The entry of Finnair Schengen Lounge in the Terminal 2 Helsinki Airport
Finnair Schengen Lounge is easy to find. Just head to gate 23 and take the stairs or elevator up.

Review: Finnair Lounge Helsinki Airport

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Finnair Business Class Lounges In Helsinki Airport

There are 3 different Finnair Lounges in the Helsinki Airport. Just recently Finnoy Travel flew to Madeira for a week's winter vacation. We started our journey by visiting Finnair Business Class Lounge in the Schengen area of the Helsinki Airport. It was a timely visit to spend a voucher we bought last year sold by Finnair, an offer of buy one get one free.

It was our second time to visit this lounge but we haven't published a review about the previous visit. Since our flight was leaving at 11 am, it was a good decision to have brunch in the lounge. Firstly, we were warmly welcomed by a friendly staff who at first mentioned that our voucher entitles only one person. When we replied that the said voucher was sold last year on February 14th for a special promo giving the second voucher a free compliment, the male receptionist understood it well and let both of us in.

The spacious atmosphere of the lounge was noticeably almost empty upon our entry. Warm smiles worn by the crew welcomed us who were having some video-graphing in the kitchen of the lounge. Perhaps, it was for promotional purposes.

The relaxation area in Finnair Lounge
The lounge is surprisingly spacious. Like most places in Finland, it did not feel crowded inside Finnair Lounge -:).

Locations of Finnair Lounges

Finnair Schengen Lounge is located at Helsinki Airport's 2nd floor in Terminal 2. It is just at the top of the gates 23A, 23B. The lounge can be accessed easily by a lift or by stairs and it is marked. You can't miss it!

The tarmac view from Finnair Lounge
There are good views from the lounge to the tarmac. It is also easy to charge your devices because the lounge is full of power sockets.

How to Get into Finnair Business Lounges

Finnair Lounges serve Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo and Gold members, and oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members. Business and first-class passengers of Finnair and many other oneworld airlines are invited to this lounge with free admission. As stated above, we were using a voucher to enter this lounge while bearing a Finnair economy ticket for the Madeira flight. Another method to get in is to pay your entry right upon your visit but it costs almost 50 euros.

For people travelling outside the Schengen area, there is another Finnair lounge after the immigration. Outside the Schengen area, there is also Finnair's Premium Lounge that is only meant for Finnair Plus Gold and Platinum Lumo cardholders or oneworld Emerald members.

For passengers who are not flying with Finnair or with any oneworld business tickets, we recommend Aspire Lounge that has a cheaper admission fee but it is still offering good quality services. You can easily buy your admission via Lounge Pass.

If you are travelling outside the Schengen area without a business class ticket, we recommend you Plaza Premium Lounge.

Unfortunately, Finnair Lounges do not accept Diners Club, Priority Pass, DragonPass, LoungeKey or Lounge Club memberships.

Our Rating

The Easiness of Getting in

Despite the Finnair Schengen Lounge being very easy to locate, we gave it a 3-star rating overall for these criteria for limited entry methods among various customers. The lounge is mainly meant for Finnair's Business Class passengers and status cardholders and paying yourself in by cash is expensive.

Years ago it was possible to enter the lounge with a Diners Club credit card but unfortunately not anymore.


The lounge is spacious spread in different sub-regions, clean, has stylish interiors and is very peaceful. For example, there are enclosed quiet rooms for individuals needing much privacy and a peaceful workspace. There are different kinds of comfortable chairs to choose from its different corners, which have different tastes and designs. The lounge has two shower rooms, a wide collection of local and international magazines and newspapers, screen monitors for flights, and printing services for your flight-related documents. The lounge has good-sized and well-maintained restrooms.

Chairs in Finnair Lounge
There are many design chairs in the lounge but they are also comfortable to sit down.

The lounge has many lights and it is bright inside even during dark winter days. Still, it is possible to enjoy the view of the tarmac via big glass windows. As a small but important detail, there were a lot of power sockets. Charging your devices is possible almost everywhere in the lounge.

We can't deny that Finnair's Lounges are the best lounges at Helsinki Airport and way above the average quality of other lounges we have visited at different airports.

