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DJI Mini 2 drone

DJI Mini 2 is a small and light drone that is easy to fly.

Review: Is DJI Mini 2 a Good Drone?

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • Updated: 09/04/21 | July 31, 2021

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Table of Contents

  1. DJI Mini 2 - Lightweight Drone
    1. DJI Fly with Remote Controller
    2. DJI - Chinese Drone Company
  2. Features of DJI Mini 2
    1. Flight Time
    2. Range
    3. Return-to-Home (RTH)
    4. Photography and Videography
    5. Quickshots
    6. Flight Recording
  3. Experiences with DJI Mini 2
    1. Flight Time
    2. Signal Quality
    3. Wind Resistance
    4. Stability
    5. Camera
    6. Crash of the Drone
  4. Cons of DJI Mini 2
    1. Slow Battery Charging
    2. Only Few Automatic Flight Modes
    3. Toy Looking Remote Controller
    4. Lack of Collision Sensors
  5. Travelling with a Drone
    1. Drone in Airplane
    2. EU Drone Law
    3. Liability Insurance
  6. Where to Buy DJI Mini 2?
    1. DJI Mini 2 Combo
    2. Price of DJI Mini 2
    3. Memory Cards and Backup Capacity
  7. Rating
    1. Best Travel Drone?
  8. Bottom Line

DJI Mini 2 - Lightweight Drone

DJI Mini 2 is a small drone weighting only 249 grams. The number is not a coincidence because in many countries the regulations allow to fly drones with less than 250 grams without training. The low weight provides also other benefits: The maximum flight time is longer and the drone is easy to carry while travelling.

DJI Mini 2 is the successor of DJI Mini. Both the models look almost identical but there are a few important differences. The flight time of DJI Mini 2 is one minute longer while its camera can record real 4K videos. The most important difference is the new Ocusync signal transmission technology which significantly increases the drone´s range and the transmitted pictures' quality stays still clear. The drone is not dependent on the unreliable WiFi technology.

Even though DJI Mini is slightly cheaper than DJI Mini 2, you should not buy the older model with worse features.

DJI Fly with Remote Controller

A remote controller comes always with DJI Mini 2 because of the Ocusync technology. In addition, you need a mobile phone with DJI Fly App to control the settings of the drone and view the live camera. The controller is connected to the mobile phone thru an USB cable - not via an unreliable WiFi connection as in older drones. The cable is included in the drone package. A minor issue is that DJI Fly App can´t be found on Google's Play store rather it must be installed manually from DJI´s website.

DJI Mini 2 remote controller

The remote controller looks like a toy but it works well. You have to connect it to your phone by a USB cable.

DJI - Chinese Drone Company

DJI is a Chinese company which is the drone market leader. It manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles for aerial photography and videography. The portfolio contains also camera gimbals, action cameras, camera stabilizers, flight platforms, propulsion systems and flight control systems. While DJI is not the cheapest drone manufacturer, the company's long experience guarantees quality.

Features of DJI Mini 2

Flight Time

The flight time of DJI Mini 2 is 31 minutes according to the DJI's own specs. This requires calm and warm environment with peaceful flying habits. Wind, cold temperature or fast flying will reduce the available flight time.


The maximum distance between the drone and the remote controller can be even 10 kilometres but in Europe only 6 kilometres. This requires a line-of-sight connection to the drone. Buildings, trees and other heavy obstacles will decrease the range by many kilometres.

Return-to-Home (RTH)

Like all good drones, also DJI Mini 2 has an automatic Return-to-Home function. It can be triggered manually or it will be triggered automatically when the drone is running out of the 3battery or it has lost the remote control's signal.

The RTH function requires that the drone has a GPS connection before the take-off in order to record the home point. That is why RTH won´t work in closed environments / unanticipated flight environment .

We have lost the signal a few times. Usually, there is about 10 to 15 seconds blackout period while you don´t get any information about the drone. When the signal returns, the drone is already on its way to the home. Of course, these seconds are exciting when you can´t be sure if your drone is safe.

Photography and Videography

The most important feature of any drone is the ability to shoot photos and video. DJI Mini 2 is able to record 4K photos and videos. The data is saved in a SD card that must support at least UHS Speed Class 3. Low resolution versions are saved into the phone in real-time and they can easily be used in social media platforms.

