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Madeira coastline

Whale Watching in Madeira: Our Experiences

  • Updated: 10/23/21

Travelling to Madeira without doing a whale-watching cruise leaves you to miss something. Read our story about successful whale watching in Madeira. In this article, we share practical tips on how to make the cruising experience more comfortable.

Finnair Airbus A321 winglet

Finnair WiFi - What Is It Suitable for?

  • Updated: 10/22/21

We have tried Finnair's in-flight WiFi and internet connection multiple times on European routes. Read from our review if it's worth the money.

Helsinki Christmas Market

Helsinki Christmas Markets 2021

  • Updated: 10/16/21

We listed the best Christmas markets in Helsinki. Read the article and know which markets you should visit in December 2021.

Tallinn Christmas Market

Tallinn Christmas Markets 2021

  • Updated: 09/29/21

Tallinn Old Town offers an authentic Christmas atmosphere. If you have never visited Tallinn before, December is the most enjoyable time to do it. Read our practical tips how to visit Tallinn.

VR Locomotive at Tampere

Public Transport in Finland

  • Updated: 10/22/21

As an adventurous traveller in Finland, you surely want to see many places. Finland is a big country compared to its population so changing the location takes time and it also costs money. We give hints on how to travel in Finland by bus, boat, train or aeroplane. By booking tickets wisely, you will save from the budget.

Viking Line ferry chimney

Helsinki to Stockholm by a Ferry: Story with Tips

  • Updated: 08/26/21

You can't easily find a Finn who would not have had a cruise to from Helsinki to Stockholm. Also, we have often a weekend getaway on the said route. Travelling on the sea is relaxing and still affordable. Read our story and learn tips how to book a perfect cruise to Stockholm.

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