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Entry in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
The entry to Aspire Lounge is easy to find between the piers A and B in the Terminal 2. Stairs lead you up to the lounge.

Review: Aspire Lounge at Copenhagen Airport

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • September 27, 2019

Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport is the busiest airport in Nordic countries. It is located on the island of Ameger close to Sweden. Reaching Copenhagen center from the airport takes only 15 minutes by a commuter train and Malmö in Sweden can be reached in 30 minutes. The airport is also a popular transfer point and a hub for Scandinavian Airlines and for Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Aspire Lounge by Swissport

Aspire Lounge is operated by a ground service company, Swissport. They have lounges in 16 countries and many of them are called as Aspire Lounges. For example, we have also visited Aspire Lounge in Helsinki Airport, which is almost similar to the one in Copenhagen Airport. The lounges are decorated in the same way and they offer similar services.

Chairs in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
Aspire lounges have design elements that make lounges to look unique.

All Swissport's Executive Lounges are listed on their website.

Location of the Lounge

In Copenhagen Airport, Aspire Lounge is quite simple to find. The lounge is located in the central area of the Terminal 2 between the piers A and B. However, the central area is big and it has two separate corridors. Aspire Lounge is on the inside corridor further from the tarmac windows. When you approach the lounge, you see clear signs. There are stairs up to the second floor, where the lounge is located.

The view in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
The view from Aspire Lounge is not special, because the lounge is far from the tarmac. The location is similar to Helsinki's Aspire Lounge.

The lounge is in the Schengen area. In the airport, there is also the Terminal 3, which is connected to the Terminal 2. The terminal 3 serves mainly non-Schengen flights, but some Schengen flights departs from the Gates D in the Terminal 3. Reaching piers A and B from Aspire Lounge is fast but if your flight departs from the pier D, you need to reserve 15 minutes more walking time.

Info screen in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
The lounge has clear info screens showing departing flights.

Aspire Lounge is suitable for all Schengen departures. Aviator Lounge is another option that is located just opposite to Aspire Lounge.

Entry Methods

Aspire Lounge welcomes the members of the following lounge progams: Priority Pass, DragonPass, Lounge Key, Diners Club and Eurocard. The conditions vary between the lounge programs and the access may be included to the program or a fee will be charged. Consult your lounge program for the exact prices.

Word desk in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
The lounge has simple work desks with power sockets.

This lounge is also collaborating with airlines namely: Aeroflot, Air Greenland, Czech Airlines, Finnair and Qatar Airways.

Chairs_in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
Visiting the lounge outside busy hours is a good choice. You can choose the best chairs.

The walk-in price to Aspire Lounge is 160 Danish Crowns (22 euros). However, it is recommend to place a pre-booking to guarantee an entry. Pre-booking is possible via Swissport and the price is 25 euros.

sofas in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
Sofas and wooden decorative items make Aspire Lounge peaceful and you will feel almost like home.

Rating Based on Our Visit

The Easiness to Reach the Lounge

The lounge is well-located in the airport, easy to get to any flight from there. However, there is no elevator to access this lounge.

Drinks_in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
It may take a few minutes to find the lounge but good drink selection will be waiting.

Friendliness of the Staff

We were greeted by a very friendly lady staff. While dining, we noticed a constant change about the information of our departure gate. Google and airport website were suggesting a different gate from that appeared on the information screen inside the lounge. One of us approached the lady receptionist, who was so willing to help in clarifying which one is the right gate. Her friendly and funny personality is a rare gem you won't find in other lounges.

Catering in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
Catering in Aspire Lounge was at average level but the customer service was just perfect.


The lounge had a minimalist design. There were many seats available. It was pretty calm during our visit so the place was good for both working and relaxing. However, some of the furniture were worn out and many of the couches were not so comfortable, hard chairs. For smokers though, this is a good choice because there is a cabin for smokers. There are toilets for both genders but they require better maintenance. The smelly toilets were uninviting.

Coffee machines in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
Naturally, Aspire Lounge had coffee machines to serve coffee, special coffee and other warm drinks. Having a cup of coffee in unwinding environment makes waiting for a flight a pleasant experience.

The lounge had WiFi, flight monitors, magazines both in Danish and English language. There were no shower services and only a few charging sockets were available. There was no good view from the lounge.

Chairs in the wall in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
Aspire Lounges are known for these kinds of colourful wall chairs.

Food and Drinks

Aspire Lounge had good drinking options but the food selection was limited. There were only breads, cheese, hams, meatballs, mushroom soup and some fruits.

Aspire Lounge offered bread with ham, cheese and vegetables. Also, other small snacks and soup were available.
Soup in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
Soup and meatballs were the warm food items in the lounge.
Bread in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
In Nordic countries, people like eating dark breads because they are healthier.

The available drinks included soft drinks, juices, wines and strong alcoholic drinks.

Juice dispenser in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
In addition to soft drinks, alcohol and coffee, the lounge had a juice dispenser.
Alcohol in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
Wine, beer and spirit selection were better than in many other lounges.

Overall Rating

Based on our visit, the lounge was so quiet akin to Helsinki's Aspire lounge and the stay in the lounge was more relaxing compared to having stayed at one of the crowded airport restaurants in CPH. The food selection was fair but not anything special. The drink selection was just fine. The friendly and helpful personnel was one of the best part of our visit here. Though it would be highly recommend to upgrade their worn out furniture and impose better maintenance of their toilet facilities.

A worn chair in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
The lounge was stylish but many items were too worn out. For example, this chair needs to be replaced urgently.

How to Access Lounges?

  • Infrequent traveller may book lounge visits on Lounge Pass.
  • Frequent traveller may benefit from a lounge membership. Read our Priority Pass review.
  • Budget traveller may bid for a lounge visit. Read more about LoungePair.

More information you will find from our lounge guide.

Bottom Line

We can recommend you to visit Aspire Lounge in Copenhagen Airport. If you are not a business class passenger, having a Priority Pass is one of the easiest way to get it. Fortunately, the lounge accepts also many other membership options.

Overview in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
The lounge was surprisingly spacious and not crowded.

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