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Lounge Review: Tegel's C-Lounge, Plane Spotters' Wish

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • Updated: 08/24/19 | July 04, 2019
C Lounge in Berlin Tegel, soup

In C-Lounge you can enjoy complimentary soup, cold snacks and warm drinks just next to the tarmac. If you love plane spotting, you'll love this lounge too!

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Table of Contents

  1. Berlin-Tegel Airport
  2. C-Lounge: The Lounge in the Terminal C
  3. The Location of C-Lounge
    1. Spotters' Dream Lounge
  4. How to Get In C-Lounge?
    1. The Entrance Fee
  5. Our Rating
    1. The Easiness to Find the Lounge
    2. Comfyness
    3. Food and Drinks
    4. Friendliness of the Customer Service
    5. Overall Rating
  6. Bottom Line

Berlin-Tegel Airport

Berlin Tegel Airport is an airport that a big capital does not deserve. It is clearly an out-dated airport and worse, this airport is running out of its capacity. It was planned to be closed a long time ago which to be replaced by the new Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. Unfortunately, the construction work of the new airport faced big difficulties. Thus, Berlin-Brandenburg Airport remains nonoperational up to this date and no-one knows when it will finally replace Berlin Tegel Aiport.

The main terminal, Terminal A of Berlin-Tegel Airport is somehow difficult to navigate and sometimes even finding the exit door proves to be a tough task for many passengers connecting here. The terminal has not much capacity and that is why the airport has been extended with terminals C and D. There used to be business lounges only in the Terminal A but luckily a new lounge has been opened at the Terminal C. The Terminal C is the home of many traditional and low-cost airlines so it is likely that you will be departing from this terminal.

Terminal C of Berlin Tegel Aiport is not beautiful at all but rather, we would say, it is a big storage hall called as a terminal. Luckily, it is easier to navigate there than in the Terminal A. Spending a long layover in the Terminal C would become unpleasant without its new lounge,C-Lounge.

C-Lounge: The Lounge in the Terminal C

If you are flying out from the Terminal C, you are lucky, even though this terminal is meant for many low-cost airlines. A drawback is that the public transport of Berlin will take you to the Terminal A and you need to walk about 100 meters via an outside corridor (usually it's cold there) to reach the Terminal C. The terminal itself is a big hall but it is simple. You just need to find your check-in/baggage desk, go to the security and in a few minutes you will arrive to the air-side hall.

There are some pros in the Terminal C. It has better tax-free shops compared to the Terminal A and finding your gate is really easy. In contrast, the terminal is somehow uncomfortable, a noisy place. To make yourself relaxed, you might consider visiting a lounge. Fortunately, there is this newly opened lounge, C-Lounge in the terminal.

The lounge is small but really clean. During the time of our visit, the lounge was almost empty at the midst of the busy terminal where it is located. We guess, that many people have not found the lounge yet because its location is quite hidden. We still recommend you to visit C-Lounge because it will make your Tegel Airport experience a lot better.

C Lounge in Berlin Tegel

C-Lounge is small but it was not crowded during our visit.

The Location of C-Lounge

There are two different security checkpoints in the Terminal C. To decide which one you should use, this depends on your departure gate. The lounge is located just after the security checkpoint at the right side of the terminal. Majority of the passengers are directed to the security checkpoint at the left side of the terminal. This isn't an issue because anyway you will end up to the same departure hall but to the opposite corner.

If you happen to use the right side security checkpoint, you will see the lounge right away after the security check. Finding the lounge is then easy and it is located next to Gate C80.

C Lounge in Berlin Tegel, entrance

The entrance to the lounge is well visible near the Gate C80.

If you use the other security checkpoint, you will end up to the other end of the departure hall and from there, you need to walk to Gate C80. The walking time is only 5 minutes but you need to take stairs up and down. It is hardly acceptable that there are no elevators. Walking long stairs up and down with a heavy luggage may be somehow demanding. Anyway, if you are in normal shape, reaching the lounge in 5 to 10 minutes isn't a too tough task and entering the lounge is then even more rewarding.

Spotters' Dream Lounge

Plane-spotters, like us, will love this lounge. It is just next to the tarmac at the ground level and you will most likely see planes parked on the other side of the window. It is not common to have opportunity to spot planes this close. Photographing is also possible through big windows.

C Lounge in Berlin Tegel, table

This table is a spotter's dream. You are just next to the planes on the tarmac.

