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A drone photo of Pico Ruivo.

Hike to Pico Ruivo - Tips for First-timer Hikers

  • Updated: 08/13/22

Pico Ruivo is the highest peak of Madeira, which every traveller should not miss. This article gives all the practical information you need about the trail from Achada do Teixeira to Pico Ruivo. We have hiked this route twice ourselves. Read from the article how you should prepare to get a pleasant hiking experience.

Taxis at Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport Taxis

  • Updated: 07/19/22

Taxis in Finland are reliable but pricey. Luckily, there are many taxi companies operating at the airport which makes prices lower. This article advises on how to choose a reliable but affordable taxi from the Helsinki Airport. Read also how much taxis in Finland charge and what mobile taxi apps there are available.

Kaffebar at Old Rauma

Old Rauma - an UNESCO Destination in Finland

  • Updated: 07/15/22

Old Rauma is one of the UNESCO destinations in Finland. Even though the city centre is small, it is a lively and international summer area. You can have a great lunch from any of the many restaurants, enjoy coffee and not forget the cultural activities that the town has to offer around the year. Read from our article why we recommend seeing beautiful the Old Rauma.

Baltic Princess near Ruissalo

Tallink Baltic Princess: A Great Cruising Experience

  • Updated: 07/09/22

Travelling by ferry is one of our favourite modes of transport when looking for an instant getaway. Fortunately, many ferry companies in Finland operate cruises to neighbouring destinations like Estonia, Sweden and Latvia. This article highlights our cruising experiences on Tallink's Baltic Princess.

A roundabout in Madeira

Driving in Madeira - Tips and Experiences

  • Updated: 07/15/22

Madeira is a popular destination for nature lovers The best spots cannot be reached on foot or by public transport so the only viable option is to drive yourself. In this article, we tell what is driving in Madeira like. Read what you should know before hitting on the wheel in Madeira.

Viru Gate in Tallinn

Helsinki to Tallinn Trip: Practical Tips

  • Updated: 06/21/22

Tallinn is one of favourite Baltic destinations among Finnish residents. Travelling by ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn is recommended even with a minimal budget. Read our practical tips on how to make a perfect trip to Tallinn and what to do and see in this beautiful Baltic city.

The bow of Silja Serenade

Review: Tallink Silja Serenade - a Pleasant Getaway?

  • Updated: 07/15/22

Silja Serenade is one of the biggest ferries on the Baltic Sea. Finns and Swedes love having a 2-night cruise on m/s Silja Serenade. Read a story about our cruising experience and interesting facts about this ferry.

Hanko Casino

Idyllic Hanko - Things to See in Maritime Town

  • Updated: 05/26/22

We have travelled from Helsinki to Hanko by train and also by car. Hanko is a place that should be visited at least twice. Read from our travel story about what to see and experience in this idyllic town.

Viking XPRS arriving at Helsinki

Helsinki to Tallinn Ferry Guide

  • Updated: 08/10/22

Tallinn with its special charm is a popular destination. This Baltic beauty is easily reachable by ferries of several companies from the Port of Helsinki. Read how to book a ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn and vice versa.

Finnish home sauna

Finnish Sauna Etiquette: A Guide for First Timers

  • Updated: 05/04/22

Are you going for the very first time to a Finnish sauna and quite unsure regarding the etiquette? Relax, take a deep breath as fortunately, there are only a few rules you need to follow. Read our sauna etiquette article to learn more.

Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Prepare Early

  • Updated: 07/25/22

Attending Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will be an excellent experience if the planning has been done carefully. Read our Eurovision tips and be a few steps ahead of others.

Pride Flag

Helsinki Pride 2022: Tips for Visitors

  • Updated: 06/20/22

Helsinki Pride 2022 is the biggest cultural event in Finland celebrating human rights and diversity. The week-long Helsinki Pride 2022 is scheduled from June 27th to July 3 with the grand Pride Parade on Saturday (July 2, 2022). Read more about our traveller's guide for Helsinki Pride 2022.

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