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Savvy Travelling

In this page, you will learn regarding different commercial links which Finnoy Travel considers to be of good quality and readily more affordable services than others. These services are worth the money to all travellers. Whether you are a novice traveller or with much travelling experiences, these services are helpful for you!

We are only suggesting services which we have tested ourselves and proven to meet two criteria: Good quality and affordability. We may be entitled to small commissions resulting from purchase or use of the following services by our site visitors. Get ready and the helpful saving tips are now at your hands!

Flight Bookings for Savvy Travellers

As we all know, flight prices vary between booking sites. Airlines' own pages are rarely the cheapest ones. You may save remarkable amount of money by comparing prices between booking sites.

Momondo and Skyscanner

Momondo and Skyscanner are powerful tools to find afforadble flights. We will soon publish detailed instruction how to book cheap flights.

Airport Lounges for Relaxed Travellers

Airport lounges are the best places in airports to relax before long or short flights. We love spending time in airport lounges instead of noisy, crowded and overpriced airport cafes. Not all people know that entering a lounge is possible just with an economy class ticket. Of course, it is not free, but with the right tools, you can visit lounges affordable.

Lounge Pass

Lounge Pass sells discounted entry passes to high quality airport lounges around the world. With less than 30 euros you may secure yourself a comfortable and relaxing chair, complimentary buffet and unlimited drinks. Lounges are perfect places for spending layovers between flights.

Lounge Memberships

Frequent travellers should consider having lounge memberships. We have written separate articles about Priority Pass and DragonPass lounge programs.

You may also be interested in our Ultimate Airport Lounge Guide.

Flight Compensation

At this point, we do not recommend any particular service.

Airport Transfer


Local public transport is usually the cheapest way to reach your destination from the airport. Quite often, this method is also slow and you need effort to find a suitable route.

Indulgent travellers order their taxis beforehand. The driver will be waiting for you right after the landing. He/she will also take a possible flight delay into account and arrive to pick you up at the right time. Taxi2Airport is a reliable airport transportation booking site. Transfers are also inexpensive. The service is especially practical if you are travelling to a country where regular taxis are not trustworthy.

Hotels and Airbnb for Savvy Travellers

Also hotel prices vary a lot. There is even huger variation than in flight prices. On a booking site a hotel price may be 50 euros/night while another site offers the same hotel for 100 euros.

For hotel bookings, we are not strange to Hotelscombined. This price comparison tool is a good choice if you are not collecting points to a specific hotel chain. Oftentimes, Hotelscombined finds cheaper rates than other hotel price comparison tools. This is the reason why Hotelscombined is obviously one among favourite hotel booking tools.

Check for more information.

If you prefer using only one hotel booking service, and you don't want to change your booking site every time, we recommend you has a few advantages: Most of the bookable hotels can be cancelled free of charge; The price level of hotels is averagely low; has very good customer service in case you encounter problems with your hotel bookings and the service is protected by European consumer protection laws. Using the system is also simple and it offers many different languages.


Sometimes, hotels at certain destinations are too expensive. Instead of paying a pricey hotel accomodation, you may prefer staying just in a normal home in cosy atmosphere. Then Airbnb is a good option for you.

On Airbnb web site, you will find private homes from local people. Staying in Airbnb home gives a feel-at-home atmosphere for more affordable rates in most destinations. There are a lot of homes to choose ranging from simple, standard homes to high class private houses.

Check Airbnb for more information.

Ferry Connections for Sailing Travellers

Instead of flying, having a ferry is often the most practical way to travel short distances. Many ferries allow you to take your own card with and it is easy to rest in a cabin. Overnight travellers do not need to book hotel rooms. Modern ships have also good catering services and entertainment.

Direct Ferries

A wise traveller compares ferry prices. There are many ferry operators sailing on the same routes and you can easily compare their schedules and prices on Direct Ferries. The service shows schedules and prices clearly. You may place the booking right away after finding the best connection. The service may also find a connection that you didn't even know existing.

Head to Direct Ferries and find a suitable connection for your trip.

Travel Insurance for Wise Travellers

It is mandatory to have a travel insurance when travelling to certain countries. A well-prepared traveller buys a well-covering travel insurance for unexpected matters. Treating a sickness or an injure abroad may become super expensive but a travel insurance keeps you less worried about costs.

SafetyWing for True Nomads

SafetyWing provides a travel medical insurance for people all over the world, while outside their home country. The insurance covers medical costs and other unseen events like travel delays. People may choose a fixed term plan or an automatically renewing subscription. A continous plan is the best for nomads while there is no limit how long you can travel. It is even allowed to have a short-term visit to the home country and you will still be covered.

Get an instant quotation from SafetyWing. You can buy an insurance even if your trip has already started.

World Nomads

It is good to compare prices and also to consult your own insurance company. World Nomads is another well-known global insurer for travellers. Check an instant quotation also from World Nomads.

Car Rental for Savvy Travellers

Renting a car gives you more opportunities for exploring places while on holidays. Rental car prices vary a lot and comparing them is recommendable. It is even more important to check that the insurance level of your car is sufficient. The agreements normally contain an excess that you must pay in the case of an accident. Even a small new scratch in the car can cost you hundreds of euros.

We recommend you to buy an additional coverage to your car. By doing so, you reduce your excess to 0 euros. This is especially important if you are an inexperienced driver or if the traffic culture of your destination is undeveloped. Quite often, small damages to your rental car are committed by other drivers, say a small scratch while parking carelessly.

Discover Car Hire

You can compare prices of well-known rental companies on Discover Car Hire. On their web pages, you can also buy an additional protection to the car and then in the case of an accident, your excess will be paid back to you. The additional coverage is significantly cheaper on Discover Car Hire than buying it directly from renting companies' offices.


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