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Common Questions

On which route does Viking Grace sail? 
Viking Grace sails from Turku to Stockholm and back from Stockholm to Turku. It also calls at the Åland Islands.
How many passengers can m/s Viking Grace accommodate? 
It can transport up to 2,800 passengers onboard.
Is Viking Grace a modern ferry? 
Yes, Viking Grace is a modern ferry. It is less than 10 years old.
What services does Viking Grace offer? 
For example, there are many restaurants, bars, a nightclub, a spa, live music and shows, a playroom for kids and a big shop.
Is there a sauna onboard? 
Yes. But not only a sauna but a full spa department.
Where to book ferry tickets? 
We use often Ferryscanner to book ferry tickets.
What does a Duty-free shop sell? 
For example, you can buy at cheaper rates perfumes, cigarettes, alcohol, clothes, accessories, sweets and souvenirs.

Review: Viking Grace from Turku to Stockholm

The buffet at Viking Grace
On Viking Grace, you can enjoy a breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet at Aurora Buffet restaurant.

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This summer of 2022, we had a weekend getaway cruising from Turku, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden on m/s Viking Grace by Viking Line. In this article, we share our cruising experiences and tell interesting details about this huge ferry. Aside from transporting cargo, Viking Grace is a big luxury ship. Read from the article what the services this ferry offers.

Viking Line

Viking Line is a shipping company from the Åland Islands. It operates a fleet of ferries between Finland, Åland, Sweden and Estonia. The majority of the Viking Line's ferries are young and modern. Even though transporting cargo is the most important function of these ferries, they are more like cruise ships with many services for travellers.

Viking Grace - Turku Stockholm Ferry

Viking Grace is one of the two Viking Line ferries travelling between Turku and Stockholm. It can carry up to 2,800 passengers and a lot of cargo. The other ferry on the same route is a brand new m/s Viking Glory that started operating in 2022. Viking Grace and Viking Glory are based on the same design so you can expect the same quality onboard. Even though Viking Grace is a few years older, it is still one of the most modern ferries navigating in the Baltic Sea.

m/s Viking Grace
M/s Viking Grace sails between Turku and Stockholm. It is a modern ferry built in 2013.

The ferry was built in 2013 in Finland and since then, it has been sailing between Turku and Stockholm almost every day. On the way to Stockholm and back, Viking Grace calls also at the port of Mariehamn or Långnäs in the Åland Islands. The ferry uses the latest technology which makes it more environmentally friendly compared to older ferries. For example, Viking Grace can be run with natural gas (LNG) instead of oil.

Port of Mariehamn
Viking Grace calls at Port or Mariehamn when sailing back from Stockholm to Turku. In the picture, m/s Glory (left) and m/s Silja Europa (right) have just arrived at the port.

The travel time by ferry from Turku to Stockholm and back is 23 hours. Hence, the same ferry can depart every evening from Turku and will arrive back from Stockholm the next evening. Sometimes, there are exceptional schedules because the ferry also needs maintenance. Usually, during the maintenance breaks, Viking Line arranges special A Day in Stockholm Cruises. You sail normally to Stockholm but the ferry stays the whole day at the port and leaves back in the evening. Passengers are allowed to exit the ferry during the day. These special cruises provide passengers with a great chance to visit Stockholm for a day while eliminating the need for booking a return ticket and a hotel room in Stockholm.

Lifts at Viking Grace
Viking Grace is a modern ferry. There are many lifts taking passers as high as deck 13.

Some passengers sail only one way. Taking a ferry is the most practical way of travelling from Turku to Stockholm or vice versa. It is also possible to stay a few days at the destination and then return with another or the same ferry. However, one of the most common ways of travelling is just to have a cruise. People board a ferry that sails to Stockholm and returns immediately without exiting the ferry at Stockholm. Travellers come to enjoy the services on board for one day without any intention to visit Stockholm.