The camera has 12M pixels which is just the minimum to record 4K videos. With a little more pixels, the quality would be even better. Luckily, the drone has 3-axis gimbal that keeps the video smooth. The gimbal reduces the vibration of the camera. Never buy any drone with only a 2-axis gimbal.

Harbour in Kotka

Recording the blue colour of the sky is complicated on a sunny day. We photographed Kotka Harbour in June 2021.

The drone has a cinematic mode for smoother flying while filming. Movements will be slower and softer with this flying mode. The other two modes are the normal flying mode and a fast sport mode with the max speed of 16 m/s.


DJI Mini 2 has five automatic flight modes that are called Quickshots. The modes are Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle and Boomerang. In order to use them, you need to fly the drone manually to the starting position, lock the target in the camera view and choose the Quickshot parameters like distance. After that, the Quickshot mode will control the drone automatically and record a video.

In the Helix Quickshot mode, you need to lock the object on the camera view and choose the distance. The drone will then automatically fly a helix and record a video. It is important to supervise the drone well because it cannot avoid collisions itself.

DJI Mini 2 is not able to fly pre-defined tracks or follow an object. These better features are available in DJI´s more expensive drones.

Flight Recording

In addition to the remote controller, you need DJI Fly App to control the drone. DJI Fly App records the flight route and all command inputs you have given in a detailed way. It is easy to analyze your flying and incidents afterwards and learn from them. The data is synchronized also to DJI´s cloud if the user has accepted this setting.

We had a few minor incidents with our previous drone, DJI Spark. After the incidents, we always analyzed if they were caused by our own mistakes or if they were technical faults.

Experiences with DJI Mini 2

We replaced our older DJI Spark with DJI Mini 2. Both the drones have 12M camera but Mini 2 is much lighter, has longer flight time and can record more stable videos. We summarize our flying experiences with DJI Mini 2.

Flight Time

The flight time with a brand new battery has varied between 20 and 24 minutes. Of course, it is not wise to consume the full battery because it causes safety risks and it may also damage the battery itself. For example, once after 24 minutes of flying in light winds, we had 11 percent battery left and the total flown distance was more than 1 kilometre. We have been happy with the flight time.

We have 4 batteries together. Charging time of a single battery is a little more than an hour. Even though we have DJI´s own charging hub for 3 batteries, it charges the batteries one by one. Good thing is that you can use the high-power charger that has a USB-C connection.

Always store the batteries fully charged to increase their life span.

Signal Quality

We have been flying in Europe so the promised signal range is 6 kilometres. Our maximum distance has been 2 kilometres. That has not caused any signal issues. We have no need to fly further. However, when there have been buildings or trees between us and the drone, the signal quality has got weak after 1 kilometre. Automatic Return-to-Home has been triggered a few times. So it is important to have a line of sight to the drone to avoid unwanted RTHs.

Haukkavuori Sightseeing Tower in Kotka

We photographed this Haukkavuori Sightseeing Tower in Kotka, Finland in June 2021. Actually, we were more than 1 kilometre away from the tower, flew the drone near it and shot the photo. Because the drone is so small, supervising it this far is difficult.

Wind Resistance

The wind resistance of DJI Mini 2 is great. We flew our drone on the Alps at an altitude of 2.5 kilometres. The drone didn´t encounter any issues to return to the home even though there was headwind. The RTH speed was also more than 10 m/s. The wind resistance of DJI Mini 2 is much better than with our previous DJI Spark.


DJI Mini 2 is easy to control and it can hover very precisely by using the vision system and the GPS. The video quality is also stable. The stability of the drone is just perfect.

Sea near Kotka

DJI Mini 2 is so reliable that flying over the water is safe. Remember to have enough battery to return to the home and observe the weather conditions.


The drone´s camera is only 12M which is the minimum to record 4K video. Thanks to the 3-axis gimbal, the video is stable. The video and the photo quality is good but of course, with some more pixels it would be even better. The quality is enough for web publishing and YouTube videos.

In bright light, it is difficult to record the blue colour of the sky. The sky looks almost white or when the sky looks blue, the other parts are too dark. Maybe this white balance issue could be solved by adjusting camera settings manually?

