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Common Questions

How to book a taxi in Bali? 
The best way to book a taxi is to use ride-hailing apps. You can also hail a taxi from the street.
Is Uber available in Bali? 
Unfortunately, no.
What ride-hailing apps are there in Bali? 
We recommend checking Grab, Gojek, Air Asia Superapp and Maxim.
Which ride-hailing app is the best in Bali? 
Grab does not always have the cheapest fare rate but assuredly has drivers who can surely communicate well in English.
Which ride-hailing app is the cheapest? 
According to our experience, Maxim is often the cheapest.
What is BlueBird Taxi? 
It is a regular taxi company in Bali but also they have an app.
Are taxi apps reliable in Bali? 
Yes, they are. Drivers sometimes cancel bookings but rebooking is automated. You just need to wait a little more.
Do I need a local SIM card to use the taxi apps? 
Yes, it is almost necessary.
Where to book an airport transfer in Bali? 
Check out Welcome Pickups.
Do taxi drivers speak English in Bali? 
The majority of them speak good enough English.

Taxi Apps in Bali 2023 - Easy Ride Hailing

Bluebird taxi in Bali
Bali is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia, and taxis are a convenient way to get around the island

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Getting around Bali can be a bit of a challenge, especially during peak seasons. Public transport options are limited, and the roads can be congested. That's where taxi applications come in handy. Taxi apps provide a convenient way to travel around the island. But with so many taxi applications available, which one should you choose? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the top taxi apps in Bali and compare them based on their features, pricing, and reliability. Don't miss out on this helpful guide - keep reading to learn more!

Introduction to Bali's Transportation System

Bali's transportation system is a mix of traditional and modern modes of transportation. The island has a network of public buses, taxis, and private cars for hire. However, the most popular form of transportation in Bali is the motorcycle or scooter. While this mode of transportation is convenient and affordable, it can be dangerous for inexperienced riders. Additionally, Bali's roads are often congested, making it difficult to get around promptly.

Taxis in Bali

Taxis are a popular and affordable mode of transportation in Bali, and there are several taxi companies to choose from. The most popular regular taxi company in Bali is Blue Bird. Its taxis can be found at the airport, hotels, and tourist areas.

Hailing a taxi on the street can be challenging, as not all drivers speak English and may not be familiar with your destination. Thankfully, taxi applications are now widely available also in the Island of the Gods to solve these challenges.

Is Uber Available in Bali?

Uber is a ride-hailing service that is available in many countries around the world. It works by connecting riders with drivers through a mobile app. Uber is a popular choice for travellers, as it offers a safe, reliable, and convenient way to get around. So, is Uber available in Bali? Unfortunately no, but there are many other similar taxi applications. They offer the same functions or even more.

Taxi Applications in Bali

We introduce the best taxi apps in Bali. All of them have an English user interface and they can be installed from Google's or Apple's stores. You need to make user accounts for every app which takes only a few minutes.


Grab is a ride-hailing platform headquartered in Singapore that provides on-demand transportation services in various countries, including Indonesia. In Bali, Grab offers a range of services, including motorbike taxis, car taxis, and food deliveries.

The most convenient way to use Grab is to add a payment card to the application. The charge including a passenger-decided tip will be added to the taxi fare after the journey. If you use Curve Card to pay for the rides, currency conversion fees will be minimal. It is not possible to preschedule a taxi ride with Grab.

Grab booking
Grab is perhaps the most well-known ride-hail application in Bali. It has a simple user interface.

You can book a ride with a motorbike, or car or order food thru the Grab app. Grab alone is enough for safe and reliable transportation in Bali but we recommend trying also other options.

The taxi fare ordered via Grab is not the cheapest but Grab is very reliable. Compared to taxi prices in Europe, charges are still low and Grab has often promotions. It is also possible to hire drivers for a day trip via the Grab app which is practical if you plan to have a day tour in different tourist spots of the island. We did this many times and so far we can say all of our drivers hired via the Grab app were reliable and can communicate very well in English.

Grab by hour booking
It is possible to book a Grab by hours for a fixed price. The payment covers the car, driver and fuel but not driver tips.