How to Get In C-Lounge?

Frequent travellers usually have Priority Pass and this lounge accepts it. Priority Pass membership is the easiest way to enter.

Travellers who make fewer trips may buy a single time pass from Lounge Pass. The price is about 26 euros per person that is surprisingly affordable. Lounge Pass service is loved by many of our website visitors.

It is always possible to pay your entry at the door. However, the price will then be higher. Some business class passengers may also be invited in by the airline but if you are travelling in the Star Alliance business class, the airline will most probably invite you to Lufthansa's Lounge inside the Terminal A.

We recommend you to buy an inexpensive lounge entry on Lounge Pass.

The Entrance Fee

The entrance fee is 26 euros when bought from Lounge Pass. The prices may change so always check the latest price when purchasing.

Our Rating

The Easiness to Find the Lounge

The lounge is easy to find but not easy to reach because it is at the corner of a big hall. C-Lounge is suitable only for passengers departing from the Terminal C. If you plan to visit the lounge, take the security checkpoint at the right side of the terminal no matter which departure gate your flight is. You will then see the lounge right after the security at the same level (ground level). Taking the wrong security checkpoint means you have to exercise in the departure hall by walking stairs up and down.


C-Lounge is comfortable. It is clean and nicely decorated. There is a great view to the tarmac.

During our visit, the lounge was almost empty and that made it really peaceful. With more customers, we guess that the lounge atmosphere will be different.

C Lounge in Berlin Tegel, magazines

The lounge offered a few magazines but none of them got our interest.

C Lounge in Berlin Tegel, toilets

There are no toilets in the lounge so you need to walk out where toilets are located just a few meters away.

In C-Lounge, there was a TV, flight information screen and comfortable chairs. The lounge does not have its own WiFi but you can connect to the airport's own network. Airport WiFi works well but you can use it only 1 hour free of charge.

Toilets are outside the lounge but near.

C Lounge in Berlin Tegel, charging sockets

The lounge is new and it has many sockets installed for device charging.

Food and Drinks

The food and drink selection in the lounge was basic. There were beer and wines available. We were also able to take cold drinks from the fridge. They have a coffee machine.

The drink selection was good enough for a lounge.

C Lounge in Berlin Tegel, coffee machine

The lounge has coffee machine where you can have your cup of regular or special coffee.

C Lounge in Berlin Tegel, fridge

There were many kinds of bottled drinks in the fridge, not to forget tasty German beer.

The food and snack selection was small. There were soup, sandwiches, croissants, cheese, ham and yogurt available. The food selection consisted of cold snacks and there was soup which was the only hot item.

C Lounge in Berlin Tegel, Catering

Soup was only warm item in the catering table. Cold items could be taken from the fridge.

Many lounges have much better food table than this lounge. Still, the food selection of this lounge is good enough.

Friendliness of the Customer Service

The receptionist welcomed and served us friendly. We have nothing to complain about the service.

Overall Rating

We rate Berlin-Tegel Airport C-Lounge as a 3-star lounge. Three stars don't sound a lot but after you see the terminal itself, we are sure you are happy with a 3-star quality.

C Lounge in Berlin Tegel, silent sign

The lounge profilized themselves as a 'silent lounge' and so no boarding announcements are made. This makes your lounge stay more comfortable.

Would you like to have more information about airport lounges. We have also written the Ultimate Guide to Airport Lounges. Check it to learn the best ways to get in.

Bottom Line

Berlin-Tegel Airport will not be your favourite place but the presence of C-Lounge will enhance your experience in this airport. If you have more than 1 hour extra time at the airport, visiting C-Lounge surely gives value for your money. It gives you much more comfortable environment avoiding the hard noise of crowds at the terminal itself. Lastly, we recommend this lounge for plane spotting lovers.

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Comments (4)

  1. Hi there!

    There is also a second floor with relaxing chairs and a rooftop terrace with a fantastic tarmac view! ;-)


    1. Aug 27, 2019 at 16:27 EEST Niko / Finnoy Travel :

      Thanks for the comment.

      Yes you are right. There really is a rooftop terrace, just confirmed it. Is it just opened or why we haven't seen it before?

  2. Because of the current improvement works at the airport terminal, you can't access the lounge if your flight is from gates 82 - 89, which is very poor. It is a terrible airport


    1. Hi Jason,

      Thanks for the information. It's really sad to hear that access to said lounge is not even possible at this time due to said improvement works.

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