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Easyjet is a group of 3 companies under a single brand. We flew with EasyJet Europe.

EasyJet Review: Why to Choose EasyJet over Ryanair?

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • June 15, 2019

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EasyJet - a Group of Low-cost Airlines

EasyJet UK is a British low-cost airline founded in 1995. It is headquartered at London Luton Airport from where the airline started its first routes to Glasgow and Edinburgh in 1995. EasyJet is not a single airline but a group of airlines. In addition to EasyJet UK, there are two other airlines comprising this airline group: Vienna-based easyJet Europe and Geneva-based easyJet Switzerland.

Easyjet Airbus A319
In March 2019, we took off from Helsinki-Vantaa to Berlin-Tegel with an Airbus A319.

All said the companies are flying under the same easyJet brand and customers rarely know which airline they are using. EasyJet Europe was founded to overcome traffic restrictions caused by Brexit. EasyJet Switzerland has started its operations already in 1988 as TEA Switzerland but after easyJet bought 40% of its shares in 1998, the company started to franchise for easyJet.

EasyJet's Business Model

EasyJet's main competitor is the Ireland-based low-cost carrier Ryanair. Finnoy Travel has written a review of Ryanair earlier. Also EasyJet is a pure low-cost operator flying between European cities but the airline has also a few destinations outside Europe. EasyJet flies mainly to major airports instead of small secondary airports that Ryanair prefers. Airports at better locations make the airline easily accessible for budget travellers.

Safety of Easyjet

Based on statistics, low-cost airlines are as safe as traditional airlines. EasyJet has a good safety record without any fatal accident. However, there have been some minor incidents like fuel emergencies and too long take-off runs. We feel easyJet is safe enough to fly but there is still room for improvements.

Our Flights with EasyJet

In March 2019, Finnoy Travel flew from Helsinki to Berlin with easyJet Europe. The flight was extremely cheap costing less than 20 euros one-way. The flight departed from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and landed to Berlin-Tegel Airport which is the biggest airport in Berlin area. Tegel Airport is located close to the city center which makes it an attractive option.

Easyjet Airbus A319
For faster boarding in Helsinki, people access easyJet's planes often using the front door via the gate and the rear door via the stairs.
Easyjet Airbus A319 at Berlin-Tegel
In Berlin-Tegel Terminal C, there are no gates so everyone need to use stairs.

Low-cost airlines' have often unpleasant flight schedules because they avoid airports' expensive busy hours. Our flight departed from Helsinki at 9 PM and landed in Berlin at 10 PM. This schedule was perfect because we were able to work the whole day before flying to Berlin.

The flight was fully booked so we noticed that German and Finnish customers had found easyJet's cheap tickets.

Another EasyJet Experience

After the initial publish of this easyJet review, we have flown a few times again with easyJet. We have edited this article to match our latest experiences but the experinces have been quite similar.

In December 2019, we flew with easyJet from Helsinki to Cologne via Berlin-Tegel. EasyJet does not normally sell connecting flights so we had two different bookings: a return flight to Berlin and from Berlin a return flight to Cologne. When booking two separate connections, there is always a risk to miss the connecting flight and the airline won't then be responsible. That is why we had reserved long connections in Berlin-Tegel. It is also wise to have a travel insurance to cover possible extra costs of missing connection.

Our EasyJet Rating

In this easyJet flight review, we rate airline's different service areas from 1 to 5 stars based on our own flight experiences.

Booking and Check-in Procedure

We booked flights on easyJet's own web page. However, it is always wise to compare ticket prices on Momondo before placing a booking but usually you will find the cheapest easyJet's flights on their own website.

The booking process was simple but as all low-cost airlines do, also easyJet tries aggressively to sell extra services. Majority of the extra services were unneeded. Finnoy Travel recommends not to buy expensive extras. The saved money can be spent more wisely, for instance buying a lounge pass for a relaxing airport lounge visit. Also, purchasing travel insurance is a good idea while travelling, though instead of buying an airline's own expensive insurance services, consider buying it more affordably from Worlds' Nomads.

We flew with the cheapest ticket classes where only 1 piece of hand luggage was included and not any checked luggage.

On easyJet flight, you have better chances to get your cabin luggage inside the cabin. Ryanair puts cabin luggage to the cargo hold if you have not bought their Priority Boarding extra.

Aircraft and Cabin

The boarding processes went fast and they were organised efficiently. Everyone was allowed to have only 1 cabin bag and easyJet is really strict about this policy. In addition to the cabin luggage, no small personal items are allowed, not even a camera bag. Cabin luggage may also get checked into the cargo if there is no space inside the cabin. On the last flight from Berlin to Helsinki, we were forced to check-in our cabin luggage but on the other flights, we were allowed to have them into the cabin. This flight departed also a little delayed because the computer system in Berlin-Tegel Airport didn't work. The staff had to do everything manually but this kind of issues can happen to any airline so we didn't let it to affect this easyJet review.