Food and Drinks

The lounge had breakfast foods on their catering tables when we got in at about 9:45 AM. While at 10:00 AM, they started to cater a warm food buffet in addition to the previously served foods. They had fresh servings that included foods traditionally prepared in Finnish cuisine like porridge, Karelian pies, toasts, yoghurts, fried fish, potato chips, two types of sandwiches and omelettes. Additionally, they had cakes and Fazer blue milk chocolates for dessert. Fazer chocolate is delicious!

The breakfast buffer of Finnair Lounge
When we entered the lounge, there was a breakfast buffet available. Quite soon it was changed to a lunch buffet.

They had good collections of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There were beer, wines and sparkling wines. A well-working coffee machine and a high-tech juice dispenser were in use. Soft drinks were available together with very tasty smoothies. As a nice extra, the cups and table napkins were all from the famous Finnish brand Marimekko.

Coffee machine in Finnair Lounge
Like all lounges, Finnair Lounge also has coffee machines. But the cups are much more stylish because they are designed by a Finnish brand, Marimekko.
Juice dispenser
At first we were looking where are all juices. Then we found this high-tech juice dispenser.

Friendliness of the Customer Service

The staffs working during our visit were all friendly and helpful. For example, the kitchen staff made sure there was enough food available at the table all the time and brought more to the catering table as soon as needed. Also, the tables were cleaned up quickly.

Lunch plate
The lunch buffet included cold and warm items. This is the delicious lunch Ceasar ate.

Overall Rating

Finnair's Business Class Lounge in the Schengen area of Helsinki Airport is one of the best airport lounges we had visited. Even though this lounge is more expensive than the other lounges in Helsinki Airport, we would say, it is worth the money with the great quality it offers!

Nice chairs in Finnair Lounge
In the lounge you sit and relax with these nice chairs and for example, read their complimentary newspapers/magazines.

Other Lounges at Helsinki Airport

For savvy travellers, we recommend Aspire Lounge in the Schengen area and Plaza Premium Lounge in the non-Schengen area of Helsinki Airport. Both of these lounges are of good quality. To confirm your admission at an affordable price, we recommend you buy prepaid lounge passes.


How to Access Lounges?

  • Infrequent traveller may book lounge visits on Lounge Pass.
  • Frequent traveller may benefit from a lounge membership. Read our Priority Pass review.
  • Budget traveller may bid for a lounge visit. Read more about LoungePair.

You will find more helpful information from our lounge guide.

You can read detailed information about Helsinki Airport lounges from our separate Helsinki Lounges article.

Ceasar in Finnair Schengen Lounge
Ceasar relaxed in a really quiet atmosphere.

Bottom Line

Helsinki Airport is a fast-developing international airport that serves especially as a hub for Asia. In the airport, there are 5 lounges altogether and all of them are of good quality. However, based on our review, Finnair lounges are the best.

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Comments (4)

Posted by Reijo Luoma

Sitting in Finnair non-schenneng ’lounge’ (schengen lounge is closing at 6 pm after the Asians have departed.).
We, who have to travel a short haul non schengen flight to European countries later pn tonight are guided to use this miserable pretend-to-be business lounge.
Poor wine, metallic cork on ’sparkling’, no liquers at all, no cafe avec/corretto.
Finnair ’business class’ is a joke and very poor value for money.

Posted by Finnoy Travel

Thanks for the comment Reijo.

It seems the pandemic has affected the quality. Let us hope the quality comes back to the normal level after travelling normalizes.

Posted by Finnoy Travel

You're welcome. Thanks for the comment too. It's our vision to share informative travel related articles for our dear readers like you, especially those new to travelling. Have a great holiday soon! For the mean time, ihanaa joulunodotusta! Cheers!

Posted by Finnoy Travel

Hi Leo, Finnair Lounge should thank your wife for that very good reason you said. Thanks for this comment. I'm curious if you have visited too other lounges in Helsinki Airport? Greetings - Ceasar/Finnoy Travel

Posted by Leo

Nope! January 7 next time to our Mactan home for a 1 month visit. Thanks for sharing this nice article! Salamat kaayo! Kiitos!

Posted by Leo

I agree! Finnair 3 lounges are the best! Why? Very simple reason! My Filipina wife works there as a cook in Fazer Food Services! :)

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