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Travel Service Reviews

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Review: VIP Lounge Caruso at Naples Airport

  • By Finnoy Travel (updated: 11/02/19)
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VIP Lounge Caruso is an airport lounge at Naples International Airport in Italy. There are multiple ways access this lounge. Even if you are flying with economy class ticket, still you are able to use the lounge. Read more from our review.

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Review: Lounge ANA at Lisbon Airport

  • By Finnoy Travel (updated: 08/24/19)
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Lounge ANA is a business class lounge in the Terminal 1 of Lisbon Airport. We visited the lounge in May 2018. Read our review to know how we rated the lounge and what is the easiest way to try the lounge yourself.

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Helsinki Airport Lounges: The Ultimate Guide

  • By Finnoy Travel (updated: 10/26/19)
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It is a fact that airport restaurants are overpriced. A glass of wine and a salty pastry may easily cost you about 20 euros. But did you know, for the same price and with a little effort, you can access the airports' lounges with better services. In this article, you will learn which are the easiest ways to enter many of the lounges in Helsinki Airport.

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LoungeBuddy - Airport Lounges for Everyone

  • By Finnoy Travel (updated: 10/06/18)
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We are introducing our newest partner that opens the doors of premium airport lounges for every traveller regardless the type of flight tickets. Read the article to understand more about LoungeBuddy. And the best part? In this article, our readers will get also a discount link.

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Bidroom Offers Lower Hotel Prices

  • By Finnoy Travel (updated: 12/17/18)
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Bidroom is a new hotel booking service which sell hotels 5-25% cheaper compared to other booking sites. Read our article to learn about their business idea as they claim to be the cheapest hotel booking service.

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