection includes a light meal like soup with snacks. There are also many lounges that offer warm meals.

The lounge list of Hong Kong Airport

For example, in Hong Kong Airport, there are many high-quality airport lounges in the Terminal 1. Plaza Premium Lounge is a good choice.

Make sure that the chosen lounge has a free WiFi. Shower facilities are also a nice extra after a long flight. Toilets inside the lounge is just practical so avoid lounges that do not have their own toilets especially if you wish to save some of your precious time amidst a tight flight schedule.

Shortly, find a lounge that matches your preferences!

Placing a Booking

Booking a lounge visit is easy. Head to Lounge Pass and choose a lounge that you would like to visit. Fill in details like for how many guests, the flight number and the exact visit time and date. Finally, pay the booking with a credit card and you will receive the lounge pass right away to your email inbox.

Booking a lounge via Lounge Pass

When placing a booking, be sure to fill correct details. If your plans change, just cancel the booking.

If your travel plans change, and you have to cancel the booking, just contact Lounge Pass to ask for the full refund.

Arriving to the Lounge

The most exciting part is to arrive to the lounge. Arrive there at least 2 hours before your departure to have enough time to enjoy the lounge's services. Sometimes, lounges may be difficult to find at airports so reserve at least 15 minutes extra time.

Have a printed booking confirmation or show the confirmation from your mobile phone. Remember to mention that your booking is via Lounge Pass service for the reason that customers may access lounge by different methods. Have your boarding passes ready for scanning at the reception desk.

The Code of Conduct in Lounges

There are not any special rules in airport lounges. Some but not all lounges may have a sign silent lounge. This basically means that there are no announcements hearable inside the lounge related to flights.

Behave well and don't disturb other visitors. Take only the food and drink you are going to consume. Don't take any food items with. Remember to keep good hand hygiene. Smoking lounges have their designated place for smoking.


Lounges have dresscodes. Smart casual wear is normally accepted. Shorts, short skirts, flipflops and similar items are usually forbidden. Your clothes should not have any offensive prints either.

It is good to check the dress code from the lounge's details. Summer holiday clothes may be allowed in warm countries but in some more conservative airports lounges, they are forbidden. The safest choice is just to have clean and decent clothes.

Is Lounge Pass the Best Option ?

If you are a frequent traveller, buying a lounge membership like Priority Pass is recommended. For infrequent travellers, we recommend using Lounge Pass. Lounge Pass is a reliable choice. LoungeBuddy is another booking site but its selection is smaller and it accepts only American Express payments.

Our Lounge Pass Experiences

Visiting airport lounges is usually a part of our travel itineraries. Quite often, we have a lounge membership from Priority Pass but when our memberships are not valid, we love using Lounge Pass. As we've mentioned earlier, Lounge Pass is one of the cheapest site to buy lounge visits.

We have accessed airport lounges in different locations with Lounge Pass including Plaza Premium Lounge in Hong Kong, Sheltair Lounge in Paris CDG, C-Lounge in Berlin-Tegel, Blue Lounge in Lisbon and Business Lounge in Cologne Airport. We have never had any issues to get in with our Lounge Passes.

Bottom Line

Visiting an airport lounge is an affordable way to relax before a flight. Lounge Pass is a handy booking service to secure your seat in the lounge ahead of your travel schedule. But again, if you anticipate visiting airport lounges frequently, buying a lounge membership makes sense to save costs.

Have you booked lounge visits from Lounge Pass? What have been your airport lounge experiences like?

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