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Review: Business Lounge at Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik Lounge
Dubrovnik Business Lounge is surely the best lounge in this airport because it is the only one. There are no competitors so the lounge does not need to improve its services.

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Dubrovnik Airport's Business Lounge is located on the 3rd floor of the airport. Based on our visit, the lounge is peaceful and a good place to unwind. Read more from our review.

Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the South Croatia. Its Old Town dubbed as the Pearl of the Adriatic is attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world. Croatia's tourism industry is boosting the country's economy.

Dubrovnik Airport is located 20 kilometres southeast from the city. It is also the only airport in the Dubrovnik area. The airport is modern, working smoothly but not that big. Unlike in busy and huge airports, you do not need much time from the main door to your gate, but arriving early is recommended. You will then have time to do the shopping and visit a great lounge.

Only Business Lounge at the Airport

Dubrovnik Airport Business Lounge is the only VIP lounge in the airport and during our visit, it was also acting as a Priority Pass Lounge.

The first sight gives you an impression of a clean lounge decorated simply using light shades. The lounge has almost all the basic services. It has a small snack selection and some drinks. There are also internet computers which feel a little outdated. Nowadays, good Wi-Fi is enough but luckily the lounge has it too.

Computers in Dubrovnik Lounge
The business lounge has business computers. It looks a little old-styled but the computers may still be beneficial for someone.

There are also a TV and magazines. Unfortunately, no charging sockets can be easily found. No showers are available and toilets are located outside the lounge.

Location of the Lounge

The lounge is located after the security checks in the international area. Croatia is not a part of the Schengen agreement so you will use the same international area always when flying out from the country. Domestic travellers can't access this lounge.

Dubrovnik Airport is small and the lounge is easy to find just by following the clear signs. After the security point, you need to take stairs or an elevator up to the 3rd floor and you will find the lounge on the tarmac side. The lounge is not far from the gates and 5 minutes is enough to access the gates from after a lounge visit.

Spotters Recommend

As we are plane spotters ourselves, we can recommend this lounge to travellers who love plane spotting. The lounge is next to the tarmac and there is a great view. You can easily photograph planes from your seat just next to the window.

Unfortunately, Dubrovnik Airport is not so busy and this means, you might not see many planes moving during your visit to this lounge. The lounge's windows and glass walls also surely need a deep cleaning because, during our visit, they were extremely dirty. Otherwise, the lounge itself was clean.

An info screen of Dubrovnik Lounge
You can see from the lounge's flight monitor that Dubrovnik Airport is not busy.

Access Methods

Because there is only one lounge at the airport, all lounge customers will end up in this same lounge. Business and first-class passengers are most likely invited to this lounge by their airline. During the time of our visit, Priority Pass members, visitors with LoungeKey cards and Diners Club members were welcomed to this lounge. Unfortunately, DragonPass was not accepted. For easier lounge access all over the world, a Priority Pass membership is recommended.

Entry methods to Dubrovnik Lounge
Priority Pass, Diners Club and Lounge Key memberships are accepted in this lounge.

Entrance Fee

We didn't find information what is the walk-in rate for this lounge. It seems that the lounge is still accepting walk-in guests. The easiest way to secure an entry to this lounge is to obtain a suitable lounge membership.

Our Rating

The Easiness to Find the Lounge

The lounge is easy to find while the airport is small. Its location is also perfect. The only con is that domestic passengers can't access this lounge.


The lounge has a modern simple design that makes it comfortable. It is peaceful, not crowded and the view is good. The chairs and tables are good enough.

Seats in Dubrovnik Lounge
Seats and tables are one of the most comfortable things in the lounge. They are spacious and comfortable.

The lounge was empty when we arrived. After us, a few other customers came in. It seems that there are not many people visiting the lounge which makes the lounge even more peaceful.

Magazines in Dubrovnik Lounge
The lounge had Croatian and English magazines.

Catering and Drinks

For the catering alone, we would give only 2 stars. The catering was simple. There were fruits, chips, croissants, bread, ham and sweet snacks.

Catering in Dubrovnik Lounge
The catering is not a speciality of this lounge. There were only some fruits and light snacks available.

The drink selection was better and it deserves 4 stars. There were many kinds of strong spirits, wine and beer. Coffee was available from a coffee machine. Other cold drinks could be taken from a fridge.

A coffee machine in Dubrovnik Lounge
Caffeine lovers get their coffees from this machine.
Spirits in Dubrovnik Lounge
The lounge may have saved from the food but many different kinds of spirits were offered.

Friendliness of the Staff

The receptionist was friendly and nice. However, he tried to reject us entering by his mistaken claim that our flight is leaving soon. We had to correct his minor mistake.

There were also staff cleaning dishes and filling catering tables just on time. They were working in the background and we barely noticed them.

Overall Rating

Dubrovnik Business Lounge is surely the best lounge in this airport because it is the only one. There are no competitors so the lounge does not need to improve its services. However, the service is already at a moderate level. Don't expect a luxury lounge but a good basic lounge.

Snacks in Dubrovnik Lounge
This is the meal we had in the lounge. The meal can't replace a real lunch or dinner.

Bottom Line

We can recommend Croatia as a holiday destination. Dubrovnik is a good choice even for first-time European visitors.

If you are a member of Priority Pass, reserve yourself a little time to visit this lounge. Also, business class passengers are most likely invited into the lounge. If you do not belong to the previous groups, you may try your luck and ask for the walk-in price.

Have you visited Dubrovnik Business Lounge? How would you rate it?

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