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Entrance of Yotelair Hotel at Istanbul Airport

Yotelair Hotel in Istanbul Airport is easy to find for its great location in the terminal's central area.

Review: Istanbul Airport Hotel Yotelair

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  • Updated: 01/03/22 | June 06, 2019

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Table of Contents

  1. Istanbul New Airport
    1. Terminal Layout
  2. Hotel inside Istanbul Airport
    1. A Day Room in Istanbul New Airport Hotel
    2. Why to Stay in a Terminal Hotel?
  3. Our Visit to the Yotelair
    1. Location of the Hotel
  4. Easiness to Place a Booking
    1. Room
    2. Other services
    3. Overall Rating
  5. How Much a Room in Yotelair Costs?
  6. Where to Book the Hotel
  7. Bottom Line

Istanbul New Airport

Istanbul New Airport (IST) became operational since October 2018. It replaced the old Atatürk Airport whose capacity was not anymore enough for increasing traffic flows via Turkey's main aviation hub. Once the expansion is completed, this new airport can accommodate more than 200 million passengers per year and it will be one of the busiest and biggest airports in the world.

Even though the airport is still being expanded, it is already fully operational. IST is the main hub for Turkish Airlines and a busy transfer point for international passengers. Airport's slogan is World's Meeting Point which is actually a well chosen line. Not any other airline is flying to so many destinations as Turkish Airlines does from Istanbul Airport.

Istanbul Airport

With the massive size of Istanbul Aiport, Yotelair Hotel is just a perfect immediate place to rest after a tiring flight or before continuing your journey.

The new airport is far from Istanbul's centre and it slows down your travelling to Istanbul centre. This is a problem only for passengers whose final destination is Istanbul. The majority of the airport's passengers are only connecting and passing through the airport. Better ground transportation options to the Istanbul centre are still being developed. Still, the public transport connections to the centre are quite poor, for example, lacking a train connection.

There is Yotelair's hotel inside Istanbul Airport: The hotel has been divided into two parts. The other part is located in the air-side and the other on the land-side of the terminal. The hotel is operated by an UK-based hotel group Yotelair.

Yotelair Hotel's outside view, Istanbul Aiport

Yotelair's sign is so catchy to the eyes with the colourful text in its logo.

Terminal Layout

Surprisingly, there is only one huge terminal. It has a big rectangle central area with shops, restaurants, lounges and with a hotel. Gate wings are connected to every corner of the central area. Even though the layout may sound simple, walking distances in the airport are long. Prepare enough time in reaching your departure gate. This airport is not meant for short connections.

Navigation in the terminal isn't difficult while signs are clear. A connecting passenger needs about 30 minutes to reach the central part of the airport after deboarding the plane. From the airport's central part, it takes anymore about 15 minutes to reach a departure gate. Luckily, lounges and the hotel are located in the central part so reaching gates from the lounges and the hotel is quite fast.

Hotel inside Istanbul Airport

Inside the terminal, there are two hotels operated by Yotelair. One of them is before immigration and security control. That hotel is meant for people who are departing from Istanbul and wish to arrive at the airport early. Say for example, in the previous evening. The hotel after the security control and immigration is meant for connecting passengers. The clear benefit of this hotel is that you do not need to clear immigration to reach the hotel. You can stay in the hotel without the need for a Turkish Visa regardless of what passport you possess. Since the hotel is inside the security area, it takes only 15 minutes to reach the gates from the hotel.

A Day Room in Istanbul New Airport Hotel

The best thing is that you can book a day room from Yotelair hotel. A minimum booking time is only 4 hours and it becomes a lot cheaper than booking a room for one day. The hotel is suitable for a short resting and a good alternative for an airport lounge.

Why to Stay in a Terminal Hotel?

We can imagine many good reasons to stay in a hotel inside the airport:

  • When your flight is departing early in the morning, you may want to arrive at the terminal already during the previous evening. In the morning you just check out from the hotel and walk to the airline's check-in desk. You save about 2 hours in the morning. This works also vice versa if you land in Istanbul late in the evening.
  • Or maybe you have an overnight connection in Istanbul, the airport hotel inside the security area is perfect. You can rest in a peaceful and safe place and feel fresh when your trip continues. This was our motivator to use the hotel during our night connection.
  • While having a connection during the daytime, you may still want to use the hotel. Minimum stay is only 4 hours that is enough to have a shower, to rest a little and maybe visit the gym.

Our Visit to the Yotelair

We were flying from Tel Aviv, Israel to Helsinki, Finland via Istanbul New Airport. The first flight landed in Istanbul about 2 am and the onward flight left about 7 am. We had 5 hours of layover time between the flights. Since we were feeling quite exhausted, we decided to book the Yotelair airport hotel for 4 hours.

