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Common Questions

Are Dubai Flower Garden and Dubai Miracle Garden identical? 
Indeed, they are the same.
What is the price for entry to Dubai Miracle Garden? 
The entrance fee amounts to 75 dirhams.
How can I reach Dubai Miracle Garden? 
You have several options: you can drive yourself, take a taxi, or catch a metro to the Mall of Emirates followed by bus number 150.
Is Dubai Miracle Garden operational during the summer months? 
No, it remains closed throughout the summer season.

Snapshot Review: Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden Airbus A380 nose
This Airbus A380, is crafted entirely out of vibrant and fragrant flowers. Every petal and bloom intricately come together to form a stunningly lifelike spectacle that will leave you in awe.

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Are you interested in botanical gardens? If not, we strongly suggest you pay a visit to Dubai Miracle Garden. This is not your average garden but rather the largest botanical garden in the world. Take a look at our article to get a glimpse of what this magnificent garden has to offer.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden stands out as more than just a conventional botanical garden; it holds the distinction of being the largest natural flower garden in the world. This renowned Dubai attraction, which opened its doors on Valentine's Day in 2013, boasts an astounding array of over 150 million flourishing flowers and 250 million plants. Encompassing a massive area of approximately 7,000 square metres, this garden is truly colossal.

Visitors can easily spend an entire day wandering through its enchanting grounds. The flowers are not arranged in simple rows; rather, they have been meticulously planted to form captivating shapes such as aeroplanes and houses. Even individuals who typically lack interest in gardens will find something fascinating to behold within this extraordinary display of nature's beauty.

We share our experiences with Dubai Miracle Garden. In this type of attraction, photos tell more than a thousand words.

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Opening Hours

Dubai Botanical Garden is exclusively accessible during the winter months, specifically from October to May. This time frame coincides with the ideal Dubai climate, making it an optimal period for leisurely walks in the garden. Conversely, visiting the garden during summer would be rather uncomfortable due to the soaring temperatures in Dubai.

Operating hours for the garden are from 9 am to 9 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 11 pm over weekends. An entrance fee of approximately €20 (75 dirhams) is required for admission.

Our Visit to Dubai Miracle Garden

In February, we had a pleasant opportunity to explore Dubai Miracle Garden. With a friend at the wheel, reaching the garden was swift and effortless. The peaceful evening weather greeted us with a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius.

Within the enchanting confines of Dubai Miracle Garden, numerous flower houses captivated our attention. Despite the darkness that had already fallen, vibrant lights illuminated their forms, creating a kaleidoscope of colours reminiscent of stepping into a magical storybook world.

A flower house in Dubai Miracle Garden
We stepped into the enchanting embrace of this flower house, a whimsical haven straight out of a fairy tale.

We also came across numerous fountains during our walk through the garden. One particular fountain stood out, adorned with an inverted car perched on a tree. The captivating allure of this spectacle was attributed to the vibrant hues and strategically placed spotlights.

A car upside down in Dubai Miracle Garden
Have you ever witnessed the astonishing sight of a flower car gracefully suspended upside down on a tree?

Despite the arid and scorching climate of Dubai, the garden pleasantly surprised us with its presence of water. The inclusion of small lakes amidst the exhibitions added to the vibrant atmosphere of the garden. It was truly astonishing that such a lush oasis existed in a predominantly dry country, situated so close to vast desert landscapes.

A lake in Dubai Miracle Garden
This captivating oasis of Dubai Miracle Garden made us hard to believe we're amidst the desert.

Dubai is renowned for its skyscrapers. Moreover, within the garden, there stood a towering structure resembling a flower.

Replica of Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai Miracle Garden
A replica of the tallest building in the world, surrounded by beautiful flowers at the Dubai Miracle Garden.

We also encountered a genuine flower vendor. She patiently awaited the sun's return amidst a field of sunflowers.