We used Grab every day during our stay in Bali. Getting a taxi took only a few minutes in the Kuta area and the application worked perfectly. We also hired a driver via this app for the whole day two times. This was a cheap and practical way to visit the different attractions we wanted to see around Bali. In the late evenings when got to the hotel after a long day of touring, we had few times ordered food from local restaurants via the Grab app. Generally, the deliveries were ok but a few times there were quite delayed deliveries even though the app says they should have been already delivered.


Gojek is an Indonesian ride-hailing platform that offers motorbike taxis, car taxis, food delivery, and various other services. In Bali, Gojek is a popular choice for both locals and tourists.

Pricing for Gojek rides varies based on factors such as destination, car size, and time of day. You can expect to pay a similar amount as you would for a Grab ride. Gojek accepts card payments too. Similar to Grab, it is not possible to schedule a ride for later but it must be booked immediately.

When you are in Bali, you'll easily notice that Gojek motorbikes are everywhere. So obviously, it become extremely popular in Bali. You must always wear a helmet if you choose to have a scooter ride.

Gojek App
The Gojek application is similar to Grab. Booking a ride is simple and you can pay with a payment card.

Taxi Maxim

Maxim has been working in Indonesia since 2018. Passengers can order a ride on a motorcycle or car and there are other services too. It is usually preferred by the locals and the rates are usually cheaper than the other taxi apps.

It is not possible to add your payment card to the app so paying is not as practical as with Grab. A good thing is that the price level is often cheaper. Maxim allows immediate booking or scheduling the booking for later. Maxim is a good option if you are travelling on a small budget.

We used Maxim regularly after the recommendation of a Balinese friend. Technically, the app didn't work perfectly but well enough. Drivers' English skills were not as good as Grab's drivers. Many drivers also cancelled rides without a valid reason. Otherwise, we had many successful rides with Grab and we can recommend Maxim as an alternative option.

Maxim app
The Maxim application is also simple to use but it lacks an important feature: Card payment is not possible but you pay the taxi fare in cash to the driver at the end of the journey.

Airasia Superapp

Airasia Superapp is one of the newest taxi apps in Bali. The app is not only for ride-hailing but it is Air Asia's application with versatile functions. This Superapp offers ride-hailing service in a few destinations in Southeast Asia including Bali. The app is integrated into Air Asia's bonus system so you will earn points from rides which can later be redeemed for services like rides and flights.

It is possible to add a payment card to the app so paying is as practical as with Grab. You can book a ride immediately or schedule it later. The app works technically well but it is not as popular as Grab yet.

As a new app, Airasia Superapp is still cheap. When it is getting more popular, the prices will probably increase. There are often many promotions going on so you can get discounts for your rides.

We also have often used Airasia Superapp during our visit to Bali. It worked well except we had technical difficulties with the promotion codes. It was impossible to contact the customer service of Air Asia to get assistance. Otherwise, we had good experiences with Airasia Superapp.

Air Asia Superapp
With Air Asia's Superapp, you can book discounted taxi rides as with the other apps.

BlueBird Taxis

BlueBird is a traditional and trusted taxi company in Bali. They offer a fleet of metered taxis that are reliable, fairly priced, and easily recognizable by their signature baby blue colour. BlueBird has its mobile application, too.

You can book a BlueBird taxi by hailing one on the street, through the Gojek app, or via the BlueBird app.

BlueBird is a little more expensive way to travel but we expect the quality to be more stable. The company has a long history of offering traditional taxi services. BlueBird taxis are easy to recognize because of their blue colour.

Personal Drivers

Hiring a personal driver in Bali can be an excellent option for those who prefer a more personalized and convenient travel experience. Personal drivers are typically locals who know the island well and can provide valuable insights into Balinese culture and attractions.

Pricing for personal drivers varies depending on factors such as duration, distance, and vehicle type. You can expect to pay between Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 800,000 per day for a personal driver. It is also possible to book a personal driver through the Grab and Maxim apps.

When hiring a personal driver, it is essential to check their credentials, including a valid driving license and insurance. We recommend booking them via taxi apps so someone has already checked their background. After a successful ride, you can make the next booking directly to the driver to save from app commissions.

We recommend Grab for booking drivers for the whole day.

Challenges with Taxi Apps

Internet Problems

Taxi applications rely on the internet connection and when there is no connection, you can't book taxis. You need a local SIM card for your mobile phone with enough data allowance. We advise you to choose a reliable operator which has good coverage in rural areas. We bought our tourist prepaid cards from Telkomsel which is the largest network provider in Indonesia.