Crash of the Drone

Even though DJI Mini 2 is a reliable drone, we have crashed it once into trees. The technology worked perfectly so the crash of a human error.

It was a windy day especially with strong gusts. Before the incident, we had made shorter test flights to see if the drone is able to survive the gusts. The test flights were eventless so we continued flying normally in the windy conditions. The last flight was also eventless until the last return-to-home phase.

We were about 450 metres away from the home point when the drone had signal issues for a short moment. The connection became stable again and we continued flying. However, we noticed that the battery level was already below 20 percent so it was time to return to the home immediately.

We initiated the RTH function but suprisingly, the drone was moving back really slowly - almost not at all. There must have been really strong headwind gusts. We decided to start flying the drone manually using the sport mode but still, we were able to fly only about 3 m/s against the wind.

While we were flying the drone manually and concentrating mainly on the map, we didn´t notice that the battery had gone below 10 percent and the drone had started auto descend. Because we were following the map, we didn´t realise that the drone was all the time descending to trees. Out of the blue, we lost the signal when the drone had crashed to the trees at about 20 metres high.

With the aid of DJI Fly app, we were able to locate the drone about 260 metres away from us in the thick forest. The drone was exactly there to where the app directed us. It hadn´t any visible damage. The drone has also been functioning well after the incident. The crash must have been quite soft because of the thick trees. We have even the drone´s own video of the crash and the incident seems to have last long time. The final impact to the ground has been quite soft.

We had made many mistakes that led to this incident. Gusts were too strong for the drone. We were flying too far from the home point with low battery level. The return-to-home altitude was set too high where the wind was even stronger. And above the all, we didn´t have a visual contact to the drone during the return-to-home phase. Our conclusion is that DJI Mini 2 is strong enough to survive soft crashes.

Cons of DJI Mini 2

Based from our hands-on experiences, DJI Mini 2 is a really good drone but still not perfect.

Slow Battery Charging

Battery charging is slow. You need about 5 hours to charge 4 batteries with DJI´s own charger.

Only Few Automatic Flight Modes

DJI Mini 2 has only a few Quickshot modes. For example, it can´t follow a predefined track.

Toy Looking Remote Controller

We are not sure if this is a real issue but the remote controller looks like a toy. DJI could redesign it more professional.

Lack of Collision Sensors

Because the drone is so light, it lacks important collision sensors. There are no sensors in the front or back of the drone so it can easily collide with obstacles. You need to be really careful when flying DJI Mini 2 in complicated environments. We recommend setting Return-to-Home altitude to maximum allowed.

The drone has a good GPS, downward vision system for hovering and a barometric altimeter.

Travelling with a Drone

DJI Mini 2 is perfect for travelling because of its small size. It fits to DJI´s well-designed bag perfectly.

Drone in Airplane

Not all airlines allow you to carry drones. Consider this when booking flights. The simple rule is, don't fly with airlines that prohibits you to take drones with!

During a summer trip around the Mediterranean Sea, we had a plan to fly our drone. We had mistakenly booked a flight by Volotea which did not allow to carry drones neither inside the cabin nor in the hold. The only obvious option was to leave the drone home. Usually, all airlines allow to have drones on-board but at that time, Volotea was an unfortunate exception.

If the airline allows to carry drone, it must be taken inside the cabin. Batteries are not allowed to be attached to the drone but they should be stored in fire-proof cases. It may also be enough to use tape to prevent batteries to get short-circuited.

Fireproof drone battery bag

You need to store batteries in fire-proof bags. These bags are designed to DJI Spark but any batteries can be stored inside.

It forbidden to travel by an airplane with batteries that have more than 100 Wh energy. Usually, small drones' batteries have much smaller capacity so this should not become a problem. Always check the capacity limit from the airline. The battery capacity of DJI Mini 2 is 44.4 Wh.

Battery capacities are often measured by mAh. You can convert mAh unit to Wh with the following formula: mAh x Battery voltage / 1000. Airlines are usually using Watt hour (Wh) as unit of measurement for batteries in their written guidelines in contrast to what is indicated in the batteries.

