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Common Questions

Where is Blue Lagoon? 
Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa is in the southwest of Iceland. It can be reached fast from Keflavik Airport or Reykjavik.
How to reach Blue Lagoon? 
It can be reached easily by a hire car. The other option is by booking a tour if you don't drive yourself.
How warm is the water in Blue Lagoon? 
The average water temperature is 38°C / 100°F. Some parts of the pools feel even hotter.
What does the water contain? 
The water is rich in algae, silica and minerals, giving it distinct healing and nourishing properties.
What makes the Blue Lagoon's water blue? 
The water's milky blue shade is due to its high silica content.
Where to book tickets to Blue Lagoon? 
We recommend booking tickets from a reliable booking agency, GetYourGuide.

Iceland's Blue Lagoon - Why We Loved It

Ceasar wearing mud mask at the pool of Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Every guest of Blue Lagoon will get a complimentary mud mask which is known for their skin nourishing properties.

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We had the pleasure of visiting Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Iceland in the crisp autumn month of September. In the article, we delve deep into our personal experiences, detailing the invigorating dips in the Blue Lagoon's geothermal pools, the ethereal beauty of the surroundings, and the overall atmosphere that Blue Lagoon effortlessly exudes. We'll be sharing not only the highlights and memorable moments of our trip but also some practical tips and insights that can help future travellers plan a seamless visit. Click through to read our full Blue Lagoon article.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Blue Lagoon is one of the world's famous man-made geothermal spa. It is also considered as the largest man-made mineral bath on earth. Being one of Iceland's famous attractions, Blue Lagoon is a must-visit for Iceland travellers. During our autumn trip to Iceland, we had the opportunity to make an excursion to Blue Lagoon and enjoy its hot springs before flying back home to Helsinki.

Blue Lagoon sign, flag and Icelandic flag
The Blue Lagoon Iceland entrance sign. From this point, you will reach the Blue Lagoon building in 5 minutes.

In this article, we cover basic facts about Blue Lagoon being one of the 25 wonders of the world. Along with our personal experience, which includes pictures and a video of our excursion to give you better insight into the Blue Lagoon. We provide you with some tips and bits of advice based on our experience, such as the best time to visit, what to expect, and how to make the most of your time at Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon Iceland
Blue Lagoon is Iceland's most iconic spa. Its geothermal water is warm and relaxing.

Why To Visit Blue Lagoon?

This geothermal spa with its milky-blue warm waters provides a unique experience for Iceland travellers. In particular, Blue Lagoon provides a perfect respite for stopover guests at Keflavik International Airport. The Blue Lagoon's proximity to the airport coupled with its unique environment are just two of the many reasons why you should not miss it.

Location of Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is located in the southwest of Iceland, within the UNESCO-listed Reykjanes Peninsula. It is less than a 30-minute drive away (approximately 20 km) from Iceland's main airport, Keflavik International Airport. Its location offers easy access, making it an ideal first stop just after arrival or the perfect place to unwind before your flight departure from Iceland as we did. The spa is also located quite close to the city capital Reykjavik (approximately 50 km) so it is also a great idea to include it in your itinerary while exploring the capital, too.

How to Get to Blue Lagoon?

To reach the enchanting Blue Lagoon in Iceland, there are two convenient transportation options available. Whether you prefer to travel by car or bus, getting to Blue Lagoon is a breeze. If you're coming from Reykjavik or Keflavik airport, you can easily book tour tickets to Blue Lagoon. The journey takes approximately 20 minutes from Keflavik Airport and 50 minutes from Reykjavik. Another option is to drive to Blue Lagoon via the main highway connecting Keflavik and Reykjavik. We recommend hiring a car for your convenience because public transportation in Iceland in general is scarce.

Blue Lagoon bus transport
Booking a Blue Lagoon admission with transport is one viable option to reach Iceland's famous attraction.


