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The reception of Aspire Lounge

You will find the reception of Aspire Lounge at the upstairs near the Gate 27.

Review: Aspire Lounge at Helsinki Airport

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Table of Contents

  1. Aspire Lounge Helsinki Airport
  2. The Location of Aspire Lounge
    1. The View from the Lounge
  3. Access Methods
    1. Airlines
    2. Walk-In Price
  4. Our Rating
    1. The Easiness to Find the Lounge
    2. Comfyness
    3. Food and Drinks
    4. Services
    5. Friendliness of the Customer Service
    6. Overall Rating
  5. Bottom Line

Aspire Lounge Helsinki Airport

Aspire Lounge is a business lounge in the Schengen area of Helsinki Airport. The lounge is operated by an international ground handling company, Swissport.

We have have visited Aspire Lounge several times while flying from Helsinki Airport to destinations in the Schengen area. Because Helsinki Airport is our home base, the airport lounges here became familiar to us. In addition to Aspire Lounge, there are 7 other lounges in Helsinki Airport.

Aspire Lounge in Helsinki Airport

Outside the busy hours, the atmosphere in the lounge is often really peaceful.

The Location of Aspire Lounge

Helsinki Airport has two terminals but they are connected together. Walking between the terminals takes only 5 to 15 minutes so you can access Aspire Lounge as long as your flight is leaving to a Schengen destination. If you are flying out from the Schengen area, you can still access Aspire Lounge but you need to reserve enough time to pass immigration after the lounge visit. In Helsinki Airport, you would expect passport control to be a fast process.

Aspire Lounge is located in the Terminal 2 upstairs near the Gate 27. The stairs up leave from the Gate 27. At the end of the stairs you will find Fly Inn Restaurant and Aspire Lounge. An elevator is also available.

Entrance to Aspire Lounge

The Aspire Lounge is located at the upstairs near the Gate 27.

The View from the Lounge

Plane spotters wish for a nice view from the lounge to the tarmac. Unfortunately, Aspire Lounge does not offer it. The lounge is located far from the terminal's outer windows, so the view is not perfect. This is only an issue if you wish to do plane spotting. Otherwise, the lounge is surprisingly comfortable.

The view from Aspire Lounge

Unfortunately, the view from Aspire Lounge is not better than this.

Access Methods

Aspire Lounge is full-inclusive. After you have paid yourself in, everything is included. There is no need to pay extras for snacks, drinks, showers or other similar services of the lounge.

Aspire Lounge welcomes travellers being a part of Priority Pass, DragonPass, Lounge Key or Lounge Club lounge programs. Lounge Key and Lounge Club come usually with credit cards but a membership to Priority Pass or DragonPass can be bought with money. Aspire Lounge offers Eurocard and Diners Club credit card holders discounted rate. The exact rate depends on the card issuer.


Some airlines invite their business and first class passengers to Aspire Lounge. For example, Qatar's, airBaltic's and Icelandair's business class passengers will get a complimentary invitation.

Walk-In Price

The estimated walk-in price to Aspire Lounge is 35 euros. The exact price has not been published. However, we recommend you to book a visit beforehand at Lounge Pass. The pre-booking guarantees you an entry even during the busy hours and the price is also cheaper. The pre-booked price is about 32 euros.

Our Rating

The Easiness to Find the Lounge

The lounge is easy to find close to the Gate 27. Also, accessing your Schengen area gate after the lounge visit is fast taking only 5 to 10 minutes. In many airports, lounges are difficult to find but this is not the case with Aspire Lounge.


Aspire Lounge is a peaceful and a separated area upstairs of Helsinki Airport. Its color theme is fresh and we would say that the lounge is comfortable. However, during the rush hours, the lounge may get quite crowded.

Sofas and tables

Aspire Lounge has nice sofas and tables that a big group of travellers may use together.

There are sofas, soft chairs, normal chairs, tables and a meeting area. There is also a quiet area if you just wish to relax. A decorative fireplace is a nice extra.

Food and Drinks

The catering in the lounge is average.

The only warm food item is soup. In addition to soup, there are salads, chips, fruits, tasty quark, bread, ham, cheese, chips and desserts. The catering has been at similar level during our visits.

Catering in Aspire Lounge

The catering table has usually many kinds of food items but soup is the only warm food.

The drink selection is very good. During our visits, the lounge has offered juices, soft drinks, water, beer from a tap, wines and strong spirits. Also special coffee has been available from a coffee machine.

Coffee machine in Aspire Lounge

You may take normal or special coffee from the coffee machine.

Drinks in Aspire Lounge

If you are not a fan warm drinks, Aspire lounge offers beer, wines, spirits, juices and soft drinks.


In addition to the catering services, the lounge offers a few other services. There are toilet and shower facilities inside the lounge. Helsinki Airport provides free unlimited well-working WiFi. In Aspire Lounge, there is a working table where you can charge your devices. A small minus is that there could be more power sockets around the lounge.

Workdesk in Aspire Lounge

The lounge has a few work desks for people who need power sockets and a small table.

Friendliness of the Customer Service

The customer service is typical Finnish service. Everything works well and the staff are nice. But you should not expect over-friendliness and a smile is not always guaranteed.

Sofas in Aspire Lounge

There are sofas for people who just love to relax.

Overall Rating

Aspire Lounge is better than many other lounges we have visited. There is still much room to improve, but already now, the lounge gives much value for your money.

Hanging chair in Aspire Lounge

If you are lucky on your visit, this hanging chair might be for you.

We recommend you to buy an inexpensive lounge entry on Lounge Pass.

Bottom Line

Premium airline ticket holders will be invited to a lounge by the airline. If you have just an economy ticket, there is still chance to get into a lounge. Aspire lounge is an affordable and good quality lounge for leisure travellers and it gives you value for you money. We recommend you to try it while travelling to a Schengen destination.

The lounge may get crowded during busy hours so remember to pre-book your visit. Comment below about your Aspire Lounge experiences.

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