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Our Recommendations: Saving Tools for Travellers

In this page you would learn regarding different commercial links which we from Finnoy travel consider them to be of good quality and readily more affordable services than others. We recommend these services to all travellers. Whether you are a novice traveller or with much travelling experiences, these services are helpful for you!

We have included here travel-related services such as booking (for flights and hotels). Also, services which you might need during you travel period itself in case a problem arise.

We are only recommending services which we ourselves has tested and proven to meet two criteria: Good quality and affordability. We are entitled to small commissions resulting from purchase or use of the following services by our site visitors. Get ready and the helpful saving tips are now at your hands!

Helpful Tools for Travellers



Whenever we make bookings, one of our favourite comparison tool is Skyscanner*. Using both the Skycanner website or application is very easy to use. Skyscanner allows you compare flight prices easily with their user-friendly interface.

You may do comparison by the form below.


When travelling in the EU area you have extensive rights for compensation when your flight is delayed or cancelled if not caused by extraordinary circumstances. We from Finnoy Travel are willing to help you free of charge in your application process for the compensation. Feel free to contact us via the contact form.

If you prefer outsourcing the application process, AirHelp is a good choice. AirHelp is offering services in case your flight was delayed or cancelled. For some reasons that you are not able to apply for the compensation yourself, you can opt to avail AirHelp's services to file for the compensation to the concerned airline in your behalf. This means less hustle for you. Consequently, they will be entitled for a commission once the compensation fees are successfully granted or paid by the airline.

More information about AirHelp* you will find on their webpage. We have also written an article about EU cancelled flight compensation.


For hotel bookings, we are not strange to Hotelscombined. This price comparison tool is a good choice if you are not collecting points to a specific hotel chain. Oftentimes, Hotelscombined finds cheaper rates than other hotel price comparison tools. This is the reason why Hotelscombined is obviously one among favourite hotel booking tools.

Please check hotelscombined.com* for more information.

If you prefer using only one hotel booking service, and you don't want to change your booking site every time, we recommend you booking.com. Booking.com has a few advantages: most of its hotels can be cancelled free of charge, the price level of hotels is averagely low and the service is protected by European consumer protection laws. Using the system is also simple and it offers many different languages.



DreamCheaper is a hotel re-booking service.

It has a simple but great idea. When you already have an existing hotel booking, you just forward it to DreamCheaper. They try to find the same room in the same hotel with a cheaper price. When they find one, with your permission they will cancel your previous booking and re-book the hotel room with a cheaper price.

The great thing is that you can just relax while DreamCheaper is working on behalf of you. It is highly probable that you will save money with this innovative idea. Please keep in mind that DreamCheaper is a re-booking service so you need an existing (refundable) hotel booking before starting to use this service.

Please check DreamCheaper's web page* and start saving!

We have also written a review about DreamCheaper.


Sometimes hotels are too expensive or you may prefer staying just in a normal home in cosy atmosphere. Then Airbnb is for you.

On Airbnb web site you will find private homes from local people. Staying in Airbnb home is living like a local and it is often also really cheap. There are a lot of homes to choose from: cheap basic rooms to high class private houses.

Check Airbnb for more information.

Lounge Pass

Airport lounges are places to unwind before long or short flights.

Lounge Pass* sells highly discounted entry vouchers to many top quality lounges all over the world. With less than 30 euros (or dollars) you may get a comfortable chair to calm down, free buffet and unlimited drinks. Lounges are peaceful places to spend your stop-overs.

Obviously for comfort reason,s we do prefer lounges than crowded and overpriced cafes at the airport when having lay over.

Please see our recommendations for travellers in Helsinki area!

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