Should you arrive at Blue Lagoon in a rented vehicle as we did, you might be concerned about the availability of parking spaces. Fortunately, Blue Lagoon provides a large complimentary parking area, making it easy to find a free spot for your car. Additionally, the slots are quite roomy, so you won't require any exceptional parking skills. As earlier mentioned, there is no parking fee unlike in some other parking areas of the other attractions in Iceland.

The parking lot of Blue Lagoon Iceland
There are plenty of spacious parking spaces at the Blue Lagoon so we arrived with our rented car worry-free.

The Best Time to Go

Blue Lagoon is open year-round, and any season or time of the day is suitable for a visit. However, if we had the freedom to choose, we would recommend visiting late in the evening during the winter. The combination of steamy waters, cool night air, and the possibility of catching the northern lights dancing in the skies would create a truly enchanting experience.

We ended up visiting Blue Lagoon in the daytime in September, which is not the best season. Nonetheless, Blue Lagoon was still a breathtaking sight to behold. The milky-blue water surrounded by rugged volcanic landscapes created a surreal ambience that instantly captivated us.

You can see northern lights in Blue Lagoon but a darker spot is more ideal. Book a separate northern lights tour.

Our Blue Lagoon Experience

An advertisement of Blue Lagoon Iceland at the Keflavik International Airport
This advertisement for Blue Lagoon at the Keflavik International Airport surely gets the attention of passengers.

As our farewell to the enchanting landscapes of Iceland, we decided to spend the remaining time of our vacation at Blue Lagoon before our return flight to Helsinki flown by Finnair. Before this visit, we had heard that Blue Lagoon offers a serene retreat, and it is the perfect way to end an Icelandic adventure. So we reserved four extra hours when heading from our hotel to Keflavik Airport. Our flight was departing late in the afternoon so the schedule was perfect for a Blue Lagoon visit before the flight.

How Much is the Ticket Price?

We opted for the Comfort ticket at Blue Lagoon, which was priced at 89 euros and proved to be an excellent choice. Despite not being cheap, it was reasonably priced considering the overall experience it provided. The Comfort ticket provided us with access to Blue Lagoon, a silica mud mask from the mask bar, a complimentary drink at the In-Water Bar, and the use of towels. Although the Premium ticket would have cost 20 euros more, the additional benefits would have included other perks such as a bathrobe, two more mud masks, and a complimentary glass of sparkling wine if buying a meal at the Blue Lagoon's restaurant. We chose not to take the Premium ticket as we planned to visit the Icelandair Saga Lounge for meals before departure. Blue Lagoon also offers a more pricey option, Retreat Spa, which includes treatments and much more.

Blue Lagoon uses dynamic pricing in a similar way as airlines do.


Arriving at Blue Lagoon was a breeze. We easily found the parking area using Google Maps and were immediately struck by the sight of steams rising from what looked like an industrial plant. As we got closer, we noticed the beautiful turquoise pools.

Finding a parking spot for our car was hassle-free, and it only took us about 5 minutes to walk from the parking area to the main building.

Blue Lagoon sign, flag and Icelandic flag
From the parking area, you will reach the Blue Lagoon building in 5 minutes.

Checking in at the spa was convenient, as we had the option to do it manually or use their online check-in service with our mobile phones. We chose the latter. The check-in website provided clear instructions about the spa's rules, and we were quickly ready to enter. However, we still had to visit the reception desk, where a friendly staff member checked our tickets, gave us wristbands and reiterated the important instructions. Overall, the check-in process was efficient, and we felt well-informed about the spa's amenities.

Your wristband works as your access, locker key and credit card at the Blue Lagoon. You pay the bill at the exit.

Before Entering the Pool

At the reception desks, the friendly staff told us that showering is important before entering the pools. Immediately after scanning our spa key wristbands at the gate, another smiling staff was waiting to hand us the towels and gave us directions to the dressing room. As we arrived at the locker room located upstairs, there were a lot of guests but it was easy to locate a free locker. The shower and dressing room were divided into different sections. The wristband worked as keys for the lockers, too. The lockers were functioning well.

