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Tag: DragonPass

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The Ultimate Guide to Airport Lounges

  • By Finnoy Travel (updated: 10/03/18)
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Years ago airport lounges were exclusively meant for business travellers. An ordinary traveller couldn't afford a business class ticket so the doors of lounges stayed closed. Luckily, change has come and so it is not like that anymore. Airport lounges nowadays can be accessed cheaply and easily in several ways.

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Review: Why DragonPass Beats Priority Pass?

  • By Finnoy Travel (updated: 01/26/19)
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DragonPass comes from China and it allows you to access many airport lounges around the globe. It is a competitor for Priority Pass that is a well-known product in Western countries. We made a review if DragonPass beats Priority Pass. Our surprising answer is YES but read how we ended to this result.

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