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Kitchen of Plaza Premium Lounge

This is how it looks like the busy yet accommodating Plaza Premium Lounge during a midnight visit.

Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong (East Hall)

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • Updated: 07/28/21 | April 19, 2019

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Table of Contents

  1. Plaza Premium Lounge in Hong Kong International Airport
  2. Plaza Premium Lounge At a Glance
  3. How to Find Plaza Premium Lounge?
    1. Is the Lounge Really a Premium One?
  4. Operating Hours of Plaza Premium Lounge
  5. How to Get into Plaza Premium Lounge
  6. Lounge Access Cost
  7. Our Rating
    1. Easiness to Find the Lounge
    2. Comfyness
    3. Food and Drinks
    4. Friendliness of the Customer Service
    5. Overall Rating
  8. Bottom Line

Plaza Premium Lounge in Hong Kong International Airport

Finnoy Travel had booked a return flight (Clark International Airport - Helsinki International Airport) via Skyscanner where the cheapest economy ticket was sold two months ago before the flight. Consequently, it included a long layover (approx. 7 hours) in Hong Kong International Airport on the return flight from the Philippines to Finland via Paris. Though this was not seen as a problem by Finnoy Travel, rather we took it as an opportunity to explore the facilities at one of the largest and busiest airports in the world, Hong Kong International Airport. After all, connecting flights in this airport requires ample time to complete transfer unhurriedly, as going through long lanes at the immigration and security demands time. Otherwise, you will end up like having a race at this buzzing airport which we had experienced previously due to very short connecting time. And so to ease discomfort from anticipating a long lay over in Hong Kong and a long flight bound to Paris, we booked a lounge visit to Plaza Premium Lounge via Lounge Pass.

Plaza Premium Lounge At a Glance

Plaza Premium Lounge which turned 20 years in 2018 is a private company that operates pay-per-use lounges. Nowadays, they are one of the world's most extensive independent airport lounge networks and the most extensive by far in the Asia-Pacific region. Plaza Premium Lounges typically serve as a contract lounge to accommodate premium passengers for airlines that do not operate their own lounge at certain airports. Continue reading to learn the different methods how to access Plaza Premium Lounges.

How to Find Plaza Premium Lounge?

Hong Kong International Airport

Despite being in a big airport, Plaza Premium Lounge can be easily located by just following carefully the direction signs at Hong Kong International Airport.

Plaza Premium Lounge is located at the Airside, East Hall at Level 6 (Departures Level), near Gate 1 of Hong Kong International Airport. Upon exiting the security, just follow the signs leading to Gate 1. It is most probable that you will end up first at the door steps of the neighboring lounge bearing almost same name called the Plaza Premium First. If this is the case as we had, their friendly receptionist will surely guide you to continue walking a few meters towards the right where its annex - Plaza Premium Lounge awaits you.

Place Premium Lounge HK Entrance

There is friendly customer service at this lounge whereas you are warmly welcomed and guided to the reception desk by a smiling staff not seen in many lounges.

Is the Lounge Really a Premium One?

From Plaza Premium Lounge's own website, you can quickly check their terms and conditions while making your reservation. To sum the important information: Passengers are advised to ensure that their selected lounge's location matches the area of the airport where their flight will depart from. Please do note that for North American airports, passengers departing from the U.S. Transborder or U.S. Departures areas will not be able access their service locations in Domestic or International Departures. Departing passengers will need to pass through immigration and customs before proceeding to the departure lounge. Transit passengers must have an onward boarding pass. The lounge has a child policy whereas children under the age of two may enjoy complimentary access while discounted fee is available for children between two and eleven years old. All children are required to be accompanied at all times by an adult. Late cancellation and/or failure to arrive at the facility will be considered as No Show and the booking will not be refunded. In the event of any flight delays, Plaza Premium Lounge at its discretion may allow certain flexibility. However, such courtesy is subject to availability of service(s) in order not to prevent other guests from enjoying the service(s) they have booked. With these terms and conditions, it seems Plaza Premium Lounge is taking care seriously about the rights of their customers.

The live kitchen of Plaza Premium Lounge

The live kitchen of Plaza Premium Lounge offers the customers freshly prepared soups and warm foods.

Coffee bar in Plaza Premium Lounge

The coffee bar of Plaza Premium Lounge has a special feature where it allows customers to make their own sandwich.

Operating Hours of Plaza Premium Lounge

The lounge is open 24 hours daily.

How to Get into Plaza Premium Lounge

Access to Plaza Premium Lounge can be booked via online platforms such as Lounge Pass like we did or can be purchased directly at the lounge entrance. Other methods that can be used to access Plaza Premium Lounges include eligible premium credit cards, lounge memberships like DragonPass, Priority Pass, Lounge Key, Lounge Club, and Diner's Club. If you are a frequent traveller, we recommend you to buy a yearly lounge membership with Priority Pass or DragonPass which offers better benefits rather than buying repeatedly a one-day pass whenever visiting lounges. You may check our review of DragonPass and Priority Pass. These guides will help you decide what best suits your needs.

Lounge Access Cost

We bought a Lounge Pass to this lounge as soon as we knew after flight bookings that there is a long layover on the return flight from Hong Kong. A decision to purchase a one time lounge pass is to guarantee a seat during our layover. The online rate is GBP 25.00 for 3 hours or GBP 36.00 for 6 hours per person. We purchased at the later rate that entitled us to stay for 3-6 hours at the lounge.