Payment card in the application is the easiest way to pay for the ride. The application will charge the exact amount without hassle. We recommend spending the tip also through the app.

The prices are in Indonesian rupees. You need to be aware of the currency conversion to know what the ride costs in the currency of your local bank. One way to save on conversion fees is by using a Wise Debit Card which we use to pay for our taxi rides and other expenses while in Bali by paying like a local.

Create a Wise user account and start saving while travelling or making cross-border money transfers.


Drivers often cancel rides when they find another customer whose taxi fare is higher or whose location is closer. This is a common practice of many taxi drivers in Bali. There may be multiple cancellations before you find a driver who is willing to pick you up. It is important to reserve some extra time because the first driver may cancel your taxi order but the taxi app will automatically look for a new one. By setting a decent tip in the application, drivers are more likely to accept your offer and there are fewer cancellations.

Airport Transfer

Upon arrival in Bali, many visitors choose to book an airport transfer service to ensure a seamless transition from the airport to their accommodation. We booked ours from GetYourGuide.

Airport transfer services typically provide licensed and insured drivers with a bigger car, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. Pre-booked airport transfer is not the cheapest option but it is a practical solution after long flights. A reliable driver will wait for you at the airport and there is no urgent need to install taxi apps and compare taxi companies.

Book an airport transfer from Welcome Pickups.

Subscriptions and Other Extras

Some of the ride-hailing applications offer recurring subscriptions. You get a certain amount of vouchers or discounts for a monthly fee. This model is the best for nomads and people living a long time in Bali. Holiday-makers can't easily benefit from these features.

The apps have also other extra features. By paying more, you can order a driver who has better COVID protections. Or may purchase a delay insurance to be compensated if you arrive too late. Extras are a way for apps to learn and we advise thinking twice about which of those are necessary for you.

Why to Use Taxi Apps?

Using taxi apps offers three great benefits: affordability, safety, and convenience. The apps utilize dynamic pricing, ensuring that you always pay a fair price without the need for negotiation. With multiple taxi apps on your phone, you can easily compare prices and choose the best option for your needs.

Additionally, drivers and their vehicles are thoroughly screened to ensure reliability and safety for passengers. The app's safety features and ride-recording capabilities also add an extra level of security. Should any issues arise during your ride, identifying your driver is a simple task.

Above all, ride-hailing apps are incredibly practical. With upfront pricing and estimated ride times, you can plan your trip with ease. Language barriers are also not an issue, as the app handles all-important communication. And with automatic payment processing, paying for your ride is a hassle-free experience.

Tips for Using Taxi Applications in Bali

Give Notes

The ride-hailing applications allow you to leave notes to the drivers and chat with them. We advise writing clear details about your pickup point so the taxi driver will find you quicker. Missing your pickup point may require them to drive much longer to be able to make a U-turn thinking the heavy traffic in a busy street of Bali. The chat function is helpful if you encounter unexpected challenges before meeting the driver. Sometimes, the drivers will also call you to ask for more details so be prepared to answer a call.

Car Size

Book a car of the right size for your group. Apps let you decide if you are happy with a personal car or if you need a bigger van.

Verify Your Driver and Vehicle

To ensure a safe and worry-free ride, it is crucial to verify the driver's identity and vehicle details before beginning your trip. Refrain from getting into a car that does not match the information provided. You may not need to ask for the driver's ID but it is enough to confirm that the driver is the same person as in the profile photo. The car can be easily identified from the register plate.

Keep Your Belongings Secure

Make sure to check your belongings before leaving the vehicle to avoid misplacing any personal items. While your driver can be tracked, it may be difficult to retrieve any lost property.


Tipping your driver is customary in Bali. If you decide to pay through the app, selecting an appropriate tip amount is recommended based on the service provided. We advise tipping well if you like the service. The tip is small money for you but the driver will surely appreciate it.

Reserve Enough Time

Reserve enough time for your journey. All of the apps tend to be over-optimistic with the driving times so we advise reserving at least 25 per cent extra time. The traffic in Bali is congested and roads are sometimes closed. It is not uncommon for drivers to get lost now and then.