Reception of Blue Lagoon Iceland
At the reception of Blue Lagoon, the staff will give you the wristband and provide you with brief information about the spa services.

All guests must take a full body shower before entering the geothermal pool. There are shampoo, conditioner and shower gels provided. There is a general shower area and a few private showers with glass walls. Photography in the locker rooms is prohibited. After showering, we walked down the stairs leading us to the pool. Used towels can be dropped in the laundry cart downstairs. Another staff was standing beside the entrance door who was handling clean towels for guests exiting the pools going to shower.

Entering the Pool

To make it organized, the entrance door was separate for those who were exiting the pool. Upon dipping our feet into the milky blue-coloured spa water, we noticed that the base of the pool was quite slippery. The entry point was a small ramp and there were handrails. Following us were visitors of senior age and we noticed that one of them just slipped quite quickly after a few steps into the water. Fortunately, he did not hurt himself. We can't recall any signage or warning that it could be slippery. Finally, as we entered the glass entrance door of the pool, we noticed immediately how large the geothermal spa was with lots of areas to spend time in. The first area was a cave-looking area where visitors could sit inside and enjoy the warm relaxing water.

Entrance to the pools
Pools may be slippery so it's better to hold the handrail while entering the pool.

Hot Springs

Blue Lagoon's hot springs are a result of the heat from the planet's interior that melts the rock into magma, which rises through the earth's crust and heats the groundwater to create hot springs. Blue Lagoon is unique because its waters are rich with algae, minerals and silica. All these Blue Lagoon elements are known for their nourishing and healing properties. The geothermal power plant nearby also contributes to the water's composition as it is a byproduct of its operation.

Unlike the other well-known hot spring in Reykjavík, called Sky Lagoon, the water in Blue Lagoon is not heated but it comes from geothermal sources. Blue Lagoon's water is a combination of seawater and freshwater, with approximately 70% being seawater and the remaining 30% being freshwater. It originates from a deep underground geothermal seawater source at a depth of 2,000 meters. The water's high silica content gives it a silky texture and a milky-blue appearance, making it inviting to visitors.

Blue Lagoon pool view from the outside of Lava Restaurant
Even though Blue Lagoon is popular, it does not feel too crowded.

Visitors among us describe the water at Blue Lagoon as incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a luxurious spa experience. The water's mineral composition also makes it feel soft and smooth on the skin, and since the water is salty, it is easy to float on it. The surrounding landscape, with its striking lava fields and rugged coastline, adds to Blue Lagoon's otherworldly appeal, making it a truly unforgettable place to visit.

Rugged terrain around Blue Lagoon and mountain in the background
The surrounding rocks and the mountain in the background make Blue Lagoon even more beautiful.

We had a great time in the pools, thoroughly enjoying the soft and beautiful water that was perfectly warm (average temperature of 38°C / 100°F). The pools had a shallow depth, allowing us to walk or swim comfortably. Even though our visit to the spa at 11 AM, was quite crowded, we felt that still, everyone had enough space and tranquillity. We were also pleased to find a designated mobile-free silent zone at the lagoon where taking photographs was prohibited. This was a commendable initiative, as in other areas of the pools, people were constantly capturing moments with their cameras.

Silent zone sign
In the silent zone, you are asked not to talk loud or take photographs.

Mud Mask Bar

Our Comfort tickets came with a complimentary mud mask from the mud mask bar, with options for either white or black mud. However, the attendant at Mud Mask Bar didn't inquire about our preference, simply handing us the mud without saying anything. Instructions on how to use the mask were also missing. We had to rely on hearsay from other people, who suggested that we apply the mud to our faces, let it sit for 10 minutes, and then wash the mud off.

The mud mask is said to offer several benefits for the skin. It contains minerals, silica, and algae that nourish and heal the skin. The mask draws out impurities, deep cleanses, and clarifies the skin, resulting in a clearer complexion. It also strengthens the skin's barrier function, tightens pores, and improves the skin's texture.

