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Airport Lounge Discounts For Savvy Travellers

  • By Finnoy Travel
  • Updated: 01/09/19 | January 07, 2019
Catering table in an airport lounge

Airport lounges have usually cold and/or warm buffet that is included in the entry price.

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Table of Contents

  1. Single Entry Lounge Vouchers
    1. Lounge Pass
    2. LoungeBuddy
  2. Travel Lounge Price Comparison
  3. Airport Lounge Memberships
    1. Priority Pass
    2. DragonPass
    3. Airport Lounge Access by Other Methods
  4. Are Airport Lounges Worth the Money?
  5. Final Words

Walking in to an airport lounge without a booking or any lounge membership is usually possible but we do not recommended it. You need to pay the list price at the counter which isn't the most affordable in most cases. If you are wishing to have a discounted prices for lounges, we have helpful recommendations for you.

Single Entry Lounge Vouchers

There are two companies with good reputations that sell single entry airport lounge passes: Lounge Pass* and LoungeBuddy*. The price level of lounge passes by these companies are quite in the same range but their lounge selection differs. We honestly recommend both of the companies but we encourage you to choose your favourite yourself. Because the lounge selections are not totally the same, it is good to know more both of these companies.

There are also a few less famous websites selling lounge passes but according to our opinions, these two companies are the most well-known and reliable ones. If you know other good options, please let us know so can can review them too.

Lounge Pass

Lounge Pass is our readers' favourite place to buy lounges. Every week many Finnoy Travel readers secure themselves a lounge visit to make their journeys smoother. It is great to see that people have learned to enjoy their first moments of travelling at the airports.

Lounge Pass is a British company but the company sells entries to lounges all over the world. Visits are paid during the purchase progress but they can be cancelled free of charge. So basically the risk is low, if you just remember to cancel the pass on time as your plans change.

It isn't a surprise why people like using Lounge Pass. Its user interface is clear and the booking process is simple. We prefer using Lounge Pass ourselves too. Lounge Pass's vouchers are the best for families heading to a holiday and a good option as well for infrequent travellers.

Buy airport lounge access from Lounge Pass*.


We also like LoungeBuddy. They have a really a user-friendly website where you can book inexpensive lounge entries. LoungeBuddy is also a great information source about lounges. The company has the Best Price Guarantee and they offer also an option to cancel visits free of charge.

LoungeBuddy comes from United States. They sell entries to airports lounges all over the world. The selection is surprisingly good.

Like Lounge Pass, LoungeBuddy is also a great choice for families and for infrequent travellers. We have also written a longer introduction about LoungeBuddy. Please check it to understand how the service works.

Buy airport lounge access from LoungeBuddy*.

Travel Lounge Price Comparison

We made a brief comparison how much it costs to enter three random lounges in major airports. The prices (*currencies converted) may have changed so please check up-to-date prices yourself before making any booking.

Lounge Name Lounge's Own Price Lounge Pass' Price LoungeBuddy's Price
Plaza Premium Lounge,
Hong Kong
75 Dollars (2 hours) 34,20 Dollars* (3 hours) 50,20 Dollars* (3 hours)
ANA Lounge,
34,20 Dollars* 32,00 Dollars* ANA not in selection,
similar lounge 27,40 Dollars
Plaza Premium Lounge,
London Heathrow
49,00 Dollars (2 hours) 57,10 Dollars* (3 hours) 46,70 Dollars* (3 hours)

As we can see, you may get cheaper prices when booking lounges by using Lounge Pass or LoungeBuddy. In addition, you are able to secure your lounge access in advance. Paying at the counter is often more expensive than booking in advance. The later option has another disadvantage, there is always the risk that the lounge is already fully occupied especially when visiting a lounge in busy major airports.

Airport Lounge Memberships

For frequent travellers, it becomes much cheaper to buy lounge membership that includes many or unlimited lounge entries. The lounge membership often comes with a credit card.

If your credit card doesn't come with a lounge membership program, you can buy membership yourself. There are two well-known lounge membership options.

Priority Pass

Priority Pass*, a British company is the most famous airport lounge membership program. We have evaluated it in another article. Check the article to see if Priority Pass is the best choice for you.


Another good lounge membership program a strong competitor of the former is a Chinese company called DragonPass. We have compared DragonPass to Priority Pass in a separate article and we ended to a conclusion that DragonPass would be a better choice for us. However, depending on your home base, Priority Pass may be the best option for you. Check the DragonPass and Priority Pass comparison to understand what are the similarities and differences between them.

Airport Lounge Access by Other Methods

Read our Ultimate Lounge Guide to understand all methods to get into airport lounges.

Are Airport Lounges Worth the Money?

Your journey will be much nicer when you can start it relaxed. The lounge access costs you about 30 dollars or even less so the price is a good value for your money in exchange for a more peaceful environment in contrast to crowded airport restaurants. Having snacks, coffee or beer in airport restaurants costs often a lot too and the atmosphere in airport cafeterias is not pleasant with much noise pollution. Lounges pay back with a relaxed mind.

Final Words

Airport lounges have been gradually becoming popular for travellers regardless of the booking type they have. Lounges are luckily limiting the number of customers to accommodate at a time to keep the atmosphere relaxed. That is why we recommend you buy your pass beforehand to secure your slot, thus it ensure you to get in.

We are frequent lounge visitors ourselves. If we have long connections or we arrive to the airport early enough, we usually head to an airport lounge. Read our lounge reviews to understand which lounges we have liked.

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