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Goldair Lounge Athens Airport
Goldair Lounge at Athens Airport is a bright and peaceful place to wait for a flight.

LoungePair: Bid Yourself in to an Airport Lounge!

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What is LoungePair?

LoungePair is platform where you can bid for access to airport lounges. You propose a price yourself and the lounge owner either accepts or rejects your bid. That means there is no longer a single price tag for a lounge visit but the price varies dynamically based on the demand and your visit preferences.

Walk-in price to airport lounges is high. It becomes often cheaper to book a visit in advance but many lounge booking sites offer only a single price option. Usually, that price is for a 3-hour visit, but you may not want to pay the full price if you intend to stay only 1 hour in the lounge. The dynamic pricing of LoungePair is the solution. The customer bids a fair price based on the length of his/her lounge visit and visit preferences.

Why Is LoungePair Cheap?

The idea of LoungePair is to make lower prices possible for the visitors who wish to stay shorter time inside a lounge or who wish to visit a lounge outside the busy hours. This is beneficial for visitors but lounge owners benefit as well. A lounge visitor can enjoy airport lounges that suit his/her budget, need or preference while lounge owners get higher utilization rates and earn more.

Lounge List

Currently, there are more than 170 lounges that are cooperating with LoungePair. This figure is continuously increasing while the platform is gaining popularity. Many of the lounges in major airports like in London-Heathrow are already partnering with LoungPair.

Browsing to Aspire Lounge
LoungePair is intuitive to use. We found our favourite lounge, Aspire Lounge at HEL, from LoungePair's collection.

How to Use LoungePair?

Using LoungePair is simple. You may install LoungePair's app on your phone or use it with any modern web browser. The app has a well-working search engine to browse lounges smoothly.

Bidding for lounge access is done via the app or a browser.

Creating an Account

It is advisable to register to LoungePair already now. With an user account, using LoungePair is fast when your next trip comes.

For registration, you need to give contact details and select a good password. The registration process takes only a few minutes and not no unnecessary information is asked.

Register to LoungePair here and get 10 euros free credit!

Making a Bid

Bidding for a lounge is done by BID NOW button after finding an interesting lounge.

Bidding is simple: You tell the visit time, the length of the visit and the number of guests. Finally, you decide how much to bid.

To guarantee the bid, you need to give payment card details. The card won't be charged before the lounge accepts your bid. LoungePair will send a confirmation email after a bid has been placed successfully. The bid will also stay visible in 'PENDING' status under 'My Requests' area on the app.

In some lounges, there is a guaranteed rate. By bidding at the guaranteed rate, you can be sure that your bid will be approved.

Booking Aspire
Bidding on a visit is simple. You need to tell when you wish to arrive and the number of people. Finally, you decide how much you like to bid.
Confirmed bidding
As long as your bid has not been accepted or rejected, you will see it in the pending state on the app. It can be cancelled free of charge anytime.

Approval or Rejection

It may take a few hours before the lounge approves or rejects your bid. In the case of a rejection, just bid again with a quite higher price.

In the lucky case of an approved bid, your lounge visit is confirmed. LoungePair sends you a notification email and the approval will be visible in the app, too. After this, you are ready to head to the lounge.

Visiting the Lounge

After the bid was accepted, you got a confirmation to your email. The visit was also charged from the payment card you provided.

Visiting the lounge is the most enjoyable phase of the process. You need to arrive at the lounge according to your booked time. Just simply show your confirmation from the app or from the email to the lounge receptionist. Soon, they will let you in to enjoy the complimentary services of the lounge.

Cancelling a Bid

As long as the bid has not been accepted, it can be cancelled free of charge. LoungePair will send a cancellation message to your email and the bid will go to CANCELLED state on the app. Only successful bids are charged so the payment process is crystal clear - nothing will be billed from your card for rejected bids.

Cancelled Bid
We decided to cancel our test bid. The cancellation process was simple and nothing was charged from our bank card.

Discount Code

LoungePair offers Finnoy Travel readers 10 euros free credit. The code will be added automatically to the registration form if you access it via our link.

How Much is a Good Bid?

A good price depends on the lounge. A walk-in price to a lounge is typically about 40 euros but premium ones can cost almost 100 euros. Prebooking services like Lounge Pass sell discounted lounge passes but they still cost about 30 euros or more.

For many lounges, 20 euros is a good bid for a 1-hour visit. If you think that 20 euros are too much, you can try even lower bids but the chances of getting accepted become lower. During busy hours, it is needed to bid more to get in. We recommend trying LoungePair yourself to learn the right rate by trial and error.

We remind you never to bid more than the loungeĀ“s walk-in rate is. It is also advisable to do some price comparison beforehand to understand the average rates of the concerned lounges.

Alternatives to LoungePair

Prebooked Lounge Pass

We understand that some people do not like uncertainty. If you want to secure access into a lounge early, you may try other more expensive methods.

Lounge Pass is our favourite service provider to buy lounge access for a fixed rate. In many cases, using Lounge Pass becomes more expensive than LoungePair, but you will get a confirmed lounge voucher immediately - no uncertainty!

Read instructions how to use Lounge Pass.

Also LoungePair tells a guaranteed rate to some lounges. This is a way to know how much to bid to be sure to get accepted.

Lounge Membership

Frequent visitors should buy a lounge membership. Priority Pass Prestige is one of the most well-known memberships that include unlimited lounge visits to more than 1300 lounges in the world. It costs 399 euros annually. For frequent travellers, having a lounge membership is to most affordable way to visit airport lounges.

Read our analysis of Priority Pass.

Bottom Line

Airport restaurants and cafes are expensive. It is a wise option to visit an airport lounge instead of spending money on airport restaurants. It may become slightly more expensive to visit a lounge but you will surely enjoy the beginning of your travel moments with the services and ambience an airport lounge provides.

LoungePair is a modern tool to reduce your lounge costs. There is no need to pay the full price anymore if you intend to visit a lounge only for a short moment. The lounge owner will be happy to have also lower-paying customers who intend to spend shorter time inside the lounge premises.

Did you already spend your free 10 euros credit to LoungePair? Comment below!

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