EU Drone Law

In the EU, there is a European wide drone law. All camera drones must be registered in your home country and the drone operator should obtain an operator ID. The operator ID is valid in the whole EU area.

In addition, all drone pilots must complete an online training and the certificate from this training should be brought along while travelling with a drone. Normally, the maximum allowed flight altitude is 120 metres from the ground, but some countries may have extra rules. Check them carefully before flying a drone in any EU country.

Liability Insurance

When you are sure that flying a drone is legal, consider having a liability insurance. In some countries, it is even mandatory to obtain such insurance. For example, this is the case in Germany and Austria.

In case of any incident, you may cause a lot of damage to third parties so an insurance will protect you. Of course, if you are flying far from the cities and people, the risk of incidents will be significantly lower.

Check Coverdrone for an EU compliant liability insurance.

Where to Buy DJI Mini 2?

DJI Mini 2 drone is sold globally in many electronics shops and in some countries, also some in well-equipped supermarkets. It may become a little more affordable to order a drome from the internet especially if you live in a small city.

Check current DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo price on Amazon.

DJI Mini 2 Combo

It is possible to buy just the drone with a remote controller but you should absolutely buy DJI Mini 2 Combo. You will get 2 more batteries, a handy charging dock, a bag for the drone and some spare parts. Buying just a drone will make you to regret later when you have to buy the extra accessories separately and pay much more.

DJI Mini 2 bag

You get a handy bag with DJI Mini 2 Combo. There is space for spare part, remote controller, drone and batteries.

DJI Mini 2 Combo is just a slightly more expensive than the drone itself. And the 2-way charging hub has a nice extra feature: it can be used as a backup battery for your phone.

Price of DJI Mini 2

DJI Mini 2 is a medium-priced drone and also extra batteries are affordable compared to professional drones. Check DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo price on Amazon.

Memory Cards and Backup Capacity

The drone comes without a SD card. We recommend buying at least 128GB SD card to have enough capacity for long 4K videos. The card must follow UHS Class 3 specification to work well. 128GB SD card costs about 25 euros. We are recommending you to buy at least two of them.

Never store your material long time in a SD card. They are quite unreliable and you should backup the material into a traditional hard disk or cloud, preferable to two of them. It is also a good idea to take a portable hard disk with to backup videos already while travelling.

DJI Mini 2 needs a SD card with the minimum speed rating UHS-I U3. Check this SD card from Amazon.

And remember to backup videos right away after every flight. Buy this USB storage from Amazon.


We rate DJI Mini 2 as a 4-star drone in its price class. The drone is very reliable and it has high-quality features. Especially, the battery duration is long and the signal range is awesome. The missing collision avoidance sensors and professional automated flight modes are the biggest cons of this drone.

Best Travel Drone?

DJI Mini 2 is a drone for travel.

Small size, a well-designed back together with the light weight makes the drone easy to carry with. Batteries include so little energy that they can easily be carried in the cabin of an airplane. Travelling with DJI Mini 2 is practical.

We can´t quarantee that DJI Mini 2 is the best travel drone but at least, it has been very easy to travel with it.

The drone has no difficulties to fly even is on high altitude. To record a smooth video, it is wise not to rotate the drone while recording. Other movements must be done by using the cinematic mode with small control movements.

Bottom Line

DJI Mini 2 will take your holiday photographing to the next level. We think it is really good drone in its price class even though DJI has even better and more expensive professional products. Before buying one, compare prices carefully. Learn to fly the drone in your home country in good conditions before heading overseas to ensure you can fly a drone safely!

Traskända Manor in Espoo

With DJI Mini 2, we have been able to shoot photos of beautiful gardens from a new perspective.

We do recommend to buy at least 3 spare batteries to carry along with for every single flying session to maximize your potentials of getting the desired quality videos. Make sure that you buy DJI Mini 2 combo instead of only the drone.

Before a journey, do a background work well. Learn to pack the drone safely. Investigate the laws related to drone flying of your country destination/s and the airline's regulations as well. Take an insurance if required.

With good preparations, travelling with DJI Mini 2 will be rewarding. It is a reliable mini drone for travellers. Those instagrammable photos and videos you will take with a drone will surely make great holiday memories.

Check current DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo price on Amazon.

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