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Komplett Bank credit card

Komplett Bank credit card is not the most well-known card in the Nordic countries. However, it has many really nice features.

Review: Komplett Bank Credit Card with Many Extras

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • Updated: 09/15/21 | August 21, 2021

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Table of Contents

  1. Komplett Bank Credit Card
    1. Credit Card in Finland and Sweden
    2. Credit Card vs. Debit Card
    3. Komplett Bank - A Bank from Norway
  2. Consumer Credit Card
    1. Credit Card for an Immigrant in Finland
    2. Fast and Simple Application Process
  3. Features of Komplett Bank Mastercard
    1. No Annual Fee
    2. Freely Chosen PIN Code
    3. Support for Apple and Google Pay
  4. Bonus Program
  5. Insurances
    1. Travel Insurance
    2. Excess of Collision-Damage-Waiver
    3. Purchase Security Insurance
    4. Identity Theft Insurance
  6. Experiences about Komplett Bank Credit Card
    1. Applying for a Card
    2. Komplett Bank Mobile App
  7. Rating: Should I Apply for a Card?
    1. Rating
  8. Bottom Line

Komplett Bank Credit Card

Komplett Bank Mastercard is a credit card from a Norwegian bank. It is not the first credit card that comes into the mind but it beats easily traditional and more expensive credit card competitors. We reviewed Komplett Bank credit card to find out if it suits for people living in Finland and Sweden.

We compare the card especially against Bank Norwegian Visa credit card which has very similar features.

Credit Card in Finland and Sweden

Komplett Bank credit card is available in Finland and Sweden. This review was written based on the card marketed in Finland but Komplett Bank cards in other countries are almost similar.

Credit Card vs. Debit Card

Komplett Bank Mastercard is a credit card. This means that you don´t need to pay the full invoice on the due date but then the remaining part will gain interest. We recommend paying the bill fully not to get extra expenses.

Debit cards do not have a credit feature but transactions will be charged or reserved from your bank account in real time.

Credit cards have some benefits over debit cards. You can easily pay hotel and car rental deposits with a card and the money won´t be taken even temporarily from your bank account. With a Komplett Bank Mastercard, you have also 50-day time to pay your purchases without any interest. Normally, credit cards have also more extra perks compared to plain debit cards.

Komplett Bank - A Bank from Norway

Komplett Bank is an online bank from Norway. The bank is very similar to Bank Norwegian that is marketing a Visa card in the Nordic countries. Komplett Bank specializes especially on consumer loans but they also have this Mastercard credit card in their portfolio. Similar to Bank Norwegian, Komplett bank does not offer a saving account product.

Consumer Credit Card

The credit card of Komplett Bank is a Mastercard. If you use the credit card wisely, there will be not any fees. The card does not have an annual fee and you have in average 50 days time to pay the bill without any interest. However, the interest rate is high if you fail to pay the bills/s on time.

We recommend not to use the credit feature of any credit card because it will become almost as expensive as short-time loans. But take an advantage of the interest-free periods to collect all your daily spending into a single bill.

The credit limit of a Komplett Bank credit card can be even as high as 10,000 euros but the exact limit depends on every customer. Though not many people can be granted with this high limit ceiling. Still, a few thousands euros limit is enough for daily spending.

While travelling and making payments with a credit card, you need a high enough credit limit because hotels and car rental offices reserve initially big deposits from the card.

Credit Card for an Immigrant in Finland

Students and immigrants in the Nordic countries may not have any credit card yet. Komplett Bank is an easy choice to be the first credit card for multiple reasons.

The card is free and it is not dependent on any local bank. It has multiple free and valuable features so it gives value for a newcomer in the country. Buying the same services separately would cost a lot. Applying for a Komplett Bank card is also simple and the whole process of application can be easily done online in 5 minutes.

Before applying for a Komplett Bank credit card, you should have a bank account in a local bank and a debit card for it. Your chances to get approved become much higher if you have lived in the country long enough and that, you have a stable income flow.

Fast and Simple Application Process

It is easy to apply for a Komplett Bank Credit Card. Everyone over 23 years old without negative marks in his/her credit history can apply for a card on the bank´s website. You can sign the application electronically like we did with our Nordea's accounts. After the approval, a PIN code can freely be chosen and the card will be delivered to your home within a week.

Features of Komplett Bank Mastercard

No Annual Fee

There are no recurring fees if you use the card wisely. That means, the card does not have a monthly or yearly fee and no interest is charged when the bill has been fully paid before the due date. With bad spending habits i.e delayed bill payments, the card will become expensive due to high interest rates.

If you don´t pay the bill latest on the due date, the interest rate of the credit can be even more than 19%. You are also asked to pay interest from the ATM withdrawals. Even though the fee list states that withdrawing cash is free of charge, it is not the full truth. You need to pay interest starting from the withdrawal date until the bill has been paid. Also, the currency conversion fee is 1,75% but this is common among credit card companies. It is not recommended to use Komplett Bank Mastercard for withdrawing cash. Instead, Bank Norwegian Visa is better for that purpose. Other than this purpose, Komplett Bank card is a great choice.

Freely Chosen PIN Code

Almost every bank allows you to choose the PIN code of your card freely. That is the case with Komplett Bank, too. After your application has been approved, you can select a PIN code yourself.

Support for Apple and Google Pay

Apple and Google Pay integrations are nice extras to any payment card. You don´t need to have the physical card with but you can pay purchases safely only using your mobile phone. It does not matter if you forgot the wallet as long as you still have your phone with.

Bonus Program

Absolutely, the best feature of Komplett Bank card is the bonus program. Komplett Bank pays you 2% cashback from the purchases made on the internet and 1% from transactions done physically on the stores. The bonus you collect is actually money that can be used to pay your future bills.

