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Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow Airport

Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow Airport is a high quality business lounge where you can relax before your flight. The lounge offers you drinks and food in cosy atmosphere.

Review: Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • Updated: 07/28/21 | December 23, 2017

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Table of Contents

  1. A Lounge to Hide from Snowstorm in London Heathrow
  2. The Location of Plaza Premium Lounge
  3. Services in Plaza Premium Lounge
  4. Experiences and Our Reader's Rating of the Lounge
    1. Comfort in the Lounge
    2. Catering - Warm and Delicious Food
    3. Drink Selection
    4. Cleanliness
    5. Extra Services
    6. Customer Service
    7. Overall Rating
  5. The Price of Plaza Premium Lounge
    1. Entrance by Credit Cards
    2. Inexpensive and Good Lounges at London Heathrow Airport via Lounge Pass
  6. Final Words

A Lounge to Hide from Snowstorm in London Heathrow

Our Austria-based reader was returning from his weekend getaway in London when an unlucky event happened: Snowstorm at London Heathrow stopped almost all air traffic and his flight was among those delayed for about 24 hours.

Despite of this, it was great to hear that British Airways* took their responsibility by arranging him a hotel and meals as EU261 directive regulates. Everything went well with this compensation package only small problems with the last supper. Finally on his way back to Vienna he visited Plaza Premium Lounge at the London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2. This review is based on his experiences there.

The Location of Plaza Premium Lounge

Plaza Premium Lounges are located in different terminals at London Heathrow Airport. You can find company's lounges in the terminal 2 departure and arrival areas, in the terminal 3 arrival area, in the terminal 4 departure and arrival areas and also in the terminal 5 departure area. This review is about the lounge in the terminal 2 departure area of London Heathrow Airport.

The lounge can easily be found just by following signs at the airport. It is located after the security check near Transfer area at the level 4. At the time of this writing, the opening times are from 5am to 11pm. Please check for update information from the lounge's website regarding their opening times.

If you are flying out from the terminal 3 we recommend you to read also our review of No1 Lounge in the terminal 3.

In London there are 6 different airports and all of them have their own lounges. The selection is huge. Plaza Premium Lounges exist in many airports and terminals.

Services in Plaza Premium Lounge

As lounges usually, also Plaza Premium Lounge has all basic services. There are comfortable chairs, TVs and flight information. Customers can eat from the complimentary buffet and many drinks are included. There is a shower and WiFi is available in the lounge.

All basic services are complimentary but there are also a few paid services. The lounge offers for example massage and bedrooms as extra services.

Experiences and Our Reader's Rating of the Lounge

In this part we are describing how our reader from Austria has rated Plaza Premium Lounge at Terminal 2 of London Heathrow Airport.

Comfort in the Lounge

The atmosphere and decoration in the lounge was pleasant and cozy. There was dim but elegant lightning. Background music made the lounge to feel relaxing. Together these small things made our reader to feel he is in a better class lounge than he really was.

Cosy chair at Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow Airport

Lightning in the lounge was dim and there was quiet background music. These things together with a soft chair gives you a chance to unwind. All photos in this article are copyrighted by our reader from Austria.

Catering - Warm and Delicious Food

The food was delicious and the selection was wide. There were many warm courses (for example soup, meatballs, creamy chicken, fried vegetables and potatoes, sandwiches, rice and spaghetti). Actually it is quite uncommon that business lounges has this good selection. The selection was so diverse that eating a lunch or a dinner in the lounge becomes a good idea. No need to crave for additional foods from a any restaurant afterwards.

Food buffet at Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow Airport

Unlike many other business lounges, Plaza Premium Lounge offers a warm buffet meal.

Drink Selection

The drink selection included free soft drinks and juices from big containers. However, alcoholic drink selection was not as good as the food selection was. All alcoholic drinks needed to be ordered from a bartender and the selection was small: probably only beer and white and red wines were complimentary. Strong alcohol seemed to be chargeable because there was a menu with prices. If having alcohol is not your only motivator to visit the lounge, complimentary beer and wine is surely enough with all soft drinks.


The lounge had normal restrooms which had been cleaned well. There were also showers but our reader did not use them. According to the lounge's web page, using showers costs extra.

Cleaning of tables and the main lounge area was slow. There were a lot of dishes on the tables and not enough staff to keep the lounge clean.

Overview of Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow Airport

The first impression was that the lounge is clean. However cleaning tables from dishes was somehow slow.

Extra Services

The lounge offered interesting chargeable extra services. There were single rooms where you can sleep between your flights. Another interesting way to spend your layover is to have massage that can be purchased separately.

The exact prices of the extra services can be found from the lounge's home page.

Christmas tree at Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow Airport

Christmas had come to the lounge. This corridor leads to a massage room. Massage is one of the paid extra services in the lounge.

Customer Service

The lounge staffs were customer-friendly.

Overall Rating

To sum up, the lounge was one of the best where our reader has visited. The best part was the catering service and great atmosphere which made him to consider the lounge being above average.

Something that could be improved is the speed of cleaning and the drink collection. But shortly said, Plaza Premium Lounge is a really good lounge in London and worth to visit if the price suits for you. It is difficult to find a better business class lounge in London.

The Price of Plaza Premium Lounge

The price surely affects if you will visit the lounge.

According to the Plaza Premium Lounge web pages the normal entrance fee is 40 British Pounds and it includes only 2 hours stay. If you want to stay longer, the fee will be 65 Pounds and the time limit is 5 hours. We admit, that the normal price is quite expensive, but there are cheaper ways to enter.

Entrance by Credit Cards

It is possible to enter the lounge by Diners Club Credit card. That is how our reader made it. The price depends on your credit card's issuer but it will be probably much less than the normal price.

Another option is to enter by Priority Pass membership. Priority Pass can be purchased separately but it also comes with many credit cards. By Priority Pass the price of one lounge visit becomes much cheaper than the normal price. You can read more from our Priority Pass review.

There are many good Priority Pass Lounges at London Heathrow. You can find the full list from Priority Pass web pages.

Inexpensive and Good Lounges at London Heathrow Airport via Lounge Pass

Another way to enter the Plaza Premium Lounge is to buy a prepaid voucher from Lounge Pass. The price will be about 45 British Pounds that is almost the same as the normal price. But the voucher includes 3 hours stay instead of 2 hours stay. If you visit lounges often we really recommend Priority Pass to keep costs lower.

If 45 Pounds for a lounge visit sounds expensive, please check Lounge Pass for other options. They sell also cheaper vouchers to other lounges in London and worldwide. There are many good lounges at London Heathrow Airport with a cheaper rate.

We recommend buying an inexpensive lounge access on Lounge Pass.

Final Words

Are you often travelling via London? What is your favorite lounge there? Share your experiences below.

For further reading we recommend you to check our Priority Pass review and DragonPass Review.

Would you like to have more information about airport lounges. We have also written the Ultimate Guide to Airport Lounges. Check it to learn the best ways to get in.

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