Life belt
Ferries between Finland and Sweden are a safe choice to travel.

Tallink Silja, the main competitor of Viking Line, operates two similar but older ferries on the same route. Read our separate review of Tallink Baltic Princess.

Our Cruises on Viking Grace

We have had a few cruises from Turku to Stockholm on m/s Viking Grace. When we depart from Turku, we usually only enjoy the ferry's services without visiting the destination. If we wish to visit Stockholm, the route from Helsinki to Stockholm is more suitable because the ferry stays at the port for 8 hours. Our latest cruise on Viking Grace was during the midsummer of 2022. Summer is the best season to travel on the sea and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the archipelago during warm and sunny days not forgetting beautiful sunsets by the sea. Naturally, cruising in winter is also possible but we prefer the summer season. In summer, it is relaxing to stay on the outer decks and breathe clean sea air.

Viking Grace outer deck
Summer is the best season to enjoy the outer areas of the ferry.


On Viking Grace, there are many cabin classes from basic cabins to luxury suites.

Inside class is the most basic one. The cabins in this class do not have a window because the cabins are located in the middle of the ferry. Cabins in the Inside class are about 9 sqm big and meant to accommodate 1 to 4 people. You pay only for the cabin no matter how many people sleep there. It is good to understand that the cabins may have different bedding configurations: one double bed, two single beds or 4 single beds. It is impossible to book more people into a cabin than there are beds.

Bed configuration at Seaside cabin
On our last cruise, the cabin had 4 beds. Some of the similar cabins have only two of them.

All cabin classes provide a private shower and toilet. The shower has a warm water supply with good pressure. Also, towels, shower gel and shampoo are included.

Seaside cabins are just like Inside cabins but they also have outside windows. A window increases the ticket price a little.

Seaside Cabin at Viking Grace
A cabin in Seaside class is 9 sqm. and it has 2 to 4 beds. Family cabins are bigger having 6 beds.
Hall of Seaside cabin
Cabins have beds, a small hall and a private bathroom. One of the beds can be converted into a sofa.

In the Inside and Seaside classes there are a few special Family cabins. A Family cabin is bigger (19sqm) and 6 people can stay in the same cabin. This special class is a perfect choice for groups consisting of 5 to 6 people.

TV at the cabin
All cabins have an LED TV and an internal phone.

A Premium cabin is a 13 sqm wide elegant high-class cabin with a sea view for 1–4 people. It has a double bed and a sofa bed for children. This cabin class also has a complimentary mini-bar with drinks and other extra services.

M/s Viking Grace has suites that are remarkably more expensive than the other cabin classes. They have more than 40 sqm of living space and more than one room. The suites are like luxury hotel rooms with the best views from the ferry.

All cabins have an LED TV and an internal phone.

We have travelled in Inside and Seaside cabins. They were affordable and the cabins provided all the services we needed. On a short cruise, you only sleep in the cabin so the cabin quality is not a big thing.


Ferries are perfect places to enjoy tasty food. Viking Grace does not leave you disappointed as the ship offers many à la carte restaurants and also a buffet. We recommend booking meals together with tickets because restaurants get easily fully booked during the peak seasons. You will then have a reserved table when you arrive at the ferry's restaurant. Another good reason to book your meals in advance is that the price is usually cheaper compared to when you pay it on the day of the journey.

There are three à la carte restaurants on board. Oscar à la Carte is a fine-dining option. Frank's Casual Dining serves food suitable for the majority of passengers. Café Sweet & Salty is the most affordable option for serving ordinary food like meatballs.

Restaurant at Viking Grace
Frank's Casual Dining is a safe choice for a group of travellers. It serves ordinary Western food.

On our last cruise, we had pre-ordered meatballs from Café Sweet & Salty. The pre-order price was a few euros cheaper and it included a table reservation. Meal prices do not usually include drinks so you need to pay separately for them.

