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Baltic Princess near Ruissalo

Baltic Princess is a car ferry but for people, it gives great cruising experiences.

Tallink Baltic Princess: A Great Cruising Experience

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Table of Contents

  1. Tallink Ferries
    1. Ferry from Turku to Stockholm
  2. Cruise Experiences on Baltic Princess
    1. Cabins
    2. Dining
    3. Entertainment
    4. Spa and Saunas
    5. Shopping
  3. Cost of Turku - Stockholm Cruise
  4. How to Book a Cruise
  5. Other Ferry Routes in Finland
    1. Taking a Car with
  6. Bottom Line

Tallink is an Estonian ferry company operating modern fleet between Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The company has multiple young car ferries and the biggest ones of them can accommodate up to 3000 passengers. Foreign travellers get often surprised when they realize that the ferries are not only carrying important cargo between Finland and its neighbours but they are a place for people to unwind and enjoy short and affordable getaways.

The headquarter of Tallink is situated in Tallinn, Estonia. However, the company has hubs in Helsinki and Turku, Finland and also a hub in Stockholm, Sweden. In the summer, Tallink operates also special seasonal cruising to popular summer destinations like Riga, Latvia and Visby, Sweden. Riga is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its cobblestones and breathtaking river views while Visby is famous for its best-preserved town wall.

Ferry from Turku to Stockholm

Turku - Stockholm route is one of the most popular routes of Tallink. The cruising time is less than 12 hours so the same ferry can travel back and forth during a single day. It means that the ferry is leaving from Turku every morning and evening.

Baltic Princess

The white beauty is passing Ruissalo Island in Turku before arriving at the Port of Turku.

Tallink Baltic Princess is one of these two ferries operating between Turku and Sweden. The other one is M/S Galaxy. Currently, Baltic Princess departs every evening at 8 PM from Turku to Stockholm.

Cruise Experiences on Baltic Princess

In winter 2020, we had two times 22-hour cruise with Tallinks's m/s Baltic Princess from Turku to Stockholm and back. Because of the pandemic situation, there were only tens of passengers on this huge ferry. We had the pleasure to enjoy the serenity of being in an almost empty ferry though some of the ferry's services were consequently limited for health safety reasons in line with the pandemic situation.

There are many ferry routes between Finland and Sweden. Read our ferry guide to learn more.


There are many cabin classes on Baltic Princess. class B is the most basic one meaning a small inside cabin without a window. class A is similar to the class B cabin but it has an outside window. The class Premium A is slightly bigger than the A and it has a double bed. All the cabins have a private bathroom.

Earlier, the Premium A class included a free buffet breakfast but unfortunately, this perk is now gone.

There are also suites of different levels but they are much more expensive. The majority of passengers prefer class B cabins because of their affordability.

We travelled in class A and Premium A. At the time of our cruises, the Premium A cabin included a free breakfast, so the cabin price gave us a good value for money.

Premium A cabin in Baltic Princess

Premium A cabin is not big but comfortable enough. It has a double bed, a window, a TV, a small table and its bathroom.


Tallink Baltic Princess has many à la carte restaurants but the majority of the passengers including us love to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Grande Buffet. The price of a dinner buffet is about 35 euros but the buffet is full-inclusive. There is a wide selection of cold meals, delicious warm foods and desserts for everyone. Soft drinks, juices, beer and wine are included in the price. We tried all of these buffets on Baltic Princess and loved them.

The breakfast buffet costs only about 12 euros.

Empty Grande Buffet

About 90 per cent of tables in Grande Buffet were empty. In normal circumstances, the buffet is full of travellers enjoying the delicious food.

Unfortunately, we were not able to try any of the à la carte restaurants while they were closed because of the current situation. However, a cafe was open serving inexpensive food for budget travellers.

Grill House Restaurant in Baltic Princess

People who prefer à la carte restaurants may enjoy steaks and burgers in Grill House.

Fast Lane Restaurant in Baltic Princess

We recommend eating in the Grande Buffet but if you wish to eat more affordably, heading to Fast Lane Restaurant is a wise choice.


In normal circumstances, Baltic Princess has live entertainment every day. That includes a live band, troubadours, karaoke and sometimes a bingo game. During our cruise, we had a chance to enjoy empty stages with playback music. When the audience was missing, there was no point to arrange entertainment. Based on our previous travelling experiences, the entertainment on these ferries is of high quality.

Starlight Club in Baltic Princess

During our cruises, Starlight Club in the bow of Baltic Princess was colourful but empty.

Iskelmä Bar in Baltic Princess

In normal circumstances, this Iskelmä Bar would be full of happy people.

Spa and Saunas

Baltic Princess has a sauna department. There you can find separate saunas for men and a woman, a pool and a pool bar. Enjoying a Finnish sauna while watching the view of summer archipelago must be experienced.


Shopping is the favourite hobby of Finns in Finland-Sweden ferries. On every ferry, there is a big tax-free shop selling inexpensive alcohol, sweets also local products. Baltic Princess has also separate stores for souvenirs and apparel of different international clothing brands, usually one can find hugely discounted items.

Cost of Turku - Stockholm Cruise

Having a cruise between Turku and Stockholm is almost free. During weekdays, the cabin prices are extremely low. You are paying only a few euros for the cabin, but on the ferry, you will spend more money. Having a cruise getaway is still affordable.

We paid 75,50 euros/person for our first cruise including breakfast, lunch and a dinner buffet. For the second cruise, we paid 58 euros/person for having breakfast and a lunch buffet.

Piano Bar in Baltic Princess

No-one was playing the piano in the Piano Bar. The atmosphere was as relaxing as at the home.

You need to pay a little more if you travel on weekends. If you wish to book just a one-way trip, the prices may dramatically become higher.

Did you know? Because the ferries call at the Åland Islands, they are allowed to sell tax-free products.

How to Book a Cruise

Booking a cruise from Turku to Stockholm is simple. You may check prices from Tallink´s website but we recommend comparing prices on Direct Ferries. You will see also the prices of Tallink's competitors at a single glance. Travelling on Tallink Baltic Princess gives value for the money but Viking Line has as good or even better ferries too.

How to Book a Ferry?

For easier booking, follow our simple checklist:

  • Compare prices on Direct Ferries.
  • Choose the most suitable connection.
  • Include extras, like a buffet. Paying services separately on the ferry costs usually more.
  • Decide if you need a cancellation cover.
  • Double check all the details CAREFULLY before the payment.
Fast Lane in Baltic Princess

Baltic Princess is a clean and modern ferry. You feel like being in a luxury hotel.

Other Ferry Routes in Finland

If you prefer to departure from the Port of Helsinki, you may want to read our story about Viking Line´s ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm. Taking a ferry to the Åland Islands is another summer experience. From Helsinki, it is also possible to cross the Baltic Sea to Tallinn by a ferry of either Viking Line, Tallink or Eckerö Line.

Taking a Car with

It is possible to take your car on a ferry. You can also just park the car on the card deck so it is not needed to be driven out at the destination. Read the exact terms while booking.

The Port of Turku has inexpensive parking so we recommend keeping the car there if you are just having a cruise on Baltic Princess. There is also a train connection from Tampere and Helsinki straight to the Port of Turku.

Bottom Line

There are three companies operating cruises between Finland and Sweden. Both Tallink and Viking Line have modern ferries. This winter, we travelled twice on Baltic Princess and loved both the cruises. Baltic Princess offers great quality with a low price tag.

What is your favourite ferry, comment below?

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