We called the hotel already from Tel Aviv's airport and asked if they had free rooms. We were told that there are many vacancies and no booking was needed in advance. The receptionist on the phone told also me that the price would be 85 euros for 4 hours stay.

After landing in Istanbul's new airport, we walked directly to the hotel's reception. Unfortunately, the walking distance was long and it included a security check. It took about 30 minutes to reach the hotel but there was no passport control on the way.

Lobby of Yotelair

The lobby of Yotelair is appealing with everything just fashionable.

The hotel lobby looked welcoming. We asked for a room for 2 people but surprisingly the price had increased from 85 euros to 95 euros. When we were told that we were offered a room for 85 euros on the phone, they told us that it is indeed possible to have a room for 87 euros if we accept a king-size bed. That was okay for us because we were planning to stay in the hotel only for 4 hours.

note of a satisfied Yotelair customer

We've noticed a thanks note written by a previous customer of the hotel. You decide was satisfied with the stay.

Yotelair corridor

One would surely have a relaxing feeling as one approached his hotel room through these nicely designed corridors.

After 4 hours of rest, we had to make the check-out and hurry to our next gate. It took only 10 minutes to reach the gate from the hotel lobby but we recommend you to reserve at least 25 minutes just to have enough margin. We rated the hotel for our readers.

Elevator of Yltelair

Two big elevators hasten the movement of customers adding comfort, and the lights, not so boring at all.

Location of the Hotel

There is no better location than a hotel in Istanbul Airport terminal. The hotel can be found easily and the gates are near enough to the hotel.

Easiness to Place a Booking

The hotel has a website where you can place the booking. Unfortunately, short bookings cannot be made on the website but you need to call directly to the hotel. It is also possible just to walk in and book a room at the reception. We recommend placing a booking beforehand as this great hotel may become easily fully booked in the future.

Naturally, the hotel can be booked via the hotel's booking sites except that a booking for a few hours stay in the hotel must be booked directly by calling the hotel reception.


The room was small but every single corner and space was maximized efficiently. Even though the size wasn't big, the room was stylish. It had a comfortable adjustable bed, big LCD TV, colour changing lights, many power sockets and a fully equipped bathroom. What else can you expect from a terminal hotel?

bed of Yotelair

King size bed of Yotelair was comfortable, adjustable head part eases your position for watching TV. While under it is a space for storing luggage.

sink of Yotelair

Every detail of the hotel's room is contemporary.

Our room category was the cheapest one so probably the hotel has even better rooms.

Yotelair hotel room's TV

The HD television is well-positioned that one could watch easily straight from the bed. Its shelf features a foldable table that one could eat like your sitting in an aircraft with a huge screen in front of you.

Everything in the room was flexible. There were many sockets to charge your devices, lights colours could be adjusted like bed's position.

Adjustable bed of Yotelair

Yotelair hotel features modern beds. One could easily adjust the bed's height to the preferred position by using the remote control.

Other services

During our short 4 hours stay, we were not able to test the hotel's services. There is a restaurant inside the hotel where you can eat and have a breakfast buffet. We also noticed that the hotel has a gym.

Overall Rating

Based on our experience, the Istanbul International Airport's hotel operated by Yotelair is a great choice. The quality is good, it has a great location and they have a friendly customer service. We are quite sure that we will stay in this hotel again.

Button for changing the colour of lights in Yotelair hotel room.

According to your mood, you may customize easily the color of the light in your room by simply pushing the buttons of this controller.

How Much a Room in Yotelair Costs?

The hotel is affordable. Keep in mind, that you do not need any transportation to reach the hotel and the location is just perfect. People who love quality and easiness will surely find this hotel a great accommodation choice.

The price for 1 whole day is about 160 euros. The price for 4 hours is starting at 70 euros. We paid 87 euros.

Yotelair socket

Nowadays, everyone is hungry for charging ports, Yotelair provides a solution for this just around your bed.

Where to Book the Hotel

The best place to book a room is Yotelair's website. If you are booking a hotel only for a few hours, you need to call directly to the hotel. The hotel can also be found in public booking services and you can compare prices on

Booking the whole day is not much more expensive than booking only a few hours. So we recommend placing a booking for 1 day if you intend to stay in the hotel for more than 8 hours. In this way, the value of your money has better returns.

Bottom Line

We have stayed in many airport hotels but this hotel was the best one. It was more stylish than many other airport hotels and well-designed for travellers seeking a comfortable resting place. The best part is its great location. We can't emphasize how handy it is just to walk to the hotel after landing. No need to clear immigration or even step outside from the terminal.

Have you stayed in any of Yotelair's hotels? Comment below about your experiences.

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