The entrance and reception of Aspire Lounge

Review: Aspire Lounge at Helsinki Airport

  • Updated: 12/02/22

We visit Aspire Lounge multiple times a year. The lounge is maintained by Swissport which is known for its Executive Lounges. Read our review to know how we rate this Schengen area lounge at Helsinki Airport.

Alpine road

Driving in Austria - A Guide for Visitors

  • Updated: 11/26/22

We visited Austria in the summer 2021. Hiring a car was a practical choice because it gave us the freedom to move around. For example, we visited Salzburg and also a few places in Germany. In addition, we drove on Großlockner High Alpine Road. In this article, we share information about driving in Austria based on our experiences.

Taxis at Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport Taxis - Advice on Saving Costs

  • Updated: 11/24/22

Taxis in Finland are reliable but the quality costs. Luckily, many taxi companies operate at the airport which makes prices lower. This article advises on how to choose a reliable but affordable taxi from Helsinki Airport. Read also how much taxis in Finland charge and what mobile taxi apps there are available.

Finnish flag in Suomenlinna

How to Immigrate to Finland?

  • Updated: 11/24/22

Are you curious to move and work in the happiest country on the planet - Finland? We collected essential information about immigration to Finland. Read the article to understand the basics of the Finnish immigration system.

Plutus Debit Card

Review: Plutus Card - Best Cashback in 2022?

  • Updated: 11/19/22

Plutus combines traditional currency and cryptocurrency for everyday use. With a free Visa debit card, the user earns pluton cryptocurrency for purchases made with the card. In addition to cashback, Plutus offers one additional free perk. With a paid subscription, the amount of cashback you can get increases and you'll get other perks. In the crypto marketplace aimed at Plutus users, it is possible to trade with cryptocurrencies supported by Plutus.

Kotor Serpentine Road in Montenegro

Driving in Montenegro - Things You Need to Know

  • Updated: 11/10/22

Tourism in Montenegro is growing fast. Montenegro is attracting more and more travellers not only from eastern countries but tourists from all over Europe and afar. We visited Montenegro in 2022 and were amazed at how beautiful this so-called Pearl of the Balkan. To see the most interesting sights, a hire car is a practical way to move around. Learn from the article how is driving in Montenegro is like and where to hire a car.

Opel Corsa parked in Sao Miquel

How to Hire a Car Abroad?

  • Updated: 11/10/22

Are you planning to hire a car abroad? We have done it multiple times ourselves. Especially, we have enjoyed the freedom to move freely without worries about tight schedules. Learn valuable tips from our comprehensive car hire guide.

VR Locomotive at Tampere

Public Transport in Finland

  • Updated: 10/25/22

As an adventurous traveller in Finland, you surely want to see many places. Finland is a big country compared to its population so changing the location takes time and it also costs money. We give hints on how to travel in Finland by bus, boat, train or aeroplane. By booking tickets wisely, you will save on the budget.

Tallinn Christmas Market

Tallinn Christmas Market 2022

  • Updated: 12/03/22

Tallinn Old Town offers an authentic Christmas atmosphere. If you have never visited Tallinn before, December is the most enjoyable time to do it. Read our Tallinn Christmas Market 2022 information package.

Helsinki Christmas Market

Helsinki Christmas Markets 2022

  • Updated: 12/03/22

We listed the best Christmas markets in Helsinki. Read the article and know which markets you should visit in December 2022.

Coffee cup

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