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Dan Lounge, Tel Aviv

Dan Lounge in the concourse C is small and a little crowded. However, the atmosphere during our visit was still peaceful.

Lounge Review: Dan Lounge at Tel-Aviv Airport

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  • Updated: 07/28/21 | July 18, 2019

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Table of Contents

  1. Ben Gurion Airport
  2. Dan Lounges in the Terminal 3
  3. Where to Find Dan Lounges?
    1. Is the Lounge Good for Plane Spotting?
  4. How to Get Into Dan Lounge?
    1. The Entrance Fee
  5. Our Rating
    1. The Easiness to Find Dan Lounge
    2. Comfyness
    3. Food and Drinks
    4. Friendliness of the Customer Service
    5. Overall Rating
  6. Bottom Line

Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport is the main airport of Israel. It is often called as Tel Aviv Airport since it lies between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. More than 22 million businessmen, travellers and pilgrims travel through this busy airport every year. The airport is also the hub for Israeli Airline El Al.

Ben Gurion Airport has 4 terminals. The terminal 1 is meant only for domestic flights. The terminal 2 has already been closed and the terminal 4 has never been officially opened. All international travellers depart via the terminal 3.

Dan Lounges in the Terminal 3

The terminal 3 has 2 Dan Lounges: One is located in the concourse B and the other in the concourse C. We visited the one in the concourse C. This lounge was closest to our gate and it had a nice 'peace' theme.

In addition to Dan Lounges, there are other lounges in the terminal 3: Arbel Lounge which welcomes all passengers and El Al King David Lounge exclusively for El Al's passengers and their partners' loyalty customers.

Shalom Dan Lounge, Tel Aviv

Shalom Israel

Where to Find Dan Lounges?

The lounges are easy to find but you need to reserve enough time. Ben Gurion Airport imposes really strict security measures that may take a lot of your time like we had. We recommend you to arrive at the airport 3 hours before your flight.

After you have passed security check and passport control, finding either one of Dan Lounges is easy. Just check what is your departure gate and choose the nearest lounge to it. Dan Lounges are located in the concourses B and C.

There is a central area in the air-side of the terminal 3. Concourses B, C and D are all connected to this central square. If you are visiting Dan Lounge in the concourse C, like we did, just head to concourse C and follow the lounge signs. The lounge is at the same floor as gates. No need to take stairs up or down. The lounge's door is not easily discoverable as it has grey colors same as the walls. Furthermore, you may miss easily the lounge entrance because of the unclear logos (not easily visible).

Entrance to Dan Lounge, Tel Aviv

You may not realise immediately that you are the at lounge's entrance.

Reception in Dan Lounge, Tel Aviv

Behind the hidden door, there was a friendly reception.

Is the Lounge Good for Plane Spotting?

We do love plane spotting and we often do that while visiting lounges. Unfortunately, our arrival to Dan Lounge was late in the evening so it is was already dark. We had a view to the tarmac but what do you expect in dark hours. In the day time, we guess the view to be better but still only a minor part of the tarmac is viewable from the lounge .

How to Get Into Dan Lounge?

Dan Lounges are widely accepting different lounge memberships: Priority Pass, DragonPass, LoungeKey, Lounge Club and Diners Club. Some airlines may also invite their business and first class passengers to this lounge. In other words, this lounge has really wide selection of access methods.

Even though we recommend frequent travellers to buy a Priority Pass membership, you don't need it to access Dan Lounge. You can buy a single entry from Lounge Pass and the price will be about 36 euros dollars.

We recommend buying an inexpensive lounge access on Lounge Pass.

The Entrance Fee

Since this lounge is known to be so busy most of the time, we recommend you to secure your seat by paying your lounge entry on Lounge Pass beforehand.

Our Rating

The Easiness to Find Dan Lounge

Dan Lounge in the concourse C is easy to find after you reach the concourse itself. Just follow the signs. However, the door is really hidden so you may easily miss it.


The lounge was small. It has enough comfortable chairs and tables available. The decoration and the atmosphere were relaxing though the lounge was quite crowded.

Jerusalem Post

Like lounges usually, also this lounge had major newspapers.

The lounge has all basic services: free well-working WiFi, flight information screen, magazines and a television. Unfortunately, there are no showers and toilets inside the lounge.

Ceasar reading newspaper in Dan Lounge, Tel Aviv

You may relax for example by reading Jerusalem Post.

The lounge had some wooden art and peace-themed wall paintings.

Food and Drinks

The food selection was good but not excellent. There were, for example, bread, salty and sweet pastry, fruits sand soup.

Foods Dan Lounge, Tel Aviv

The food selection in the lounge was ordinary.

Pastry Dan Lounge, Tel Aviv

There were cookies, sweets and salty pastries.

Coffee was available from a coffee machine and cold drinks from the fridge. The lounge also had a beer tap. We didn't find strong spirits or wine.

Soup in Dan Lounge, Tel Aviv

Soup was the only warm food item in the lounge.

The catering was quite ordinary. The lack of warm food selections aside from the soup made us to decide for this 3-star rating. Catering tables were refilled on time and dining tables were cleaned fast.

Friendliness of the Customer Service

We got a really friendly service at the reception when we arrived. As mentioned earlier, the staffs were quick to clear tables and refilling the foods and drinks

Overall Rating

Dan Lounge in the concourse C is a good lounge. Paying 36 euros for a single visit gives you enough value for you money. You get a relaxing atmosphere to wait for your flights and tasty snacks and drinks. The lounge would be even better if it had toilets and showers and that if it was a little bigger.

Info screen in Dan Lounge, Tel Aviv

An info screen is vital in the lounge. During our lounge visit, there were many Americans departing back home.

Would you like to have more information about airport lounges. We have also written the Ultimate Guide to Airport Lounges. Check it to learn the best ways to get in.

Bottom Line

Visiting Israel is a unique experience not because of the strictest security control we've ever had in all our travels. Leaving the country will be more comfortable when you arrive the airport early and spend your time in the lounge. Dan Lounge in the concourse C is a good choice. We expect the other Dan Lounge to be quite similar.

Art Dan Lounge, Tel Aviv

The lounge was decorated with this nice wooden art.

Have you visited Dan Lounge? Comment below, how was your experience!

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