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Gran Canaria Airport Lounge Review

Sala Galdós business lounge at Las Palmas Airport

Sala Galdós is the business class lounge of Gran Canaria Airport. In the spacious and comfortable premises customers can enjoy snacks and drinks.

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Table of Contents

  1. Sala Galdós - The VIP Lounge
  2. The Lounge Is Located Upstairs
  3. The Rating of Sala Galdós
    1. The Location of the Lounge
    2. Premises and Comfiness
    3. Catering
    4. Personnel and Customer Service
    5. Overall Rating
  4. How to Get in?
  5. Bottom Line

Sala Galdós - The VIP Lounge

Sala Galdós is the only VIP lounge at Gran Canaria Airport (called also as Las Palmas Airport). It is a paid premise where you can rest in a peaceful atmosphere and enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks before the flight. Even though Sala Galdós is called a business lounge, the majority of the customers are holiday makers of Gran Canaria island. That makes the lounge's atmosphere relaxed. In our opinion, the lounge is more recommendable than airport restaurants for its affordability making it suitable even for economy class travellers. People who are travelling in the business class will most likely be invited to this lounge without extra charge.

Based on our own experiences we would rate Sala Galdós as an average level airport lounge. The lounge is really spacious and it has bright atmosphere. There are some light snacks and many choices of drinks to choose from. The drink selection includes soft drinks, juices and hot drinks like coffee. If you prefer alcohol drinks, you are free to enjoy beer, wine and strong spirits. The lounge has self-service for all drinks and snacks which is a common system in airport lounges. There are no limits to how much you should eat or drink.

The food selection in Sala Galdós is not as good as the drink selection. During Finnoy Travel's visit, the lounge was offering only peanuts, chips, sandwiches and breads. Spanish people love sweet desserts so cakes and fruits were also available. Unfortunately, the lounge did not serve warm food on our visit.

Dining table in Sala Galdós -lounge

The food selection in Sala Galdós left something to wish, but the drink selection was comprehensive including hot and cold drinks without forgetting alcoholic ones.

The Lounge Is Located Upstairs

In big airports finding your lounge may be a tough task. Luckily, Gran Canaria Airport is moderately small and finding Sala Galdós is easy. The lounge is located upstairs after the security control and it is really easy to find simply by following the signs carefully. From the lounge, there is a great view to the tarmac and also and open-air terrace. Having open air terraces at airports is a rare luxury.

The lounge is located upstairs but it can be accessed easily by stairs or by an elevator. The best thing is that the lounge is really spacious and well-illuminated because it has huge windows to the tarmac and to the runways allowing natural daylight to get in. It is often sunny in Gran Canaria so you can enjoy the sun, fresh sea air and plane spotting simultaneously.

Empty open-air terrace at Sala Galdos

Sala Galdós has a big and comfortable open-air terrace. The terrace is a dream place for aviation enthusiasts because the tarmac and the runways are located just in front of the terrace. Every plane spotter should visit this lounge.

The lounge's terrace is a great place to spot and photograph airplanes. As a side effect, there is often noise especially while ATR turboprops are taxiing at the airport.

Tarmac view to Las Palmas Airport

From the lounge's terrace there is a great view to the tarmac.

The Rating of Sala Galdós

We visited the lounge in the late afternoon in January 2018. The sun was still shining and we were able to enjoy the open-air terrace. The lounge shows its best sides during the daytime.

The Location of the Lounge

It is easy to find the lounge by following the signs after the security checks. From the lounge's premises, it takes only 5 to 10 minutes to reach the departure gates so you can maximize your time in the lounge.

Premises and Comfiness

The lounge's premises are really comfortable during the daytime while you can still enjoy the sunny open-air terrace. Inside the lounge it is also bright and spacious and during our visit there were not many customers. The areas of the lounge were clean and they were decorated in a simple Spanish style. There was a free well-working WiFi.

The lounge is suitable also for families with small children because in the open-air terrace there is a big play area. During our visit, there were not any children in the lounge but we are sure children would enjoy playing outside while parents are having drinks and snacks.


The catering is not the strongest link in the lounge. The drink selections was great but the food selection left something to wish. There were no warm food and cold snacks were simple. The lounge suits best for people who are not hungry but who would like to enjoy complimentary drinks with light snacks.

Personnel and Customer Service

The lounge's crew were friendly. During our entrance, there was a failure in the computer system which slowed down the entrance process. Because the staff handled the problem in a prompt and professional way and with a smile on their face, we give 4 stars for this category in our review.

Overall Rating

Sala Galdós is a great average level airport business lounge and worth a visit. The atmosphere is relaxed and the premises are comfortable. The catering isn't perfect and by improving the food selection we would rate the lounge higher.

How to Get in?

Business class passengers are usually invited to this lounge free of charge. However, we do not recommend you to buy a business class ticket because they cost way too much for an average traveller.

Economy class ticket holders may buy a lounge pass. By buying lounge passes beforehand the entrance is often cheaper. Normally, we recommend you to try Lounge Pass service*, that sells discounted airport lounge passes. Gran Canaria Airport's business lounge is an exception because its operator Aena VIP Service sells entrance tickets surprisingly cheap. You may buy an entrance on the web page of Sala Galdós. for the price of 29,85 euros. If you buy the entrance from Lounge pass, there price will be 32 euros but Lounge Pass allows free cancellation if your plans change.

There are also other ways to get in. Sala Galdós accepts Diners Club, Priority Pass and DragonPass memberships. We have written a separate reviews of Priority Pass and DragonPass.

Ceasar on the open-air terrace of Sala Galdos

Afternoons in January in Gran Canaria are often cool so a jacket is needed.

Bottom Line

Airports' VIP lounges are not anymore exclusively meant for business and first class passengers. Lounges are also a good option for ordinary holiday makers. With a small entrance fee you may wait for your flight in a peaceful lounge out from the airports' crowds by having complimentary snacks and drinks.

We recommend you to buy an inexpensive lounge entry on Lounge Pass.

Have you already visited Sala Galdós? Please comment below about your experiences in the lounge.

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