Face in Dubai Miracle Garden
Still many hours before sunrise.

The love tunnel emerged as a crowd favourite, with couples strolling through its enchanting path and capturing selfies along the way. Widely regarded as one of the prime locations for capturing stunning Instagram photos.

The love tunnel in Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden's love tunnel.

We, as passionate about aviation, were impressed by the true-to-life flower replica of Emirates' Airbus A380 aircraft. Crafted from over 500,000 fresh flowers, the replica not only captured our attention but also appeared remarkably realistic.

A380 nose in Dubai Miracle Garden
This Emirates' Airbus A380 was built of 500 000 flowers.

One of the greatest aspects was the abundance of diverse and even more stunning flower formations. Each year, Dubai Miracle Garden showcases unique themes, with everything meticulously crafted from flowers. To truly appreciate their beauty, we strongly advise experiencing them in person. The sight is even more breathtaking when seen firsthand compared to photographs.

Good Value for Money

Based on our experiences, we can say, that Dubai Miracle Garden brings value for your money. The admission fee is low thinking that the garden is perhaps the only place in the world where you can see so complex flow formations. The best thing is that the garden is an outdoor attraction where you can breathe fresh but still warm air in the winter. Many other attractions in Dubai are closed air-conditioned spaces.

If you spend only a few days in Dubai, we recommend putting Dubai Miracle Garden on your bucket list. It gives you much more than the city's countless malls.

How to Get to Dubai Miracle Garden

To access Dubai Miracle Garden, there are three convenient options available. The most straightforward approach is to opt for a taxi service. In Dubai, the average fare for a taxi ride is approximately 0.5 euros per kilometre, with an initial fee of around 7 euros. Alternatively, Uber can also be utilized for transportation purposes but it may not be any cheaper.

Another hassle-free method to reach the garden is by renting a car. Dubai Miracle Garden provides ample free parking spaces for visitors' convenience. However, it should be noted that driving in Dubai might prove challenging for inexperienced drivers due to its complex road system and traffic regulations.

The most cost-effective option is to utilise public transportation. Initially, one must embark on the Red Line of Dubai's metro and alight at the Mall of Emirates station. From there, it is feasible to proceed to Dubai Miracle Garden in a mere 20 minutes via bus number 105.

Due to the garden's ever-changing appearance throughout the day and night, it is advisable to visit twice. Should you only have one opportunity, we suggest opting for an evening visit. During this time, the garden exudes a more romantic ambience amidst the darkness, while also offering more pleasant weather conditions.

Dubai Miracle Garden Tours

You can discover the wonders of Dubai Miracle Garden with ease by purchasing tickets at the entrance. This straightforward approach ensures a seamless experience, just as we did. Alternatively, you may consider exploring Dubai Butterfly Garden on the same day. In this case, we recommend opting for a tour that includes transportation from your hotel, admission to both Dubai Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden, as well as return transport. Various tour options are available for comparison on GetYourGuide. These tours range from basic offerings to comprehensive packages that cover all aspects of your visit.

Common Questions

Are Dubai Flower Garden and Dubai Miracle Garden identical? 
Indeed, they are the same.
What is the price for entry to Dubai Miracle Garden? 
The entrance fee amounts to 75 dirhams.
How can I reach Dubai Miracle Garden? 
You have several options: you can drive yourself, take a taxi, or catch a metro to the Mall of Emirates followed by bus number 150.
Is Dubai Miracle Garden operational during the summer months? 
No, it remains closed throughout the summer season.

Bottom Line

Dubai presents a plethora of captivating sights and experiences. While it is tempting to spend all your time in Dubai's magnificent shopping malls, it is advisable to reserve some energy for outdoor activities as well. While iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa and the Dancing Fountains are undoubtedly worth visiting, we highly recommend exploring the enchanting Dubai Miracle Garden alongside these renowned attractions.

If you have already visited Dubai, we would love to hear about your favourite experiences! Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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