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The entrance of Norrsken Lounge at Arlanda Airport
Norrsken Lounge is located on the 4th floor in terminal 5 near Gate 1. Just next to it there is the Scandinavian Airlines Business Lounge.

Review: Norrsken Lounge at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • December 22, 2018

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Norrsken Lounge

Norrsken Lounge at Stockholm Arlanda Airport is a peaceful place to unwind before your flight. The lounge looks cosy and anyone can have the first impression of it being good. When everything goes smoothly, visiting this lounge is worth it. However, during our visit, we found a few things which require improvements.

The overall quality of the lounge is not as good as the first impression may suggest. All its services are working well but some minor things are below the average. For example, it is really difficult to find the lounge's contact details and the customer service is handled somehow unprofessionally.

The reception at Norrsken Lounge
The reception area looks stylish. It gives you a good first impression.


The lounge is located in Terminal 5 of Arlanda Airport. The terminal has many wings and you may need to take a small corridor to reach gate 1 in the wing A. Near the gate, there are stairs and elevators up to the fourth floor. The lounge is easy to find - you just need to locate gate 1 and take the elevator up to the lounge.

A corridor at Arlanda Airport terminal 5
There is a small corridor inside terminal 5 at Arlanda Airport. Gate 1 is at the other end of the corridor and the lounge is located on the 4th floor.

Some sources on the internet claim that the lounge is located on the third floor but you need to take the elevator up to the fourth floor. Once you arrive at the right floor, just step out from the elevator and you will find the lounge immediately just next to Scandinavian Airlines lounge.

Entry Options

Norrsken Lounge serves business and first class passengers of multiple airlines, for example Norwegian's customers. The lounge has also an agreement with Priority Pass and DragonPass so the holders of these lounge cards may enter Norrsken Lounge. Also, Diners Club card is accepted in the lounge. Discount for Eurocard holders is available.

Unfortunately, the lounge shares very little information so we can't say if it is possible to pay the entry fee just upon entering the lounge. Most probably yes, but the price is unknown.


The lounge had all basic services. There was a TV, a clear flight information screen and of course, comfortable chairs to relax. Catering and drinks were offered but the selection was minimal. The lounge also had WiFi that worked well enough. Because the lounge is next to the tarmac, it is also a good place for plane spotting.

Some of the services need improvements. The lounge has only a few toilets that were quite untidy at the time of our visit. There were no showers which is a minus because after a long flight many people need to get fresh. Stockholm is an airport for many long-haul airlines so a shower would be beneficial.

Niko at Norrsken Lounge
For plane spotters, Norrsken lounge is a good choice. There is a wide tarmac view. Unfortunately, during our visit, the sky was grey. There was also not much air traffic.

Our Visit to Norrsken Lounge

We were using Priority Pass and a prepaid Lounge Pass voucher to enter the lounge. Probably the receptionist that time saw for the very first time Lounge Pass voucher because she looked quite surprised. Finally, she charged 2 people from Priority Pass even though we told him that we have only 1 Priority Pass customer while one of us had a prepaid voucher.

Everyone does commit mistakes, so this was not a big issue. The bigger problem was that it was difficult to find the lounge's contact details. Finally, we got them via Arlanda Airport's chat service. The phone call to the lounge was even weirder. A lady staff answered with another name than the lounge's name and asked us to send details of the incident to her personal hotmail. Luckily, after a few days, her supervisor contacted us and handled the issue very professionally. So finally, we were happy.


Easiness of Getting in

The lounge is easy to find and there are multiple different ways to get in. The lounge is also inexpensive related to the price level at Arlanda Airport. The lack of a Diners Club entry method is a small minus.


Chairs at Norrsken Lounge
The lounge has a nice Scandinavian wooden decoration. The atmosphere was peaceful during our visit.
Chairs at Norrsken Lounge
The chairs looked nice and they were also comfortable.

The lounge has stylish wooden decoration and it looks modern. Scandinavian design is well visible in this lounge. However, it is easily noticeable that small details in the lounge look old and more renovation are needed. They have two small toilets which were quite untidy during our visit.

Food and Drinks

Catering is the weakest link in the lounge. At the time of our visit, the lounge didn't have any warm food but only an empty soup bowl.

The lounge had a small selection of cold snacks: 3 kinds of bread, 2 varieties of ham, cheese, butter, normal and salted cucumber, paprika, chips, peanuts and a few cookies. The selection was worse than what is usually offered in lounges and it looked like they have wanted only to serve inexpensive food items. There was not any warm food served during our visit just before lunchtime.

The drink selection though was better. There were juices, soft drinks and a coffee machine. Beer was available from a tap and in bottles. There were also wines available.

Breadtable at Norrsken Lounge
The catering area of Norrsken lounge
Breads at Norrsken lounge
There were three kinds of bread available, butter, ham and cheese.
Catering table at Norrsken Lounge
There were only cold snacks available. The drink selection was better including alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages.
Desert table at Norrsken Lounge
We have seen better dessert tables in other lounges.

Friendliness of the Customer Service

The staff working in the lounge were friendly. Nothing to complain about. Unfortunately, it seems that the staff have not been trained well because they didn't recognize our Lounge Pass voucher which is a valid entry method. Also, the phone customer service was unprofessional as we mentioned earlier.

Overall Rating

Stockholm Airport is an expensive place so visiting Norrsken lounge is overall worth the money. However, you should not expect too much. You get a peaceful atmosphere on nicely decorated premises, but the services of the lounge aren't so good. With the right expectations, there is nothing wrong with this lounge.

Catering table at Norrsken Lounge
The buffet was really simple.
The reception at Norrsken Lounge
Even though the reception looks great, its customer service needs improvement.

Buying Entrance Beforehand

If you are not Priority Pass or DragonPass member, we recommend buying an entrance voucher beforehand. Probably it is possible to pay yourself in at the door too but buying a voucher saves time at the airport. Vouchers are also inexpensive.

A Wineglass
A view of the tarmac through the lounge's glass windows while sipping a glass of red wine.

How to Access Lounges?

  • Infrequent traveller may book lounge visits on Lounge Pass.
  • Frequent traveller may benefit from a lounge membership. Read our Priority Pass review.
  • Budget traveller may bid for a lounge visit. Read more about LoungePair.

More information you will find from our lounge guide.

Bottom Line

Norrsken Lounge at Stockholm Airport is considered an average level lounge. It is far from the best lounge we have visited but it is also inexpensive. Using restaurant services at Stockholm airport is expensive which makes using a lounge worth the money. Norrsken lounge is a good option if you are not too hungry and if your eyes are allured with Scandinavian designs. At least, we had a relaxing time there despite the unfortunate incident.

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  1. 03-16-2020 at 10:07am UTC by Brett :

    We sympathize you. We had exactly the same incident in this lounge, but we did not manage to resolve it.

  2. 08-06-2019 at 10:16pm UTC by Birgit :

    Wohh exactly what I was looking for, regards for putting up.

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