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The overview of Krakow Airport Lounge
Krakow Airport lounge was not especially large but it was still cosy. The lounge was nicely decorated and painted with fresh colours.

Lounge Review: Schengen Lounge at Krakow Airport

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • September 19, 2019

Krakow Airport

Krakow John Paul II International Airport is located 11 kilometers fro3m the Krakow center in the village of Balice. The airport is a destination of multiple airlines bringing more and more travellers to Krakow. The airport is modern and working efficiently.

Schengen Business Lounge

Krakow Airport has only two lounges: One for non-Schengen passengers and the other one for people travelling to Schengen destinations.

The Schengen lounge is small and the same lounge is shared with airlines' customers, lounge program members and walk-in guests. Even though the lounge is fairly small, it is still surprisingly comfortable compared to many other small lounges we have visited. Walls have been decorated with nice posters and the view to the tarmac is great.

images/Krakow_Airport_Lounge.jpg does not exits.
The lounge was small but still comfortable. Colours and paintings were used well to make the lounge lively.
Painting and sofas
The lounge was decorated with paintings. These chairs are not the most comfortable ones but the lounge had also micer chairs.
Alcohol in Aspire Lounge Copenhagen Airport
Wine, beer and spirit selection in the lounge was better than in many other lounge.

Location and Service Hours

The lounge is located on the air-side between the Gates 9 and 10. It is meant mainly for Schengen passengers, but in mornings non-Schengen passengers are also allowed to get in. The entrance of the lounge may be difficult to see from far but after getting closer the signs are clear.

Entrance to the lounge
Krakow Airport is small and the lounge is easy to find after the security check. There are no big signs but the lounge is still clearly marked.

The lounge is located next to the tarmac which makes the lounge a perfect place for plane spotters. During our visit, windows were clean so spotting and photographing planes was easy. The airport is quite compact and reaching your gate after a lounge visit is fast no matter from which gate your flight is leaving.

The view to the tarmac from Krakow Airport lounge
The view from the lounge was amazing. Windows were clean what made the view even better. Plane spotting and photographing is easy in this lounge.

The lounge opens early in the morning and closes at 9 or 10 PM depending on the weekday. In the mornings, the lounge accepts also non-Schengen passengers. Non-Schengen travellers need to reserve time for the passport control when visiting this lounge.

Access Methods

The lounge welcomes Priority Pass, Lounge Key, Lounge Club and DragonPass members. Also, Diners Club card is accepted. Because there are no airlines' own lounges in Krakow airport, this lounge serves as a business lounge to airlines' premium passengers.

The walk-in price is 120 Polish zloty that is about 28 euros. The price is affordable but for frequent visitors we recommend Priority Pass. It pays itself back fast.


The service selection in the lounge is better than in many other similar lounges. There are all basic services: WiFi, flight information screen, English and Polish magazines and enough power sockets for charging devices. In addition to the basic services, the lounge has its own stylish toilet, a shower and computers for its customers.

Power sockets
Power sockets were located between chairs. To be honest, the lounge could have had more of them.

Our Visit to the Lounge

We visited Schengen Business lounge before our flight from Krakow to Copenhagen by Norwegian. The lounge was easy to find even though the door was quite hidden. Receptionists were friendly and we got in without any issues. The lounge was almost full but we still found free seats close to the windows.


Foods and Drinks

This lounge had better food selection than many other Priority Pass lounges. During our visit, the lounge offered salad, fruits, bread with cheese and ham, yogurt, corn flakes, fruits and desserts. Cold drinks were available in the fridge and hot drinks from a coffee machine. There were also wine, beer and many kinds of strong spirits.

Drinks in the Krakow Airport Lounge
In the lounge, water and juices were available in the fridge. Yogurt, ham and cheese could be taken from a vitrine.
Salads in the lounge
We tasted these delicious salads.


The decoration of the lounge made it really comfortable. It was also bright inside and the view to the tarmac was good. A well-maintained and stylishly decorated toilet was a nice surprise.

Sinks in toilet
This lounge had the freshest toilets we have seen in airport lounges.
Art in the toilet
The toilet was clean and stylish. For example, it had this art on the wall.

The crowded atmosphere was a small minus. With less people, the lounge would have been more comfortable.


The lounge had all basic services and more. The availability of shower service and many power sockets are small things that increase the rating for this category.

Customer Service

The first impression of the reception staff was really friendly. We could not have wished more. The lounge was also cleaned well and the food tables were filled on-time. We had nothing to ask more.

Overall Rating

This is one of the best Priority Pass lounges we have visited. There were more food and service options available than we have used to. The service was friendly and the lounge was well located. Unfortunately, the lounge's premises are too small because it is serving (too) many customer segments. While Krakow Airport is getting busier every year, this lounge will need expansion soon.

Alcoholic drinks in the fridge
The lounge offered also alcoholic drinks. Beer, wine and sparkling wine could be taken from a fridge. Also, strong spirits were in the selection.

Bottom Line

We can recommend you to visit Schengen Business Lounge in Krakow Airport. If you are not a business class passenger, having a Priority Pass is one of the easiest way to get it. Luckily, the lounge accepts also many other membership options.

Snacks and candies
Polish snacks and cream candies were tasty!

Have you visited this lounge? Comment below?

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  1. 09-27-2019 at 12:15am UTC by Bruce Schinkel :

    Really nice review of this airport! I loved your criteria and grading scale ... only problem is that now I really want to visit this airport just to spend time in the lounge :)

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