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Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport Reception

The reception area of Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport is small but it has a warm atmosphere.

Hotel Review: Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport

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  • Updated: 07/28/21 | January 31, 2019

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Table of Contents

  1. Holiday Inn Near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
  2. Location of Holiday Inn Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
  3. Services in Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport
  4. Our Rating
    1. Rooms
    2. Hotel's Public Premises
    3. Hotel's Restaurant
    4. Breakfast
    5. Sauna
    6. Price-to-Quality Ratio
  5. Is Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport Worth the Money?

Holiday Inn Near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport is an airport hotel in Finland belonging to the British IHG hotel chain. In Finland, there is no official hotel star rating system but IHG group rates Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport as a 4-star hotel. Though some booking sites rate it as a 3-star hotel. From Finnoy Travel's perspective, the real quality is somewhere between 3 and 4 stars based on our own stay at the hotel in December 2018.

Near the Helsinki Airport, there are 8 airport hotels. A few of them are really good and the rest of the hotels are basic 3 to 4-star hotels. Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport clearly belongs to the latter group but it is still not the worst in the group.

Finnair's crew who are based outside Finland often stay in this hotel. It implies that the hotel has a good rating if airlines choose it for their crews to accommodate them.

Location of Holiday Inn Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Helsinki Airport is located actually in the city called Vantaa even though the airport is officially called Helsinki Airport. That is why the official name of the hotel is Holiday Inn Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

The hotel is located near the Helsinki Airport but not at the airport area itself. Helsinki Airport is geographically in North Vantaa, a neighbor city of Helsinki. Walking distance from the airport to Holiday Inn hotel is too long. Thus, a transportation is needed.

Fortunately, there is a free shuttle bus service from the airport to airport hotels including Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport. Holiday Inn is the bus' first hotel stop after Finnair Flight Academy. The bus ride takes only 5 to 10 minutes. The departure of the shuttle bus from the airport is every 20 minutes. The bus is running during weekdays from 3.50am to 1.10am. During weekends and holidays, the free shuttle bus is operating under same schedule (3.50 am to 0.10 am) but with a break after 11.45 departure, it resumes at 14.15.

The shuttle bus stop at Helsinki Airport terminal 2

The shuttle bus departs from the platform 10 of Terminal 1 and from the platform 21 of Terminal 2 of Helsinki Airport.

If you are planning to visit the Helsinki City Centre or Vantaa during your stopover in Helsinki, Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport is not the best option. There is a public bus stop close to the hotel but taking a bus is slow. We recommend you to stay near the airport, for example at Clarion Helsinki Airport hotel, if you prefer to visit the center during your stay.

Check our Helsinki Tips to get nice ideas for your stopover.

Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport

The airport shuttle bus takes you to the front of the hotel. That is good because the hotel is located in the middle of nowhere and there is not much to see in the vicinity except a big shopping mall.

There is a shopping mall close to Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport. It takes 15 minutes to walk from this hotel to Jumbo Shopping Centre. This big mall offers you chances to do (tax-free) shopping with a wide range of world known brands including famous Finnish designs. There is also a wide range of dining options from many restaurants you can find inside this mall. Additionally, it en-houses a movie theater, the Flamingo Spa and a lot of other entertainment options.

Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport is located 2,9 kilometers from the airport by roads.

Services in Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport

The hotel has all basic services: rooms, a restaurant, 24 hours reception and a nice looking lobby. There is also a small gym and a Finnish Sauna and they are free to access for hotel customers. In the hotel room, there is a minibar and free WiFi.

Shortly said, the hotel has everything what you need for a good stay but nothing more. For connecting passengers, the service level at the hotel is good enough but customers should not except luxury things. The hotel buildings are quite old and in the hotel area there is nothing interesting except the shopping mall.

Our Rating

We visited the hotel ourselves and the rating is based on our experiences.


During our stay we had a standard room. From the term itself, one will expect a standard room is really basic. At the first sight you can see that the decoration is old and some renovation is needed. The room was clean except in the bathroom, there was some foul smell.

There is a minibar and free WiFi in the standard room. The free WiFi didn't work well but the Premium WiFi worked much better. The Premium WiFi is free for IHG members.


Hotel rooms have minibars so there is no need to find a supermarket after long flights.

The room had a telephone, a LCD TV and coffee making equipment.

Hotel's Public Premises

Public premises are not spacious but still nice looking. We can't say that they are especially stylish but they feel comfortable.

The customer service in the reception was really friendly and professional.

Public premises in Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport

The public premises in Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport were cosy.

Hotel's Restaurant

The hotel has a small restaurant. The staffs working were friendly and attentive to customers' needs. The restaurant is moderately priced and the menu is suitable for international customers. Their hamburger made with reindeer meat was actually great.


The dinner in the hotel's restaurant included complimentary delicious breads.


A breakfast Buffet at Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport

The breakfast is not included to the normal rate in Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport. However, it is worth paying because the buffet was very good.

A breafast table

The breakfast buffet included a wide variety of cold and hot food items.

The breakfast Buffet at Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport

The breakfast included typical elements in Finnish breakfast.

The hotel has a buffet breakfast that is not normally included to the room rate. The breakfast buffet included cold and hot foods, juices, dessert, coffee and tea. In short, everything what you can expect from a hotel breakfast were available.


The hotel has a gym and a Finnish sauna. We visited the sauna and it was a typical Finnish home electric sauna. Like the other parts of the hotel, the sauna also needs a little renovation. Still for many travellers, the sauna will be an exotic experience and we really recommend you to try it during your stay. There were benches outside the sauna room to cool down. You can rehydrate with cold water from their water dispenser between or after your sauna session.

As a standard etiquette when visiting a Finnish sauna, you should enter the sauna room naked for hygienic purposes . The hotel has separate saunas for women and men.

Price-to-Quality Ratio

Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport is not the cheapest airport hotel but it is not the best one either. It costs more to stay in hotels closer to the terminals but their quality is also better. We would say that Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport is slightly overpriced but if you get a good offer the hotel is a good choice.

Is Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport Worth the Money?

Yes, the hotel is worth the money when you are paying a reasonable price. Say, paying 120 euros or less for a double room with the breakfast buffet included is a good price. If you wish to have a better quality hotel, we recommend you to try Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport.

Based on our experiences, we rate Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport as a 3-star hotel.

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Check all Helsinki Airport hotels here*.

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