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Stopover in Helsinki: What to Do?

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  • Updated: 10/12/19
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While connecting in Helsinki Airport, we recommend you to have 1 to 2 days stopover. There is much to see in Helsinki and we are sure you will enjoy. Read our practical information and ideas how to spend your stopover in Helsinki.

Review: Aspire Lounge at Copenhagen Airport

  • Updated: 10/14/19
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We used often to visit Aspire Lounge in Helsinki Airport which is also our base. That means we like their service and facilities. However, visiting Aspire Lounge in Copenhagen was quite a different experience. Read more to discover, how?

Lounge Review: Schengen Lounge at Krakow Airport

  • Updated: 09/26/19
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We visited Schengen area lounge in Krakow Airport. The lounge was somehow hidden but after getting in we were amazed. The atmosphere and the catering were much better than we had expected. Read from the review, how the lounge could be made even better.