The cabin of easyJet A319
The cabin of easyJet's Airbus A319 was really maximized built fully with seats. A space of 29 inches between them provides less leg room compared to standard seats spacing of 32 inches.

Our flights were operated with Airbus A319 plane. The cabins were clean but seats were really tightly packed - only 29 inches between seats. The planes weren't the newest one and it looked a little worn. For example, on the flight from Helsinki to Berlin, the tray table's lock was broken on our seat.

All the flight were almost fully booked.

The broken tray table lock
The tray table lock was so loose that it opened itself many times during a flight.

EasyJet as a low-cost airline does not offer any complimentary snacks but you can buy products from the in-flight bar. Items are moderately priced but the selection is typical airline menu including drinks, peanuts, candies and similar products. On the plane there were not any in-flight entertainment systems but easyJet's own magazines were available in seat pockets.

The inflight meny of easyJet
The in-flight menu was a typical airline menu. The same products exist on almost all low-cost airlines. Luckily on easyJet flights, food products were not too expensive.

The cabin quality got the lowest point on this easyJet Airlines review.

EasyJet does not organize disturbing lotteries during the flight like Ryanair does. It means more peaceful flight among passengers.

EasyJet has in-flight magazines readily available in seat pockets. Ryanair distributes them to passengers individually per request.

Crew Professionalism

The cabin crew were extremely friendly. They were also really careful with all small safety details. The pilots gave informative and clear speaks during the flights.

We didn't deal with easyJet's ground staff so we can't rate them. Normally everything goes so smoothly that there is not need to talk much with the ground staff. However, on the internet, you may find easyJet reviews from people who have not been totally happy with easyJet's service.

Ticket Price

EasyJet flight tickets are not that cheap as Ryanair's but the price level is still affordable. For example, we booked a few of our easyJet flights super cheaply!

Overall Rating

EasyJet offers more relaxed travelling experience compared to Ryanair. Even though the prices may be slightly higher, the overall price-to-quality ratio is much better.

Travellers in the same booking can usually sit together without extra charges on easyJet's flights. Ryanair loves separating people who have not paid for the seats.

Bottom Line

As a summary, we feel that easyJet is a pure low-cost airline with an excellent price-to-quality ratio. Compared to Ryanair which makes aggressive in-flight marketing, easyJet makes passengers to feel more comfortable. You get what you pay without issues and there are less tricks and penalties for which Ryanair is famous for. Based on our easyJet experience, we feel the airline is a great low-cost choice but never expect more than you have paid for.

It is important to compare flight prices because they vary a lot. Find the best flight deals on Skyscanner.

Did you have flights with easyJet? Do you agree with our review of easyJet? Please comment below.

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Readers' Comments (7)

  1. 07-09-2021 at 4:17pm UTC by Onur :

    Avoid this company. Read other reviews as well. You will regret if you choose this for less 10-20 Eur. It can be one of your worst flight experiences. Because: flights will get delayed (no relevant justification or communication). They will obligate you to pay 30EUR extra before letting you in the airplane due to small baggage that doesn't fit in their iron tool. Guess what: the same small baggage tested and fit in other 3 iron tools from different airlines, it is just easy jet that has the narrowest measure tool. Delays (50 min) in both ways, when you leave and come back. Choose another company and be on time.

    1. 07-09-2021 at 5:25pm UTC by Finnoy Travel :

      Thank you for the comment.

      These kind of baggage problems are nowadays quite common with low-cost airlines. But the problems are really annoying. It is always possible to complain but the path will be long.

  2. 05-18-2021 at 11:09am UTC by Valerie Kelly :

    We are booked to go to Portugal on 29th May. REF EXXCRCX from Liverpool. We are both over 70 and dont feel comfortable flying at this particular time, can I get a refund, or travel voucher to use maybe next year.

  3. 09-30-2019 at 12:35am UTC by Finnoy Travel :

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for sharing your experience and also for the great tips. These may help many travellers especially if having some concerns about adequate leg rooms. Happy travelling! :)

  4. 09-29-2019 at 5:43pm UTC by richard upton :

    I have flown easyjet a few times and they have always been good. It might be worth you getting a upfront seat (i always do) that gives you a lot more legroom, priority boarding, and lets you take a suitcase as well as a small rucksack type bag for your hand luggage. It cost me £30 euros each way to go from malaga to berlin this year plus £25 each way for the upfront seat so £110 in total. You cal also take on sandwiches and snacks (but no drinks) if you want to save a bit of money on food. The staff have always been great on the flights i have been on previously and for a budget airline i really cant fault them.

  5. 06-25-2019 at 1:02am UTC by Jenn | By Land and Sea :

    We flew on EasyJet last year and really enjoyed it. Would do it again for sure!!

    1. 09-30-2019 at 12:30am UTC by Finnoy Travel :

      Hi Jenn,

      Thanks for the comment and safe travels! One question, is EasyJet one of your favourite airlines so far? :)

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