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We accept sponsored posts from business owners or their agents. Please read these instructions carefully to get your submission accepted.



We charge for publishing articles of a commercial nature. The prices are negotiated case by case. Expect something between 30 and 100 dollars depending on the quality of the article.


All articles must follow the Finnoy Travel writing guide. We use the same layout for posts as for our content.


We prefer articles on the topics below but also other travel-related posts are accepted.

Other Terms

Posts with commercial nature are marked as sponsored posts. All links in the posts must be agreed with us beforehand. We link only to websites with a low spam score (less than 10). Paid posts cannot contain dofollow links no matter what is the target. Posts are kept online as long as our website exists or a maximum of 2 years.

How to Offer a Post?

Before contacting us, read once more the writing instructions. If you agree with them, contact us and tell clearly about your topic idea. Please tell us also who you are and for whom you are working. To proceed fast, we appreciate it if you tell us right away how many links the post would include and to where would they point. Please do not forget any essential details to avoid unnecessary rejection of the offer.


We only accept plagiarism-free content that has not been published before. You (or your client) must be the owner of the content. Using freely licensed stock photos is accepted but not recommended.

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