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Currently, Baltic Princess sails between Turku and Stockholm. It is one of the most modern ferry that Silja Tallink owns.

Finland to Sweden Ferries Summary

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  • Updated: 01/27/20 | November 07, 2019

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Table of Contents

  1. Finland and Sweden - Nordic Neighbours
  2. Why Are Ferries the Best Travel Method?
  3. Helsinki to Stockholm Ferries
    1. Tallink Silja
    2. Viking Line
  4. Stockholm to Helsinki Ferries
  5. Turku to Stockholm Ferries
    1. M/S Baltic Princess and M/S Galaxy
    2. M/S Viking Grace and M/S Amorella
  6. Naantali to Kapelskär Ferries
    1. M/S Finnswan by Finnlines
  7. Vaasa to Umeå Ferries
    1. M/S Wasa Express by Wasaline
  8. Stopover at Åland
  9. Are the Ferries Safe?
  10. Harbour Locations
    1. South Harbour in Helsinki
    2. Turku Harbour
    3. Värtan Harbour in Stockholm
    4. Stadgården Harbour in Stockholm
    5. Naantali Harbour
    6. Vaasa Harbour
    7. Umeå Harbour
  11. Comparison of Ferry Routes
  12. Stockholm to Helsinki Ferry Price
    1. Booking Advice
  13. Bottom Line

Finland and Sweden - Nordic Neighbours

Finland and Sweden are Nordic neighbours. Both the countries are members of European Union and these two Nordic countries also share a common history. These are reasons why the political and cultural environment in Finland and Sweden are similar.

Finland and Sweden have a border on the sea and on the land. The capital of Finland, Helsinki is located in the Southern Finland while Stockholm, Sweden's capital is located in the Eastern part of the country. The distance between the capitals is 496 kilometers but travelling from one to another takes still a lot of time because the countries are separated by the sea. The Gulf of Finland lies between Sweden and Finland and there is a land border only in the north.

Why Are Ferries the Best Travel Method?

Passengers travelling from Finland to Sweden and vice versa are often departing from the Southern Finland or from the Stockholm area in Eastern Sweden. Driving the route would become extremely long because there is a land connection between Finland and Sweden only in the north. Basically, taking a ferry or a flight is the only reasonable options to travel between the areas near the capitals.

Flying between Helsinki and Stockholm is fast and inexpensive but not the smoothest option. Stockholm Arlanda Airport is located far from the city centre. The most comfortable way to travel between Finland and Sweden is to take a passenger ferry from a city centre to another. Harbours are near the centres and the journey time varies between 10 and 18 hours. Luckily, the ferries are really comfortable so spending a day or a night on a boat isn't any issue. You may even feel like taking a luxury cruise.

If you still prefer flying, take Finnair's flight from Helsinki to Stockholm Bromma Airport that is much better located than Arlanda Airport. Compare prices on Skycanner.

Helsinki to Stockholm Ferries

There are two companies serving ferries from Helsinki to Stockholm. Both the companies have two huge ferries that can accommodate almost 3,000 passengers and in addition, a lot of cargo. The one-way journey time between Helsinki and Stockholm is about 18 hours.

Tallink Silja operates two ferries from Helsinki to Stockholm: M/S Serenade and M/S Symphony that are copies of each other. Even though the ferries have already been built in 1990, they are still modern since they have been renovated multiple times.

Silja Serenade

M/S Silja Serenade has already been built in 1989 but renovated many times after that. It is still in very good condition.

The ferries can carry many cars and a lot of cargo. Still, they are more like cruise ships offering entertaining services, a variety of cabins to sleep, bars, cafes and restaurants including one that caters a morning and dinner buffet.You can do tax-free shopping or try an authentic Finnish sauna and spa. The boats have also big floating discos and some people prefer partying the whole night.

Normally on the route between Stockholm and Helsinki, the ticket price includes a private cabin with your own bathroom.

Tallink Silja ferries depart every day at 5pm from the both ends and will arrive to the destination next morning about 10am. In Helsinki, Tallink Silja uses the central South Harbour but in Stockholm you need to take a metro from Värtan Harbour to the city centre.

In Stockholm, a metro ride from Gärdet station to T-Centralen is only a few stops.

Viking Line

Viking Line operates also two ferries between Helsinki and Stockholm: M/S Gabriella and M/S Mariella. These ferries are a little smaller than Tallink's ferries but still comfortable. The ferries offer the same services as Tallink Silja's ferries but premises are a little smaller.

