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Our Experiences from a Well-organized Desert Safari in Dubai

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Almost everyone heading to Dubai vacation will attend a desert safari. Even though all safaris are quite similar there is variance in quality. Read our story about a successful Safari experience.

Is Priority Pass Worth the Money?

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Are you travelling more than once in a year? Do you normally spend on food and drinks at airports before flights. If yes, airport lounges could be an option for you. Read our review if Priority Pass membership would be your key to open the lounge doors.

Why Are We Calling Ourselves as Finnoy?

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We are from finnoytravel.com but what does Finnoy mean? Where is Finnøy located? Read the story about our site's origin.

Review: No1 Lounge at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3

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London Heathrow is the busiest airport in Europe. You really need a place to unwind. We reviewed No1 Lounge in the terminal 3 before our short-haul flight to Helsinki. Our experiences were great!