Sideview of Viking Grace
Travelling by ferry during summer is the best time to enjoy the sea view under the sun whilst having your favourite drinks.


The buffet is one of the most popular choices among diners on cruise ships. Also, Viking m/s Graces serves breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets in a big restaurant called The Buffet. Breakfast is served in the morning, followed by lunch and dinner in the afternoon. There is a separate menu for children.

Buffet at Viking Grace
The Buffet satisfies every diner with its delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner as one of the highlights of the cruise.

We enjoyed a breakfast buffet on our last cruise. The selection was perfect including varieties of cold and warm meals, bread and vegetables. Juices and hot drinks were naturally included. A breakfast buffet on the ferry is an inexpensive way to start the day because it costs only a little more than 10 euros.

On our last cruise, we didn't try a lunch or dinner buffet because we found them a little too pricey costing about 40 euros. Viking Line has higher prices than its competitor, Tallink Silja. We can still guarantee that a buffet on any ferry gives good value for the money. The selection is wide and also wines and beers are included. And not to forget delicious desserts.

We cruise often on Viking Line and Tallink Silja. Both of them provide tasty buffets based on Nordic cuisines.

Tax-free Shopping

All Finland-Sweden ferries have a tax-free shop onboard. On Viking Grace, it is called Duty-Free . Clothing and footwear, perfumes and accessories are sold on board and prices are cheaper than onshore. In addition, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, sweets and much more are available at discounted prices.

Duty Free shop entrance
Viking Grace has a big Duty-free shop called Shopping World.

On other ferries, there are many smaller shops but Viking Grace has one big Duty-Free shop. Clothes, cigarettes, perfumes, souvenirs and clothes are all sold in the same shop. We recommend reserving at least one hour for shopping onboard. The shop accepts cash (euros or Swedish krona) and all major payment cards.


Another major reason for people when cruising is to relax on the ferries. That is why the ferry companies provide free entertainment but drinking costs.

Viking Grace has a casino with many slot machines and gambling tables only for 18+ passengers. At least we have been lucky to win prizes in Bingo games and have tried slot machine games with some luck of winning but oftentimes you should stop after a win otherwise you'll lose all the money back or even more.

Viking Grace has four bars. Seamore Champagne Lounge is a quiet classy lounge to enjoy the best views and champagne. Retro Bar & Dancing is a bar with interesting events every day. For example, you can enjoy karaoke there. Rockmore Bar is a place to enjoy drinks and listen to playback or live music.

Champagne Bar at Viking Grace
People who prefer a quiet area with a nice view may head to Champagne Lounge.

Club Vogue is the nightclub of the ferry. The main artists perform there.

Perpetuum band
Romanian Band, Perpetuum, performed in the midsummer of 2022 on Viking Grace.

Club Vogue is a 2-deck high restaurant with a big dance floor and many bars. During the daytime, there is entertainment for the whole family. In the evening, various artists/bands perform on the stage and between them, music is played. Children may watch the shows but later at night, the club is meant only for adults. Club Vogue is the place where you can party the whole night long.

Club Vogue during the daytime
Club Vogue is not just a nightclub but it is open in the daytime too. It is the place where interesting events happen.
Outside Bar at Viking Grace
Club Vogue has a terrace area for passengers to enjoy drinks under the sun.

Spa & Wellness

All the ferries in Finland have a sauna but Viking a Grace has more than just a sauna and pool. The ferry has a full Spa & Wellness department.

In the ship's spa, you can naturally try a Finnish sauna. There are separate saunas for women and men and also a mixed one. After a visit to a hot humid sauna, you can cool down in a snow cave or whirlpool bath. The price includes the use of a towel, bathrobe and locker, as well as the use of quality hair and body wash products. Swimwear/swimming trunks can be rented on-site.

Because the ferry's spa is better than an ordinary sauna department, it is also a little more expensive. A 2-hour visit to the spa costs about 20 euros. In addition, customers can buy treatments. In the spa area, there is also a bar that serves snacks and drinks. We recommend pre-booking a visit to the spa because it gets easily full and a limited number of treatments are available.