Blue Lagoon Shop
You can also buy mud masks and other skin-nourishing products from the Blue Lagoon's shop.

It was possible to buy mud masks for home use from the Blue Lagoon shop near the exit.

In-Water Bar

Following our visit to Mud Mask Bar, we proceeded to In-Water Bar at the other end of the pool. Initially, we anticipated receiving a small glass of regular juice as a complimentary beverage. However, we were surprised when we discovered that also alcoholic drinks, such as local beer, were on offer. We decided to opt for beer, one of us took a non-alcoholic drink which was served in a plastic glass for safety reasons. Around the pools, there were containers for drinking glasses' collection.

In-Water Bar
The In-Water Bar of Blue Lagoon is always busy but you still get your drink fast. If the weather is nice, you can also exit the pool to enjoy the drink.
Beer glasses in Blue Lagoon
For complimentary drinks, we chose Icelandic beer, Gul from In-Water Bar's selection.

We opted for local Icelandic beer called Gul which had a clean, crisp taste. Despite the long queue at the In-Water Bar, we only had to wait a few minutes since the service was very efficient. It was permitted to take our drinks to any part of the pool and we enjoyed them at the silent zone situated farthest from the pool's entrance.

Saunas and Waterfall

Blue Lagoon's public areas offer three types of saunas for visitors to enjoy. One of these is a Finnish sauna, which is a dry sauna heated by hot stones. Typically in a Finnish sauna, you have to throw water on the stones to produce steam to make the sauna feel hotter. However, at the Blue Lagoon's Finnish sauna, visitors had to pull a cord to get water into the stones. The sauna didn't get as hot as expected, which might be a good thing for those who aren't regular sauna-goers.

If you want to get all the warmth in the sauna, you wanna be sitting higher. Some sauna goers like it hotter than others. In contrast, sitting on the lower bench will be cooler.

Additionally, there were two steam saunas available. One was a regular steam sauna, similar to those found in most spas. The other steam sauna was unique, as it was made of wood and had a darker interior, creating a cosy atmosphere that was different from typical steam saunas. All saunas at Blue Lagoon Iceland are unisex so guests are requested to wear swimwear.

Outside the saunas, there was a small artificial waterfall designed for guests to enjoy a water massage under its cascading flow. There is also a shower area to wash after exiting the sauna. Also, there is a drinking fountain outside the sauna where you can rehydrate yourself.

Lava Restaurant

We decided not to eat at Blue Lagoon to rather spend our time at the pools since we had planned a visit to the Keflavik airport lounge after the Blue Lagoon visit. The Comfort ticket did not include free sparkling wine which would have been included in the more expensive Premium ticket. We only checked the restaurant fast and it looked cosy having a good view of the pools.

Blue Lagoon Shop

Blue Lagoon features a shop located in the lobby where visitors can purchase skin care products. It is worth mentioning that Blue Lagoon has additional shops in Reykjavik and at the airport, and they also offer online ordering. While we didn't make any purchases ourselves, those seeking organic skincare products will likely find something to suit their needs. The store offered a range of items, from the popular silica mud mask to moisturizers, cleansers, and scrubs, perfect for indulging in spa treatments at home. Additionally, the store sold a selection of Icelandic souvenirs, including clothing, jewellery and homeware.

Blue Lagoon store
Near the exit, there is a Blue Lagoon shop you you can buy products for home care.

Safety and Cleanliness at Blue Lagoon

During our entire visit to Blue Lagoon, we felt safe as there were lifeguards actively roaming on-site monitoring the safety of all the visitors. Also, the staff were seen collecting the trash constantly ensuring the cleanliness of the site.

Special Reminders to Guests

The spa is recommending that guests should remove any jewellery (i.e. bracelets, necklaces, rings) before entering the lagoon. That is to ensure that you don't lose your items and that they don't get damaged by geothermal seawater with high levels of algae, minerals and silica. However, we wore our water-resistant sportswatches and nothing happened to them. They are still functioning normally.

