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Dubai Miracle Garden Airbus A380 nose
This Airbus A380 has been built of flowers. It is not only beautiful, but look also real.

Dubai Miracle Garden - Why to Visit?

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • July 06, 2021

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Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle garden is not just another botanical garden, but it is also the world's largest natural flower garden. It was opened on Valentines' Day in 2013 and now this famous Dubai attraction has more than 150 million blooming flowers and 250 million plants. The garden is almost 7000 square metres which make it huge. You can spend the whole day in the garden. Flowers are not forming only typical rows but they have been planted into interesting shapes like aeroplanes or houses. We bet the garden offers something to see even for those people who are not normally interested in gardens.


Dubai Botanical Garden is open only in the winter season from November to April. During this period, the favourable Dubai's temperature is just perfect for strolling around the garden. While in the summer, the temperature in Dubai climbs too high and so, visiting the garden would become unpleasant.

The garden is open from 9am to 9pm on weekdays and from 9am to 11pm during weekends. The entrance fee is about 15 Dollars (55 Dirhams).

Our Visit to Dubai Miracle Garden

We visited Dubai Miracle Garden in February. A friend drove us there so reaching the garden was simple and fast. It was an evening and the temperature was pleasant 20 centigrades.

In Dubai Miracle Garden, we saw many flower houses. Even though it was already dark, the shapes looked colourful because of the bright lights. It was like walking inside a fairy tale.

A flower house in Dubai Miracle Garden
This flower house is like a fairy tale.

We saw also many fountains. A fountain was decorated with a small car upside down on a tree. Bright colours with spotlights were the secrets behind the beauty.

A car upside down in Dubai Miracle Garden
Have you ever seen a flower car upside down on a tree?

Even though Dubai is a dry and hot country, the garden has water too. Small lakes between the exhibitions make the garden even more lively. It was hard to believe that the garden is located in a really dry country next to deserts.

A lake in Dubai Miracle Garden
There is also water in Dubai Miracle Garden so it's easy to forget being in the desert.

Dubai is famous for tall buildings. Also in the garden, there was a tall flower building.

Replica of Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai Miracle Garden
A replica of the tallest building in the world, surrounded by beautiful flowers at the Dubai Miracle Garden.

We met also a real flower woman. She was waiting for the sun to rise again in the middle of a sunflower.

Face in Dubai Miracle Garden
Still many hours before the sunrise.

The love tunnel was perhaps the most popular attraction. Couples were walking through it and taking selfies. The love tunnel is one of the best spots to take great Instagram photos.

The love tunnel in Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden's love tunnel.

As aviation enthusiasts, we liked the flower replica of Emirates' Airbus A380 plane. It was built in the natural size of more than 500 000 fresh flowers. Surprisingly, it also looked very real.

A380 nose in Dubai Miracle Garden
This Emirates' Airbus A380 was built of 500 000 flowers.

The best thing is that there are countless similar and even more beautiful flower shapes. Dubai Miracle Garden is featuring different themes yearly, of course, everything is designed out of flowers. To enjoy them fully, we recommend you to visit them yourself. They are even more beautiful at the spot than in photos.

How to Get to Dubai Miracle Garden?

There are three easy ways to reach Dubai Miracle Garden.

The easiest way is to take a taxi. In Dubai, a taxi ride costs about 0.5 Dollars per kilometre and the starting fee is about 2 Dollars. Uber is also available.

Another easy method to reach the garden is to rent a car. Dubai Miracle Garden has plenty of free parking places. However, driving in Dubai may be complicated for inexperienced drivers.

The cheapest option is to use public transport. First you need to travel with Dubai metro's Red Line to Mall of Emirates station. From there, it is possible to continue to Dubai Miracle Garden with the bus number 105 in 20 minutes.

Because the garden looks different on days and at night, it is recommended to visit the garden twice. If you have only one chance, we recommend choosing an evening. The garden is more romantic during the dark hours and the weather is more pleasant.

Dubai Miracle Garden Tours

A simple way to get tickets is to buy them at the entrance. That is how we did.

You may also want to visit Dubai Butterfly Garden during a same day. In that case, we recommend buying a tour that includes transportation from your hotel, entrance tickets to Dubai Miracle Garden to Butterfly Garden and a ride back. Tour options can be compared on GetYourGuide. There are simple tours including only the essential and full-inclusive packets.

Bottom Line

Dubai offers many must-see attractions. Don't spend all your time in the great malls of Dubai but save some of your energy for outdoor activities. We know that everyone wants to see Burj Khalifa and the Dancing Fountains but in addition to these famous spots, we strongly recommend visiting Dubai Miracle Garden.

Have you already been to Dubai? What did you like the most, comment below!

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