The spa has a stunning outside view. What could be better than having a glass of champagne while cooling down in a whirlpool and watching the beautiful archipelago?


Viking Grace offers free Wi-Fi that works in public areas and cabins. The Wi-Fi is not fast but it is good enough for accessing your social media accounts and instant messaging.

How to Book a Cruise?

There are two handy ways to book a trip for Viking Grace. You can visit Viking Line's website or use Ferryscanner.

We recommend comparing prices with Ferryscanner. With just a single search, you can see the prices of all cruising companies.

It is possible to book a one-way ticket from Turku to Stockholm or a return ticket. If you just wish to cruise with an immediate return, be sure to book a return for the same ferry. Viking Grace leaves from Turku in the evening, arrives in Stockholm the next morning and after 1 hour, it departs back to Turku.

Staying a few days in Stockholm before returning is also possible. Viking Grace arrives at the centre of Stockholm which is a practical location for tourists.

Outer deck and a flag
Viking Grace sails between Finland and Sweden.


Tickets for Viking Grace are affordable. They are almost free but naturally, you need to spend onboard. Services onboard are a little more expensive than similar services on the mainland.

A ticket with an immediate return is the cheapest option. If you wish to exit the ferry at the destination you need to buy two one-way tickets. An immediate return is cheaper because the shipping company knows that those passengers spend a lot onboard.

Travelling on weekdays is more affordable than from Friday to Saturday.


How to Book a Ferry Ticket?

For easier booking, follow our simple checklist:

  • Compare prices on Ferryscanner.
  • Choose the most suitable connection and travel class.
  • Fill out the passenger (and vehicle) details.
  • Decide if you need a Cancellation Protection.
  • Double check all the details CAREFULLY before the payment.
Finnish flag
Viking Grace was built in Finland, is owned by a Finnish company and is registered in Finland.

Common Questions

On which route does Viking Grace sail? 
Viking Grace sails from Turku to Stockholm and back from Stockholm to Turku. It also calls at the Åland Islands.
How many passengers can m/s Viking Grace accommodate? 
It can transport up to 2,800 passengers onboard.
Is Viking Grace a modern ferry? 
Yes, Viking Grace is a modern ferry. It is less than 10 years old.
What services does Viking Grace offer? 
For example, there are many restaurants, bars, a nightclub, a spa, live music and shows, a playroom for kids and a big shop.
Is there a sauna onboard? 
Yes. But not only a sauna but a full spa department.
Where to book ferry tickets? 
We use often Ferryscanner to book ferry tickets.
What does a Duty-free shop sell? 
For example, you can buy at cheaper rates perfumes, cigarettes, alcohol, clothes, accessories, sweets and souvenirs.

Bottom Line

Every visitor to Finland should try at least one of the many ferries. M/s Viking Grace from Turku to Stockholm is one of the best choices. You can have a one-way trip to Stockholm and continue travelling in Sweden. Or maybe staying a few days in Stockholm and coming back to see the other parts of Finland.

Finns love just cruising on ferries so it is common to travel to Stockholm with an immediate return. On A-Day-Cruise, you do not exit the ferry at all but stay 23 hours inside enjoying the ferry's services. Viking Grace is like a huge modern mall with great amenities.

On Viking Grace, you can eat well and drink. In addition, you may try the wellness department with fabulous views. In the evening, there is free entertainment in many pubs and restaurants.

Have you sailed on Viking Grace? What services would you like to recommend to fellow travellers? Comment below!

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Posted by Olabode Adewoye

Thanks for the update. I boarded Viking line from Finland to Sweden and then from Sweden back to Finland. It was full of excitement and good memories.

Posted by Finnoy Travel

Hi Olabode,

Great to hear you had a good cruising experience to remember. Which route did you take and which specific ferry was it?

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