Safety Considerations

Wear a Helmet or Seatbelt

It is crucial to prioritize your safety when travelling. Whether you are riding a motorbike taxi or car, always ensure that you are wearing a helmet or fastening your seatbelt.

According to our experiences, all drivers in Bali had decent driving habits. There are no ordinary traffic rules, but drivers are still careful. They don't want to damage their cars.

Share Your Journey

For independent travellers, it is wise to share your journey details with a trusted friend or family member through an app.

Be Aware of Scams

Confirm that you are boarding the correct vehicle and remain vigilant of potential scams, especially those involving fake taxi drivers. Verify the driver's credentials and company affiliation before getting in the vehicle to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Balinese people are honest but unfortunately, there are sometimes some people who are not playing by the rules.

Other Transportation Methods

Hiring a Motorbike or Car

For those who prefer more independence, renting a motorbike or car can be a viable option. Be sure to familiarize yourself with local traffic laws, have a valid international driving license, and always wear appropriate safety gear. If you plan to drive yourself, it is even more important to have good medical travel insurance.

Driving yourself is a viable option only for experienced drivers. Do not drive in Bali if you don't know the traffic culture well.

Public Transportation

One of the most convenient and efficient modes of transportation in Bali is the Kura-Kura Bus shuttle service. This shuttle service offers 4G Wi-Fi, LCD TV entertainment, and guided voiceovers to make the journey more enjoyable. Buses are also a budget-friendly option, with fares ranging from Rp 700 to Rp 2500 for air-conditioned buses.

Tourist shuttle buses are largely limited to bus charters set aside for tourist groups. Overall, the Kura-Kura Bus shuttle service is a great option for tourists looking for a convenient and enjoyable mode of transportation in Bali.


Attending arranged tours is one of the easiest ways to explore Bali. You don't need to find taxi drivers, check bus schedules or drive yourself in the congested streets. Everything is packed for you.

GetYourGuide is a German company selling tours also in Bali. During our vacation in Bali, we booked multiple tours and all of them were successful. We recommend trying the hybrid model: visit some attractions independently but try also a few tours. GetYourGuide is also a good platform to find reliable drivers.

Common Questions

How to book a taxi in Bali? 
The best way to book a taxi is to use ride-hailing apps. You can also hail a taxi from the street.
Is Uber available in Bali? 
Unfortunately, no.
What ride-hailing apps are there in Bali? 
We recommend checking Grab, Gojek, Air Asia Superapp and Maxim.
Which ride-hailing app is the best in Bali? 
Grab does not always have the cheapest fare rate but assuredly has drivers who can surely communicate well in English.
Which ride-hailing app is the cheapest? 
According to our experience, Maxim is often the cheapest.
What is BlueBird Taxi? 
It is a regular taxi company in Bali but also they have an app.
Are taxi apps reliable in Bali? 
Yes, they are. Drivers sometimes cancel bookings but rebooking is automated. You just need to wait a little more.
Do I need a local SIM card to use the taxi apps? 
Yes, it is almost necessary.
Where to book an airport transfer in Bali? 
Check out Welcome Pickups.
Do taxi drivers speak English in Bali? 
The majority of them speak good enough English.

Bottom Line

Navigating the world of taxi applications in Bali can be overwhelming but with the right knowledge and tips, they will make your vacation smoother. There are numerous taxi applications in Bali which offer a range of services including motorbike and car taxis, food delivery, and other services.

Grab, Gojek, Maxim, Airasia Superapp, and BlueBird taxis are some of the most popular options. Grab is a reliable and convenient choice, while Gojek is popular among locals and tourists. Maxim offers cheaper rates, but its drivers' English skills may not be as good as those of Grab's drivers. According to some locals we befriended, the Maxim app is usually used by the locals. Airasia Superapp is a newer application that offers versatile functions and is still cheap. BlueBird Taxis is a traditional and trusted taxi company in Bali.

Each taxi application has its pros and cons, and it's recommended to try different options to find the best fit for your needs. For example, having all these apps downloaded on your device and checking concurrently which has the best rate in real time before placing an order for your next taxi ride. It is also a good idea to carry small notes as many taxi drivers in Bali do not carry change. By following these tips, you can enjoy a hassle-free taxi ride in Bali. With these taxi applications, getting around Bali is affordable, safe, and convenient.

What is your favourite taxi application in Bali? Comment below!

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