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Sky Lounge at Vienna Airport entrance
Sky Lounge is located on the second floor next to the Austrian Airlines lounge.

Review: Sky Lounge at Vienna Airport

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • November 06, 2021

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Sky Lounge at Vienna Airport

Sky Lounge in Vienna Airport's Terminal 3 is one of the four lounges at the airport. It is located in the Schengen area after the security control but it serves also non-Schengen passengers of every terminal. The lounge is operated by a ground service company.

Sky Lounge at Vienna Airport
Sky Lounge is spacious semi-stylish lounge with good services.

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How to Find Sky Lounge?

Sky Lounge is easy to find. In Terminal 3, you have to complete the check-in and pass the security check. After that, just follow the sign lounges to the upper floor where the lounge can easily be found. It is next to the Austrian Airlines lounge. The lounge can be accessed also from Terminals 1 and 2 but more time is needed.

The lounge is in the Schengen area but also non-Schengen passengers can visit it. They need to reserve extra 15 minutes to pass the passport control after a lounge visit. Schengen passengers can reach their gates in 10 minutes.

Entry Methods

Priority Pass

The lounge can be accessed with Priority Pass membership that comes with many credit cards. A membership can also be bought with pure money from Priority Pass.


We used LoungeKey to enter the lounge. Our LoungeKey membership has come with the Curve Metal card.

Paying at the Counter

An entry can be paid with pure money at the lounge's reception. The price is about 33 euros.

Some airlines may also invite their first and business class customers to this lounge free of charge. Unfortunately, Sky Lounge cannot be accessed with LoungePair, Lounge Pass or LoungeBuddy.

Our Visit to Sky Lounge

We visited Sky Lounge before our airBaltic's flight to Riga. After the security check, we found the lounge in 5 minutes. Signs were clear. We just needed to take escalators up and walk a few minutes.

It was busy hours going on so the lounge's reception was crowded. We paid our visit with the LoungeKey membership without any issues. The staff at the reception were professional and friendly.

Even though it was busy hours going on and the lounge was quite crowded, we found free seats fast. The lounge is spacious so it can serve many customers simultaneously. The lounge is divided into two parts and it has also a closed workspace and an area for families. Working everywhere in the lounge is possible because power sockets are distributed all around.

Sky Lounge at Vienna Airport sofas
The sofas may not be stylish but they are comfortable for relaxing.

Warm food was served. We ate warm chicken with potato pancakes. Also salad was served with sandwiches. If you prefer to make your bread, there are bread, butter, vegetables and cheese available.

Sky Lounge at Vienna Airport Chicken meal
The chicken with potato pancake was delicious.

We were able to choose drinks from soft drinks, juice and beer from the fridge. A coffee machine served tea and special coffee. As a dessert, the lounge offered fruits, sweets, cakes and traditional Austrian Apfelstrudel. Wine and spirits could be taken from a self-service bar.



The location is perfect. The lounge can be found fast after the security control in Terminal 3 and reaching the gate area F takes only 10 minutes after the visit. For non-Schengen passengers, the location is not that optimal.

Access Methods

The lounge has limited ways to enter. For example, it canĀ“t be booked on Lounge Pass, LoungePair or LoungeBuddy.


The normal price of Sky Lounge is about 33 euros. Because the food selection is good, this small price gives good value for the money.


Being a publicly available lounge, the food and drink selection is really good. The lounge offers also warm food which is nowadays quite uncommon. You can skip lunch or dinner before heading to the airport and enjoy it at the lounge.

Sky Lounge at Vienna Airport self-service bar
There is a self-service bar where you can have options between spirits and wine. Beers can be found in a fridge.
Sky Lounge at Vienna Airport food table
Sky Lounge serves also warm food which is a nice extra compared to many other lounges.

Other Services

The lounge has clean toilets and a shower. There is also free WiFi. A TV, a flight information screen and magazines are also available. The lounge has all the basic services that you are expecting.

Sky Lounge at Vienna Airport light cube
There are not many power sockets on the walls but these light cubes are installed around the lounge area equipped with power sockets.
Sky Lounge at Vienna Airport flight screen
Also this lounge has flight information screens.

Overall Rating

Because the lounge serves warm food, it is spacious and has good services, we rate this lounge as a 4-star lounge. This is a good choice if you are travelling via Terminal 3.

Sky Lounge at Vienna Airport disinfect
Disinfecting hand has become a natural part of travelling.

Bottom Line

Vienna Airport is a big European hub. Restaurants and cafes are pricey which is the case in every airport.

Sky Lounge is a moderately priced spacious lounge with a good service level. Paying the entrance fee is a good choice since all the services are inclusive. In addition, you will get a peaceful atmosphere in such a crowded airport.

Have you been to Sky Lounge? Comment below!

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