The bonus is calculated as points. Every 10 points is equal to 1 euro. From 100€ purchases made in the internet, you will earn 20 points and from traditional stores, you will earn 10 points. This is equivalent to 2€ and 1€ cashback respectively.

Compared to Bank Norwegian´s Visa card, the bonus system Komplett Bank is much better. You will earn bonus faster and you can spend it on anything, not only to flights. Currently, Bank Norwegian offers also monetary cashback but only 0,5%.

However, Komplett Bank's bonus system has a few limitations. You are not allowed to earn more than 2,000 points per year which means 200 euros worth of cashback money. You will earn bonus only from purchases/transactions made costing over 5 euros at once, so small amount purchases (below 5 euros) will not entitle you to gain points.

Besides these limitations, the bonus system of Komplett Bank is still one of the best on the market and it is suitable for people wishing to earn pure money back - not only free flights. In short, Komplett Bank's bonus system is good for anyone.


Another definite good feature of Komplette Bank's credit card is the insurances included. Komplett Bank offers many free insurances.

Travel Insurance

The travel insurance is valid when at least 50 percent of the total travel expenses have been paid by a Komplett Bank card. This is a similar requirement that Bank Norwegian's Visa has. The insurance covers the whole family which makes it better than Bank Norwegian´s travel insurance. In exchange for the family, you can insure 3 of your travel mates but they need to travel on the same route then. When your family is travelling, there is no need for you as the card holder to be travelling with them.

The travel insurance has 100 euros excess in the case of a sickness or an accident. Your belongings are also insured but the terms are not that good as separately paid insurances have. We recommend you always to buy a high-quality travel insurance form your own insurance company even though there are insurances in your cards. The insurances will complement each other.

The travel insurance of Komplett Bank is provided by Gouda. It is valid on the trips lasting 60 days at the maximum.

Excess of Collision-Damage-Waiver

The excess insurance of a rental car is valuable for a traveller. It is included into Komplett Bank´s travel insurance free of charge. The insurance covers up to 1,000 euros of the collision damage waiver´s excess. The insurance is valid also when renting other vehicles like boats, scooters or Segways.

Bank Norwegian has a similar product but it is a paid service.

Purchase Security Insurance

Purchase Security Insurance insures your purchases against thefts and damages.

The insurance is valid up to 90 days and it has an excess of 50 euros. In order for the insurance to be valid, you need to pay the product with a Komplett Bank credit card.

Identity Theft Insurance

Identity Theft is an incident when someone uses your identity like name and personal identification number without your permission. For example, he/she can apply for loans with your name which causes you complicated issues. Komplett Bank Mastercard has an identity theft protection that covers up to 10,000 euros legal costs arising from an identity theft.

Experiences about Komplett Bank Credit Card

We decided to apply for a Komplett Bank Credit Card to understand the product better.

Applying for a Card

We placed an application on Komplett Bank's website. Anyone older than 23 years can apply for a card if he/she has the financial things under good control. In the application, we needed to fill personal information into a simple form and give a little more information about monthly income and current financial status. Immediately, we got an initial approval with the credit limit.

After the initial decision, we needed to complete the application with a salary slip and to give information about the political status. The whole application process took only 5 minutes.

In a few days, we got the final approval to our email. After a few days more, the card arrived to our home. The process starting from the application phase to receiving the card took only 1 week.

If you forget to deliver the requested extra information, the bank will remain in contact with you multiple times through emails and SMS.

For applicants of Komplett Bank credit card who are residing in Finland, the application is done only in Finnish language.

Komplett Bank Mobile App

You can check your Komplett Bank Mastercard data easily with the Komplett Bank Mobile App. The app can be downloaded from the app stores / galleries and can be installed in a few minutes.

Using the app is simple. After the strong authentication made during the first use, you can login to the app with a passcode or a fingerprint. With the Komplett Bank mobile app, you can see your transactions and other data in real time. Also, all yourn invoices are visible in the app. If you lost your card, you can temporary lock your account through the app.

Login to the Komplett Bank Mobile App

After the first time, you can login to the app with a number code or a fingerprint.

Transaction in the Komplett Bank app

Transactions are visbile in real time in the app. The accummulated bonus is shown at the top of the screen.

Rating: Should I Apply for a Card?

As a free credit card, Komplett Bank Mastercard is a great product. You should not use the credit feature because it is expensive.

The card includes high-quality and free insurances. The greatest benefit is the bonus program because it returns real money in the form of cashback. The money is not tied to any special purpose which is the case with Norwegian Cashpoints. With Norwegian Visa card, you may earn a little more payback but you can use them only for the flights of Norwegian Air Shuttle.

There are also some cons of the card. You won´t get any bonus for the purchases less than 5 euros. Cash withdrawals from an ATM are not free but you need to pay 1,75% currency conversion fee and the interest until the payment date of the bill. Luckily, the many other benefits of the Komplett Bank Mastercard exceed these few cons.

Apply for a Komplett Bank Credit Card.


Komplett Bank credit card offers multiple, real valuable free features. For example, the card has many insurances and a good bonus program. Therefore, we rate this card as a 5-star credit card.

Bottom Line

You can apply for a Komplett Bank Credit Card easily on the internet. The card has many valuable features and with the right way of the use, the card is free. The card is a nice extra in a traveller's wallet. Especially, the excess coverage of a rental card is a good perk.

There are multiple credit cards on the market. Komplett Bank Credit Card is not targeted to travellers but still travellers can benefit from its many features. Komplett Bank Mastercard is also a good choice for the daily spending because of its bonus program. By using the card in the right way and paying your bills on time, there will be no extra costs for the card user.

Apply for a Komplett Bank credit card.

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