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Restaurant in Prevelis
F/B Prevelis is an old ferry but well-renovated. The cafe is a relaxing place to have a drink while enjoying scenery of archipelago.

Review: From Rhodes to Santorini on F/B Prevelis

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Cruising to the Greek Islands

Europeans love travelling to the Greek islands to enjoy the best summer weather in Europe. Greece is a must-see destination that is known for its turquoise waters, romantic sunsets and mythological references. The Greek islands have beautiful beaches, tasty Greek food and cosy hotels which offer friendly Greek hospitality.

It's common to fly to Greece but ferries are an alternative way to travel between the Greek islands. Distances are not long so cruising for a few hours takes you to another island. Ferries are also more comfortable than aeroplanes, especially during good weather conditions.

Ferries in Greece are modern ships that can carry vehicles, cargo and passengers. Many ferry companies are competing with each other which keeps the prices affordable.

Review of Anek Lines F/B Prevelis

In the summer, we started our holiday by flying to Rhodes. Our second destination was Santorini and we decided to travel the leg from Rhodes to Santorini by a ferry called F/B Prevelis. Santorini is quite far from Rhodes so our cruise took longer than many other domestic ferry routes in Greece: 17 hours. Another reason for the long duration was the intermediate stops along the route.

From Santorini, we flew out with Volotea.

Luckily, the schedule was good. Our Rhodes to Santorini ferry departed at 8am and arrived late at 11pm. During this journey, we were able to see the coastline of Turkey, the Greek archipelago and many islands. Spending the whole day on the sea was also relaxing with spectacular views of the islands during the stops.

A Greek Island
The scenery from the ferry was amazing!

Knowing beforehand that this journey will be quite long, we had booked also a cabin. It would have been possible just to book a cruise without a cabin but we paid a little more to have our private place where to rest during the journey.

A cabin in Prevelis
Our cabin was small and basic. It was still a peaceful place to have a nap.
Reception in Prevelis
We needed to pick up a cabin key from the reception of the ferry.

The route was operated by F/B Prevelis which wasn't the newest ferry of Anek Lines. The ship was built in 1980 in Japan but despite its old age, it was still comfortable to travel with. Anek Lines has also newer ships but they are used on different routes, mainly to Italy.

Anek Lines is not the only Greek ferry company but there are many alternatives. In this F/B Prevelis review, we share our experiences with Anek Lines.

Booking Tickets

Internet is the easiest place to book ferry tickets. We used our favourite booking service, Direct Ferries, to compare ferry ticket prices and schedules. Anek Lines had the best schedule and also a suitable price, so we decided to book it right away. The journey from Rhodes to Santorini cost only 59 euros/person including a cabin for two.

A bathroom in Prevelis
The cabin had its own small bathroom.

After the booking, we got a confirmation right away in our email.

Fetching the Tickets from an Office

Digitalization in Greece is still in the progress. Even though we had an email confirmation from Anek Lines, we had to change the confirmation to real printed tickets. We fetched tickets from Anek Lines' office at the port of Rhodes two days before the departure.

Departure from the Port of Rhodes

Our ferry, F/B Prevelis departed from Rhodes Passenger Harbour. It was somehow difficult to find the exact harbour location because Anek Lines didn't tell it clearly on their website and there are many harbours in Rhodes. Luckily, we visited the harbour two days before the departure to fetch our tickets and at the same time, we asked Anek Lines staff where the ferry leaves from.

F/B Prevelis is not the newest ship but it is still comfortable to cruise with. The moments before boarding at the port of Rhodes.
Car deck of Prevelis
Walk-in passengers board also via the car deck. The tickets are inspected inside the ferry.

Anek Line advised us to arrive at the harbour only half an hour before the departure because we didn't have a vehicle. Passengers boarded the ferry via the car deck and tickets were inspected inside the ferry. We needed to fetch cabin keys from the ferry's reception.

The car deck in Prevelis
The boarding was via the car deck.

Everything went smoothly but because it was our first ferry trip in Greece, we would have wished for clearer instructions.

Onboard F/B Prevelis

F/B Prevelis is an old ferry. Even though, Anek Lines calls it as a super-modern ship, it is quite outdated. Some of the inside premises have been renovated well but you can still feel being in an old ferry. Especially, our cabin was simple and not so comfortable. For example, you can easily hear noise from the corridors and the door of the cabin was noisy caused by vibrations of its metal parts. The ship had a paid for WiFi. The cafes and restaurants were nice. Enjoying the sun on the outer deck felt also good.

Swimming pool in Prevelis
The ship had also a swimming pool but unfortunately, not in use.

The ferry had a self-service restaurant that served inexpensive food. There was also an a la carte restaurant. Drinking was possible in the ferry's cafe and bar.

This pasta meal from the self-service restaurant cost less than 10 euros.

The ferry had a small gift shop.

F/B Prevelis was comfortable enough and it had enough services to spend one full day. For longer routes, this ferry could become a little boring. On the other hand, it was a nice surprise to notice that the price level on the ferry was low.

A Ggift ship on Prevelis
The ferry had a small gift shop.


On a scale from 1 to 5, we rate our cruising experience with Anek Lines as 3. The journey was successful, but the ferry was old. There was no entertainment program. Also, not enough practical information was provided before the journey. However, we didn't have any big issues so overall, everything went well.

A cafe  in Prevelis
The cafe on the F/B Prevelis served delicious greek pastries.

Advice for Booking Ferry Tickets in Greece

We recommend comparing ferry ticket prices and schedules on Direct Ferries. You can find the best route and place a booking in a few minutes.

Having a cabin is an inexpensive extra service so it is advisable to book one. It is also wise to confirm early the exact locations of the departure and the arrival harbour and make a plan of how to reach them. Usually, taxis or a hire car are the best options.

How to Book a Ferry Ticket?

For easier booking, follow our simple checklist:

  • Compare prices on Direct Ferries.
  • Choose the most suitable connection.
  • Include extras, like a buffet. Paying services separately on the ferry costs usually more.
  • Decide if you need a cancellation cover.
  • Double check all the details CAREFULLY before the payment.
The sundeck on Prevelis
On daylight hours, spending time on the sundeck is a pleasant choice.
Lobby in Prevelis
The ferry's cafe is another relaxing place to enjoy the cruise.

Bottom Line

Greece is blessed with numerous beautiful islands and it is recommended to visit at least two islands on the same journey. While flying between islands is theoretically fast, we recommend taking a ferry. Greece has a long history of operating safe ferries and travelling on the sea is comfortable. During summers, the sea is quite calm.

Sunset on the Mediterranean Sea
Seeing this sunset on the Mediterranean Sea made our cruise perfect.

Have you travelled by ferry in Greece? Comment below!

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