Viking Line logo

The logo of Viking Line has been painted to the chimney of M/S Gabriella.

Viking Line's ferries depart almost at the same time as Tallink's ferries. In Helsinki, Viking Line uses the South Harbour like Tallink Silja does but in Stockholm, Viking Line has a more central harbour called Stadtsgården.

A cabin with you own bathroom is included to the price. See our story about a cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm by Viking Line.

Stockholm to Helsinki Ferries

Naturally, the ferries leaving from Finland to Sweden are coming back from Sweden to Finland using the same route. However, the pricing may differ. The ferries from Sweden are usually priced in Swedish Crowns and the price level may be more expensive. We recommend that you travel from Helsinki to Stockholm, not vice versa.

The cheapest option is to have a 2-way cruise. That means, you travel to a destination and come back immediately or during the same day.

Turku to Stockholm Ferries

The best ferries between Sweden and Finland depart from Turku. Turku is a small town located 160 kilometers from Helsinki but Turku Harbour can be reached directly by a train from Helsinki in 2 hours.

Because the journey time from Turku to Stockholm is less than 10 hours, it is possible to have a day trip without a cabin. Travelling without your own cabin reduces the ticket price.

Check VR for train tickets to Turku Harbour.

M/S Baltic Princess and M/S Galaxy

M/S Baltic Princess by Tallink Silja started operating in 2008. The ferry is modern and it can accommodate about 2200 passengers and a lot of cars. The ferry is smaller but offers better quality than the ferries between Helsinki and Stockholm.

Silja Tallink Baltic Princess

Currently, M/S Baltic Princess operates between Turku and Stockholm. It is one of the most modern ferry that Silja Tallink has.

M/S Galaxy is just like M/S Baltic Princess. The ferry is a few years older.

These ferries depart every morning and evening from Turku and Stockholm. The journey time is less than 10 hours. Both of them have a really strict turnaround time so you need to leave the ferry fast after arriving to the destination.

Tallink Baltic Princess arriving to Turku

Arriving to Turku via the archipelago is one of the greatest experience to have in Finland during a summer.

M/S Viking Grace and M/S Amorella

Undeniably, M/S Viking Grace is the most modern ferry between Finland and Sweden. It started operating in 2013. This ferry is also environmental-friendly because it operates with natural gas.

The ferry is big having a capacity of 2,980 passengers. Travelling by M/S Grace feels like being in a luxury floating hotel with many entertainment services.

Viking Grace

M/S Viking Grace is the best ferry between Finland and Sweden.

M/S Amorella is the oldest ferry on the route Turku-Stockholm. A reason to choose this ferry could be the price or schedule.

M/S Viking Grace and M/S Amorella have together two departures from Turku and Stockholm every day. The journey time is less than 10 hours.

Naantali to Kapelskär Ferries

There is a ferry traversing between Naantali and Kapelskär. Naantali is 15 kilometers from Turku and Kapelskär is 89 kilometers from the Stockholm centre. Because you need to take a taxi or a bus to reach these distant harbours, we can't recommend having this route. However, the route may be more inexpensive and a good option if you take your own car with.

M/S Finnswan by Finnlines

Finnlines carries mainly cargo but there are passengers cabins on their ferries. M/S Finnswan travelling between Naantali and Kapelskär has a capacity of 500 passengers. Even though the ferry has been built in 2007, it is still more like a cargo ship. The cruising experience is not at the same level as on Viking Line's and Tallink Silja's ferries.

You can board this ferry only with a car. No walking passengers allowed.

Vaasa to Umeå Ferries

Travellers visiting Finland's Western coast may wish to take a cruise from Vaasa, Finland to Umeå, Sweden. That is the most practical way to cross the Gulf of Finland from Finland to Sweden. The journey is short, taking only less than 4 hours.

M/S Wasa Express by Wasaline

M/S Wasa Express is an old and small ferry. It has been built in 1981 and the capacity is less than 400 passengers. However, the ferry is good enough for a fast ride from Vaasa, Finland to Umeå in Sweden.

Stopover at Åland

Åland Islands or simply Åland is an autonomous area belonging to Finland. Almost all ferries from Finland to Sweden stop there. While cargo is being unloaded during the stop in Åland, ferries have the right to sell tax-free products on-board.

