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Review: Why Fly Inn Helsinki Was A Disappointment?

The entrance to Fly Inn Restaurant
Fly Inn Restaurant is easy to find. It offers complimentary breakfast and lunch buffets for Priority Pass members.

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Fly Inn Restaurant located on the air-side of Helsinki Airport serves a breakfast and lunch buffet Priority Pass is accepted there as a payment method. Read from our review, is it worth visiting this restaurant as a Priority Pass member?

Fly Inn Restaurant Accepts Priority Pass

Fly Inn Restaurant in Helsinki Airport is not a lounge but a restaurant that serves complimentary buffet for Priority Pass members. Depending on your Priority Pass membership type, the visit may be free or Priority Pass may charge you a small fee afterwards. The same rule applies to your guest.

Because Helsinki Airport is our base airport, we decided to try if this restaurant's buffet is worth the money for Priority Pass members. We visited Fly Inn Restaurant to have a lunch buffet before our flights to Israel.

Fly Inn Restaurant
Fly Inn Restaurant is a small but cosy Priority Pass restaurant. It is still stylish but a little worn.

Location of the Restaurant

Fly Inn Restaurant is easy to find. It is located on the air side and in the Schengen area of the airport. If you are travelling out from the Schengen area, you may visit the restaurant before heading to the immigration. You will find the restaurant near the Gate 27, second floor just next to Aspire Lounge.

Stair Fly Inn Restaurant
These stairs near Gate 27 lead to the second floor where Fly Inn Restaurant and Aspire Lounge are located.

What Priority Pass Members Get?

When you visit the restaurant between 6 AM and 10 AM, you will get a complimentary breakfast buffet. From 10 AM to 2 PM, the restaurant offers a lunch buffet. After 2 PM, no complimentary food is available for Priority Pass members, but Fly Inn Restaurant continues to serve customers functioning as a usual à la carte restaurant.

The buffet includes a complimentary glass of wine or beer for Priority Pass members. Pepsi was the only soft drink option that was available. There are no juices, coffee or tea included.

The Normal Price of the Buffet

For comparison, the breakfast buffet would cost 16,90 euros while the lunch buffet cost 19,90 euros. No drinks are included in the normal price.

Our Visit and Experiences

We visited the restaurant at 11 AM to enjoy a lunch buffet. There were big Priority Pass posters visible so we knew right away that we had arrived at the right place. At first, the staff was somehow surprised when we asked for a lunch buffet with Priority Pass but we got in without further problems.

Entrance to Fly Inn Restaurant
There are big Priority Pass posters visible at the entrance. The restaurant is easy to find.

The buffet tables were behind the cash desk so we were not able to see and check them before we had paid our visit. That was a big mistake. We would have never gone there if we had known first what kinds of foods were being offered. When someone is speaking about a lunch buffet, you are expecting that there are several warm food options available. Instead, the lunch buffet at the Fly Inn restaurant was unsatisfying!

Only a Few Food Items

The only warm food item was cheap soup. There were also three kinds of vegetable salads available, some bread and a few croissant that was left from the breakfast. That was all! Nothing else and no desserts.

When we faced this reality, we felt quite disappointed. Did we waste a Priority visit to get a cheap soup? Not even coffee or tea for dessert was available but you would have needed to pay extra for that.

Soup in Fly Inn
This soup was the only warm item in the lunch buffet.

Our Rating


The location of the restaurant is good. You will find it easily after the security check. There is also a great view of the tarmac.

If Helsinki is your origin, you may visit the restaurant no matter if you travel to a Schengen or non-Schengen destination. Passengers connecting from a non-Schengen to a non-Schengen destination can't use this restaurant.

Comfiness and Friendliness of the Staff

The restaurant is comfortable. It is stylish but a little worn. The view of the tarmac is great and the tables are just good for eating. There were also just a few sockets available for charging devices. Fortunately, the restaurant was almost empty when we got in so we were able to share a charging port which was away from our seats.

A view from Fly Inn Restaurant
The restaurant is just next to the tarmac. Plane spotters will appreciate the view.

The staff of the restaurant were friendly even though the first contact with him was weird. We didn't feel welcomed and the staff acted like he was somehow surprised that someone arrived at to otherwise empty restaurant using a Priority Pass.


Wine, beer and Pepsi are good starts but we were expecting more choices. No tea or coffee was included. Not juices either. Each of us had to choose only one drink from the three options and this is limited to 1 serving per person, forget the word 'unlimited drinks' at this restaurant.


We would never refer to a cheap soup, ordinary salad bowls and bread as a buffet while this restaurant does!

The buffet Fly Inn Restaurant
This is what they are offering as a buffet! Soup and 3 kinds of salad.

Price-to-quality Ratio

Spending a Priority Pass visit to this restaurant does not give the full worth of your money. The poor food selection does not give enough value for your visit.

Overall Rating

The only good reason to have a Priority Pass lunch buffet in this restaurant is to get a nice view of the tarmac including its good location.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a nice lunch buffet at Helsinki Airport, do not head to this restaurant. The buffet was poor. We have not tried the breakfast buffet but after the lunch experience, we are not expecting much.

It is not worth wasting one Priority Pass visit in this restaurant while the normal price is only 19,90 euros. Just next to Fly Inn Restaurant, there is the Aspire Lounge which we have visited a few times. Even though it is an ordinary lounge, it has still better lunch options than Fly Inn Restaurant. Aspire Lounge also offers many kinds of drinks, desserts and pastries.

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