You might also be left curious whether it is safe to dip your hair into the Blue Lagoon water. The answer is, yes. However, as we had already mentioned earlier, Blue Lagoon water has high silica content. While silica is not harmful to hair, it can however have some effects on your hair: It can become stiff and difficult to manage. This is what one of us had experienced. Already a week passed since our visit, and the hair remains weird. We have learned that to prevent this from happening, it’s best to put the conditioner into your hair while you are showering before entering the water. It is best to keep the conditioner in your hair the whole time. Especially, if you have long hair, it is best to tie it up and wear a swimming cap.

After your time in the lagoon, it is advisable to cleanse your hair meticulously using shampoo and conditioner. Blue Lagoon provides complimentary shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. It is important to note that repeating this procedure multiple times is likely necessary to achieve optimal outcomes.


Blue Lagoon is a well-designed 4-star attraction, offering a natural spa experience utilizing geothermal energy and mineral-rich seawater. We felt that the spa was impeccably clean and efficiently managed by its helpful staff. While there are numerous spas worldwide offering a wide range of services, Blue Lagoon stands apart with its distinctive concept. Unlike others, Blue Lagoon is an outdoor spa that embraces a natural setting and boasts remarkable features, such as geothermally heated mineral-rich waters. This unique combination creates a one-of-a-kind experience that sets Blue Lagoon apart from other spas globally.

There is room for improvement, such as including more complimentary extras to justify the high ticket price. The saunas, except for one steam sauna, lacked unique features, and written instructions were either missing or difficult to find. Customers come from different cultures and a sauna can be a new experience for many. Nevertheless, Blue Lagoon remains a must-visit destination in Iceland, albeit being touristy, it deserves to be enlisted among the 25 world wonders.

Where to Buy Tickets

When arriving at Blue Lagoon by car, you'll be pleased to know that there is ample free parking available. To ensure availability and compare prices, it is advisable to book your tickets online through the Blue Lagoon website or GetYourGuide. If transportation is also required, booking a tour is the ideal option. You can choose from tours starting from the airport, Reykjavik, or nearby areas. GetYourGuide has also a wide range of tours to Blue Lagoon and other attractions in Iceland.

Blue Lagoon tour bus
If you do not drive yourself, a tour bus is the best option to visit Blue Lagoon.

Common Questions

Where is Blue Lagoon? 
Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa is in the southwest of Iceland. It can be reached fast from Keflavik Airport or Reykjavik.
How to reach Blue Lagoon? 
It can be reached easily by a hire car. The other option is by booking a tour if you don't drive yourself.
How warm is the water in Blue Lagoon? 
The average water temperature is 38°C / 100°F. Some parts of the pools feel even hotter.
What does the water contain? 
The water is rich in algae, silica and minerals, giving it distinct healing and nourishing properties.
What makes the Blue Lagoon's water blue? 
The water's milky blue shade is due to its high silica content.
Where to book tickets to Blue Lagoon? 
We recommend booking tickets from a reliable booking agency, GetYourGuide.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, our experience at Blue Lagoon was nothing short of amazing, and we can wholeheartedly recommend it to our readers. From the ease of arrival to the efficient check-in process, everything worked seamlessly. The cleanliness of the facilities was commendable, ensuring a hygienic and enjoyable visit. It was amazing to enjoy Icelandic beer in the middle of rugged terrain but still comfortably in the warm water. While the price may be on the higher side, the experience gives value for money. It's important to note that running such a magnificent open-air spa comes with high costs. Since Blue Lagoon is hugely popular, pre-booking a ticket is important to guarantee your visit, especially on high peak hours. Thus, avoiding disappointment from not getting in.

After our visit, we felt completely relaxed, our skin was noticeably softer, and the feeling of freshness stayed with us as we flew back home. We did not regret visiting Blue Lagoon.

Share your own Blue Lagoon experiences in the comments section below.

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