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Review of Air Europa Short-Haul Economy Class

Seats in Air Europa 737-800
Blue is the dominating colour of Air Europa's cabin.

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We recently flew from Gran Canaria Airport to Madrid on Air Europa's Boeing 737-800 in economy class. The flight was uneventful and pleasant, and in this review, we'll share our experience onboard this Spanish airline. If you're considering a similar short-haul trip with Air Europa, this review will give you a good idea of what to expect. Read the article and get to know about our experiences.

Air Europa

Air Europa is a Spanish airline. It offers a network of destinations throughout Europe, the Americas, and North Africa. The airline is a SkyTeam alliance member and operates its main hub out of Madrid–Barajas Airport. While Air Europa provides various routes, this article will specifically focus on our recent travel experience on a domestic flight from Gran Canaria to Madrid.

Our Air Europa Experience


We booked the flight with Air France, but the route from Gran Canaria to Madrid became an Air Europa codeshare. We have no experience with Air Europa's booking process itself, so in this review, we concentrate more on the service level that we received on the flight.

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Travelling light with just carry-on bags, we had conveniently checked in online the day before. Arriving early at Gran Canaria Airport, we enjoyed some relaxation in a Priority Pass Lounge. While unwinding with the lounge's breakfast, we received a boarding gate notification email from Air Europa, surprisingly only in Spanish. Emailed information is a nice service but it should be bi-lingual.

The flight boarded on schedule, with passengers divided into Zones 1-5 for a group-by-group boarding process. As we were in the last zone, we boarded towards the end. The process was swift, and the ground staff wasn't strict about carry-on luggage size. The efficient boarding left a good first impression.

Air Europa wing
At Gran Canaria Airport, we saw another Spanish low-cost airline next to our Air Europa: Volotea.


The Boeing 737-800's interior resembled a typical budget airline cabin but it had also a business class. We were travelling in economy. The cabin had a blue colour theme and leather seats. While the economy seats were densely packed, they weren't uncomfortably tight for us.

Seat in the cabin
The seats were thin and comfortable.
The seat of Air Europass Boeing 737
There was enough space for even a tall person. A free inflight magazine was provided.

Air Europa may be counted as a legacy airline but the service level in the economy class on a short-haul flight is similar to what low-cost airlines provide.

Fortunately, the cabin wasn't at full capacity, leaving space in the overhead bins. This was helpful since we were allowed a standard-sized carry-on bag (up to 10kg) and a personal item on board. This is more than many other budget airlines allow. For the hold luggage, customers need to pay extra.

While the cabin itself was clean, we were disappointed to find the lavatory wasn't in the same condition, especially since we visited right after takeoff. Someone had forgotten to clean it well.

The cabin of Air Europa Boeing 737
The cabin of Air Europa's Boeing 737 was simple and blue-coloured.


Air Europa boasts Wi-Fi on most of their aircraft, but disappointingly, this Boeing 737-800 didn't have one. Confirming this fact proved challenging since the crew did not make many announcements about the Wi-Fi. An in-flight entertainment system was also absent but Air Europa did provide bilingual magazines, a rarity on airlines these days.

On the positive side, passengers could purchase drinks, snacks, and even hot meals onboard. However, as with most airlines, the prices were quite high. The crew wasn't particularly proactive in promoting these buy-on-board options so passengers had to be active to get drinks and snacks. On the other hand, passengers benefit from a relaxing experience as there's no pressure to buy additional products or services.

Air Europa did not offer any complimentary snacks or drinks.


The cabin crew were friendly but performed only the usual tasks. There was not any wow effect.

Pilots gave simple announcements before landing. The communication was done in Spanish and English. Since there were no irregularities, the announcements were enough.


Overall, we would give Air Europa's short-haul economy class a 3.5-star rating. The boarding process was efficient, and the crew itself was friendly. We appreciated the availability of bilingual magazines, and the buy-on-board menu offered sufficient choices. However, the cabin cleanliness, particularly the toilets, could be improved. Additionally, clearer communication from the crew about available services like missing Wi-Fi would enhance the passenger experience.

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Bottom Line

Air Europa is a budget-friendly option for travellers flying to or within Spain. The airline is also an option if you are flying to the Americas. While frills are minimal in economy class, you'll get a clean cabin with professional service for the price. Extras like meals and seat selection cost more, but the included cabin luggage allowance is generous. Air Europa offers a decent travel experience surpassing many other budget airlines.

What are your thoughts on Air Europa? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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