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Inside of Cologne Airport Lounge
Cologne Business Lounge is really peaceful. The lounge has comfortable black leather chairs with iPads just next to them for customer's convenience.

Review: Cologne Airport Business Lounge

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • January 24, 2020

Cologne Bonn Airport

Cologne Bonn Airport is a shared airport between two major German cities: Cologne and Bonn. Bonn is the former capital of West Germany and Cologne is a big metropolis just next to Bonn. These two cities share the same airport which is about 15 kilometres away from each city. The airport is modern being the 7th busiest airport in Germany.

Only Two Lounges

Even though the airport serves more than 10 million passengers annually, there are only two business lounges in the whole airport. The other lounge operated by Lufthansa is located in the Terminal 1 serving only passengers departing from there. The lounge is meant mainly for Lufthansa's and Star Alliance's customers but one may also buy an entry voucher to this lounge from LoungeBuddy. Lufthansa's lounge is divided into two: The normal business lounge and Lufthansa Senator Lounge which is only for first-class travellers or equivalent loyalty card holders.

Drink bottles on the shelf
Fancy a drink? Drinks and snacks are free of extra charge.

Almost all airlines except Eurowings, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines depart from the Terminal 2. There is no airside connection between the terminals so the passengers departing from the Terminal 2 can only use Airport Business Lounge located in the same terminal. This lounge is operated by a ground service company.

Airlines departing from the Terminal 2 will invite their business and first class passengers to this lounge. We were flying in the economy class of Easyjet but we were still able to access the lounge with our pre-booked single entry Lounge Pass.

Business Lounge in the Terminal 2

There is only one airport lounge in the Terminal 2. It is shared with business and first class passengers and Priority Pass members. Also, DragonPass, LoungeKey, Lounge Club and Diners Club card holders are welcome. One may have thought that the lounge is super busy but according to our experience, the lounge was surprisingly peaceful.

Cologne Airport Lounges chairs
During our visit, the lounge was not busy at all. Even during busier times, there is a lot of personal space for every visitor.

How to Find the Lounge?

The lounge is easy to find. You must pass the security check in Terminal 2 and then turn to the left. After a short walk, you will see the lounge signs and you just need to take the stairs or a lift up to the second floor where the lounge is located. Distances in Cologne Airport are short. Hence, not much walking is needed.

Entrance of Cologne Business Lounge
The stairs up to the lounge you find next to a duty-free store.

The lounge is in the Schengen area. If you are heading to a non-Schengen destination, reserve 20 minutes extra time to pass the immigration after exiting the lounge.

reception of Cologne Business Lounge
When we arrived, no one was at the reception desk.

Accepted Entry Methods

Cologne Airport Business Lounge welcomes the members of the following lounge programs: Priority Pass, DragonPass, Lounge Key, Diners Club and Lounge Club. Check your lounge program's terms to know if you will be charged for a visit.

The lounge also serves customers of many airlines departing from Terminal 2. If you are travelling in the business or first class, consult your airline about the lounge.

The walk-in price to the lounge is about 25 euros. However, it is recommend to place a pre-booking, like we did to guarantee your entry. Pre-booking is possible via Lounge Pass.

images/Cologne_Airport_Lounge_drinks.jpg does not exits.
In the lounge, there are more drink options than foods.

How to Access Lounges?

  • Infrequent traveller may book lounge visits on Lounge Pass.
  • Frequent traveller may benefit from a lounge membership. Read our Priority Pass review.
  • Budget traveller may bid for a lounge visit. Read more about LoungePair.

More information you will find from our lounge guide.

Rating Based on Our Visit

The Easiness to Reach the Lounge

The lounge is really easy to find, but it is only suitable for people flying out from Terminal 2. Theoretically, you could also fly out from Terminal 1 but then you would need to pass the security again and it would be time-consuming and stressful. We only recommend this lounge for travellers departing from Terminal 2. For said passengers, the location is excellent.

View from the lounge
From the lounge, there is an open view around the terminal and also partially to the tarmac.

You will find the lounge fast after the security check. Reaching your gate from the lounge takes only a few minutes.

Friendliness of the Staff

At the time we stepped into the lounge, we haven't spotted any customers but only one staff inside the lounge. We were the first customers. The receptionist lady was not sitting behind her desk instead, she was in the kitchen but after noticing us, she arrived quickly.

We can't say that she was unfriendly but she had minor difficulties handling our Lounge Pass voucher. It seemed to be a new thing for her. Finally, she let us in with a wide grin on her face.

For a passenger who arrived after us, was behaving in a somehow unfriendly way.


The lounge is comfortable. It is close to the glass roof so there is plenty of daylight coming in that makes the lounge bright. Still, the lounge is not a closed space and you can see around the terminal. The lounge is like a terrace standing above the departure level. The view of the tarmac from the lounge is quite good for plane spotting but the distance to the glass windows is not good enough for photographs.

A glass wall in the lounge
They have been using glass in the lounge combined with the grey and black colours.

The lounge has a simple design, a grey colour theme, and comfortable chairs. The interior design of the lounge satisfies one's expectations from an ordinary airport lounge.

Magazines in Cologne Aiport Lounge
The lounge has a good selection of magazines. Unfortunately, the majority of them are in the German language.
Relaxing chair with iPad
Between the chairs, there were iPads for customers' convenience.

The lounge has also many kinds of services. Some to mention: iPads next to chairs, German magazines, a few English magazines, flight information monitors and a WiFi.

Foods at Cologne Business Lounge
The food selection could have been better but the Greek salad was fresh and tasty.

There are no toilets in the lounge nor a shower.

Food and Drinks

The catering in the lounge is at an average level. During the time of our visit, the lounge offered Greek salad, candies, peanuts, potato salad, cookies, popcorn, pancakes and cake slices. No warm food was available.

Candies and peanuts
For a candy lover, having sweets was a nice surprise.

The drink section consists of Beck's (German beer), wine and many spirits. There are also coffee, tea and speciality coffee available and juices. Bailey's is a nice extra.

Catering shelf
The drink selection is excellent. Customers can take spirits, wine, Baileys or beer from the catering shelf. Of course, many non-alcoholic options are also available.

Overall Rating

The lounge gives what it promises. Especially the lounge premises are nice and the location is perfect. Catering could be better and there is some room to improve the service too. Lacking a toilet and shower is a small minus.

IPad Fixing

During our visit, the iPad next to our seats was not working. Before we had even said anything, a technician came to fix the device. This minor detail gave us the impression that they are keeping the lounge in a good condition.

Dessert at Cologne Business Lounge
While using the iPad, why not have a cake and coffee

Bottom Line

The business lounge in Terminal 2 is the only lounge so the customers have no choices. If you have a long waiting time at Cologne Airport, we recommend you to visit this lounge. With about 25 euros, you get value for your money. The lounge is not one of the best lounges we have visited, but it is affordable and not crowded.

The view from the lounge
There is good lighting in the lounge.

Have you visited the business lounge at Cologne Airport? Please comment below!

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