Our Rating

Easiness to Find the Lounge

We give 4 stars for this category as Plaza Premium Lounge can be located with much walking after passing the immigration. Fortunately, the clear signs of Hong Kong International Airport will not mislead you in any way. Just follow the directions leading to Gate 1.


As long as Finnoy Travel reached the reception of Plaza Premium Lounge, it appeared to be very busy lounge. One will notice this immediately at the entrance. The lounge has huge premises spread into different sections. A welcoming staff greeted us to get inside. There was a queue for incoming customers, though it was handled quite quickly and smoothly by two of their friendly and efficient receptionists.

Plaza Premium Lounge as its name suggest offers premium quality. The lounge is equipped with modern facilities combined with brisk personnel that you won't feel the business of the lounge affects the quality of their service. Everything is handled quite quickly. For example, kitchen staffs were preparing fresh foods continually that customers do not have to wait for refills of drinks and foods. Also, staffs cleared up the tables in a timely manner. Within about 5-hour stay at the lounge, there was a continuous high influx of customers coming in. However, everything just goes smoothly.

Plaza Premium Lounge had all the basic amenities of a lounge. The lounge has well-maintained toilets. In addition to that, they had shower facilities that you have to book at the reception same time when you come in. The seating spaces were comfortable both for sitting and for the eyes which are mostly decked in dark grey leather. The availability of nap suites is also a big plus for increasing comfort on a stay at the lounge after midnight.

WiFi was reliable and there was a television and a flight information monitor.

Chairs in Plaza Premium Lounge

We personally liked the comfortable and modernly designed chairs of Plaza Premium Lounge which are mostly decked in dark grey leather.

Food and Drinks

There was a nice variety of food at the Plaza Premium Lounge and these ranged from western dishes to hearty traditional Hong Kong foods. They had two buffet tables catering warm meals, salads, apples, breads and at section of the lounge offers guest to create their own favourite fresh sandwich. Chocolate brownies were served for dessert.

Fresh salads

Refreshing fresh salads including variety of healthy ingredients are served in Plaza Premium Lounge.

Fresh Fruits

For apple lovers, you may pick your favourite color, green or red apples.

Spices in Plaza Premium Lounge

Another distinct feature of this lounge apart from the live kitchen is that, allowing customers to satisfy their stomachs by flavouring their own soups and foods from wide range of condiments.

Warms foods in Plaza Premium Lounge

It needs a special mention that having having warms foods at airport lounges is uncommon if visiting a lounge after midnight. Plaza Premium Lounge provides this special service.

Uncommon in other airport lounges, a unique feature of the lounge was the the live station that offers guests to enjoy the chefs' freshly prepared soups of different flavours such as the Vegetarian Rice, Beef Tendon Ball and Hong Kong Style Noodle Soup. Customers can spice up their own bowl of soup by choosing his/her own preferred condiments from the buffet table.

Food plate

An appetizing late supper at the Plaza Premium Lounge. It is great to have warm foods at this lounge even after past midnight.


Plaza Premium Lounge serves their signature mini, delicious brownies for dessert.

As for drinks, the lounge serves different refreshment drinks. They have a self-service coffee machine and hot drinks includes tea and warm milk. Unlike in many lounges though, this lounge offers only bottle beers as complimentary alcoholic drinks. If you wish to drink stronger alcoholic beverages, you may request it from the wine bar which are subject to payments.


It is easy find your drinks at this lounge as they are organized to one place. Staffs are making sure the fridge are refilled timely.

Friendliness of the Customer Service

The staffs were friendly and accommodating. They demonstrated a trait of able to work under pressure as the this lounge is very busy. The chefs are doing a great job.

Inside Plaza Premium Lounge HK

Plaza Premium Lounge is suitable to all groups of customers. The non-congested premises provides a relaxing atmosphere also for visitors with children.

Overall Rating

Plaza Premium Lounge is definitely worth the visit if connecting at Hong Kong International Airport. With many airport lounges visited by Finnoy Travel, this lounge is so far one among the best - the term premium deserves to be in its name. Its brilliant airport facilities for guests - comfortable seating, shower, great food selections, reliable WiFi, TV channels and friendly staffs are good reasons to visit this lounge. If we are to connect again with long layover at Hong Kong Airport in the future, we will surely have a relaxing stay at this lounge.

We recommend buying an inexpensive lounge access on Lounge Pass.

Bottom Line

Overall, Plaza Premium Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport is a supreme lounge that offers impressive airport lounge services. It’s definitely a lot better than other airport lounges we have visited in terms of ambiance. If you want to guarantee a seat in the lounge for your desired time period, we recommend you buying a one time lounge pass. Lounge passes can be bought by any traveller regardless of the airline or ticket class he/she is flying with. A benefit of buying a Lounge Pass is that, it allows changes and refunds up until 24 hours prior to arrival.

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Readers' Comments (2)

  1. 02-14-2020 at 9:44am UTC by Lex :

    This lounge is pretty awful now... Was there a few weeks ago... And VERY average! Wld not recommend... Priority Pass has increased its yearly charges... And quite frankly... They need to up their game with the quality of SEAsian lounges avail.

    1. 02-14-2020 at 11:27am UTC by Finnoy Travel :

      Thanks for the comment.

      Sad to hear that the quality of the lounge has gone down. Have you any examples what especially should be improved?

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