You may have a stopover in Åland islands. In that case, it is possible to continue to Sweden from Mariehamn, Långnäs and Eckerö. Eckerö Lines operates a route to Grisslehamn, Sweden; Finnlines, Viking Line and Tallink Silja to Kapelskär and to Stockholm.

Are the Ferries Safe?

Ferries are safe nowadays. They have a good operational history and there is almost no weather they can't operate. High winds, storms or ice isn't any issue. In extreme weather conditions, expect a small delay because the ferries may need to slow down a little. Even though the ferries are safe, you may get seasick during storms.

All transportation methods include risks. That is why we recommend you to get familiar with the safety instructions after boarding a ferry.

Harbour Locations

We give a brief summary about the harbour locations.

South Harbour in Helsinki

The South Harbour is in the centre just a short walk or a tram ride from the central station. Viking Line and Tallink Silja uses this harbour. However, the companies have their terminals opposite each other so be ready to head to the right side of the harbour.

Turku Harbour

There is only one passenger harbour in Turku. It can be reached within 30 minutes by walking from the centre or by a bus. There is also a train connection from Helsinki and Tampere to Turku harbour. In Turku, there are no commuter trains inside the city.

Värtan Harbour in Stockholm

Värtan Harbour is a few kilometers from the Stockholm's Centre. The easiest way to reach the centre is to walk 10 minutes to Gärdet metro station and have a metro ride to T-Centralen. Metro in Sweden is called Tunnelbanan.

Stadgården Harbour in Stockholm

Stadtgården Harbour is in Stockolm's centre. However, to reach the old town and the shopping area, you need to walk 20 to 30 minutes. Taking a bus is also possible.

Naantali Harbour

The city of Naantali has 20,000 inhabitants and its harbour is located 15 kilometers from Turku. There is no passenger train connection to the harbour but you can take a bus from Turku. Arriving by your own car is easy.

Vaasa Harbour

Vaasa Harbour is located 4 kilometers from Vaasa centre. There is a bus connection from the centre to the harbour 1 hour before the ship's departure. Taking a taxi is also possible.

Umeå Harbour

Umeå Harbour is 15 kilometers from Umeå centre. There is a bus connection about 1½ hours before the ferry departure. No train connection available.

Comparison of Ferry Routes

Route Companies Journey Time Daily Departures
Helsinki - Stockholm Viking Line
Tallink Sija
18 hours Two
Turku - Stockholm Viking Line
Tallink Sija
10 hours Four
Naantali - Kapelskär Finnlines 8 hours One
Vaasa - Umeå Wasaline 4 hours One

Stockholm to Helsinki Ferry Price

The ferries are inexpensive. The route from Helsinki to Stockholm is more expensive than the route from Turku to Stockholm/Kapelskär. Also, weekend departures are more expensive than weekdays.

On weekdays one-way ticket from Helsinki to Stockholm costs about 60 euros per a cabin and during weekends much more. A cabin can normally accommodate 4 persons. From Turku to Stockholm prices are more affordable. Especially, morning departures may be inexpensive.

While booking a cruise, you may find find great offers. The cruise means that you must come back immediately or spend one day at the destination.

Booking Advice

Finnish and Swedish residents have a good understanding what is a good price for a ferry cruise. If you follow markets intensively, you may get a great bargain.

Foreigners and travellers need easier booking. We recommend you to compare prices on Direct Ferries. By a single search, you get all prices. For example, we are using this services while looking for ferry connections in foreign countries. There are so many different options so comparing them manually would take a lot of time.

How to Book a Ferry?

For easier booking, follow our simple checklist:

  • Compare prices on Direct Ferries.
  • Choose the most suitable connection.
  • Include extras, like a buffet. Paying services separately on the ferry costs usually more.
  • Decide if you need a cancellation cover.
  • Double check all the details CAREFULLY before the payment.
Viking Grace in summer

M/S Viking Grace is easy to recognize from its tower called rotor sail. This Finnish innovation reduces fuel consumption.

Bottom Line

During your journey in the North, we recommend you to visit first Tallinn and then Finland and Stockholm. Having a ferry between these cities is the most comfortable way to travel. You will also save hotel costs while sleeping in a ferry.

See also our article how to book a ferry between Tallinn and Helsinki. We have also written a stopover guide what to do in Helsinki. While flying from Helsinki to Stockholm is the fastest option, we recommend you to book a ferry instead as your schedule allows. Especially during the summer, the archipelago is extremely beautiful.

Have you had a ferry cruise? Comment below your advice.

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