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Helsinki Airport Lounges: The Ultimate Guide

Aspire Lounge Helsinki

Airport lounges are great alternatives to expensive airport restaurants.

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Table of Contents

  1. Helsinki Airport Lounges and Their Locations
  2. Who Can Visit Helsinki Airport Lounges?
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Book a Lounge Visit
  4. Summary of Helsinki Airport Lounges

Airport lounges are peaceful waiting areas maintained by airlines or by third parties. In the past, lounges have been meant mainly for business class passengers to enjoy complimentary extra services, but nowadays, many lounges are open to anyone. Usually, lounges offer snacks and drinks including but not limited to alcoholic beverages. The use of lounge premises and services is not typically free for economy passengers, but getting in with an economy ticket is still feasible. The entrance fee paid on the spot may be quite high but unknown to many, there are several ways to access airport lounges by paying cheaper entrance fees. Airport lounges are not only for businessmen but also for ordinary travellers.

Helsinki Airport Lounges and Their Locations

There are 8 airport lounges at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport:

All of these lounges are located after the security control so lounge visitors are required to have a valid Boarding Pass.

Aspire Lounge is situated after the security control in the Schengen Area, Gate 27 upstairs (3rd floor). Information signs are clear so the lounge is easy to locate.

Sofas in Aspire Lounge

In Aspire Lounge, the atmosphere is peaceful. The lounge offers complimentary drinks and snacks.

Fly Inn restaurant is located just next to Aspire Lounge.

Fly Inn Restaurant

Fly Inn Restaurant is next to Aspire Lounge.

Finnair Schengen Lounge is also located after the security control at the terminal's corner (3rd floor). Stairs at the Gate 22 lead you to the lounge.

Entrance to Finnar Lounge

Finnair Schengen Lounge is located in the corner of the Terminal 2 close to the Gate 22.

SAS Lounge is located after the security control in Schengen area at Gate 13 on the same level as the departure gates. This is the only lounge in the Terminal 1.

Almost@home Lounge is surprisingly difficult to find. The lounge is located after the passport control near Gate 31 at the back of the Duty Free store. The information signs are unclear. You'll find the lounge near toilet signs inside the Duty Free.

Finnair Non-Schengen Lounge and Finnair Premium Lounge can be found easily after the passport control close to Gate 50(a,b,c...). These gates are located in a separate hall accessible thru a small corridor. Finnair Lounges are right there where the corridor to Gates 50 (a,b,c...) begin.

Plaza Premium Lounge is located after the passport control a little before Gate 40 at the same floor level as the departure gates. Walking straight the corridor after Gate 34 will lead you to Gate 40, on its right side, there is Plaza Premium Lounge.

Are you new to Plaza Premium Lounges? Have a taste of them by reading our Plaza Premium Lounge (Hong Kong Airport) review.

Who Can Visit Helsinki Airport Lounges?

Finnair Premium Lounge is solely intended for passengers who are travelling with the most expensive Finnair or oneworld tickets, obviously for those who are travelling in the business class. The lounge is also open to premium loyalty card holders of Finnair or its oneworld partners (min. Finnair Plus Gold or oneworld Emerald status). Fortunately, the other lounges listed above can be accessed in other ways. We present you these entry methods.

The simplest but not the cheapest way to access a lounge is to buy a Business Class Ticket. The business tickets of Finnair and oneworld companies give accesses to lounges which are maintained by Finnair. Meanwhile, Star Alliance customers are directed to Scandinavian Airlines Lounge. Other airlines have usually outsourced their business class passengers to third party lounges. At Helsinki Airport, these passengers are heading to Aspire Lounge in the Schengen area or to Almost@home lounge or Plaza Premium Lounge in the non-Schengen area. Fly Inn restaurant is a not a lounge but they accept Priority Pass as a payment for breakfast or lunch buffet.

For frequent travellers, it is not reasonable to buy expensive, business class tickets for the sake of enjoying lounges. Business class tickets are usually really expensive and not easily affordable for all holiday makers. However, not purchasing business class tickets does not mean locking the doors of every lounge. The easiest and cheapest way to get in is to have the right credit cards. Some credit card companies offer free or a reduced prices for airport lounge visits. For example, Diners Club credit card holders can access many lounges free of charge or with a small fee (depending on the card issuer). In Nordic countries, Eurocard is another good option to have reduce-priced lounge access. American Express offers its premium card holders a Priority Pass advantage that entitles you usually to four free lounge visits. The best Amex cards come with unlimited lounge access benefits. In Helsinki Airport, Aspire Lounge and Almost@home Lounges are accepting Diners Club and Priority Pass. Plaza Premium Lounge accepts also Priority Pass.

Priority Pass is a company that sells different levels of lounge memberships. As a member regardless of the level, you are entitled for lounge access valid in all major airports. The Priority Pass membership comes often free of charge along with many credit cards, including the American Express Card as mentioned above. Surely, Priority Pass cards can be bought separately too. Cards are multi-level, and usually the memberships that come with basic credit cards include 4 free lounge visits, with additional visits costing 28 euros. You can also purchase Priority Pass membership with unlimited lounge access and its price is 399 euros.

We have published a separate review of Priority Pass.

Lounge Club and Lounge Key are similar lounge programs as Priority Pass. They are included to some credit cards. It is impossible to purchase Lounge Key or Lounge Club memberships with pure money but they always come with a credit card. In Helsinki Airport, Lounge Key and Lounge Club offer the same lounges as Priority Pass.

Having a lounge card does not guarantee that a lounge visit is free of charge. With premium cards a visit is always free but on lower membership levels you need to pay about 25-30 euros for every visit after you have spent limited complimentary visits.

If you do not own a suitable lounge membership or if you just want to try a lounge once, a single lounge visit can be availed at a reduced rate on Lounge Pass website. This British company sells discounted access to airport lounges around the world including Helsinki Airport. If you intend to visit lounges several times in a year, Priority Pass is probably a better option for you.

A great and affordable way to increase your journey's quality is a travel class upgrade by airlines' miles. In the case of intra-European flights by Finnair, paying the upgrade with Finnair Plus points is a good option. For example, Finnair occasionally offers low-priced bids to get yourself upgraded. Accordingly, Scandinavian Airlines trades upgrades on auctions. In the case of SAS, you may also choose to pay the upgrades with money at moderately cheap rates. In return, the travel class upgrade includes also a lounge access, so this is often a cost-effective way to access airport lounges.

Table 1. illustrates ways to access Helsinki airport lounges without a need of expensive flight tickets or elite statuses in airlines' loyalty programs.
Lounge Access Method Price
Finnair Lounge A pre-purchased voucher for Finnair Plus customers 29,25 € + 1 000 Finnair points
or 13 000 points (price varies).
Finnair Lounge Travel class upgrade For example, 7500 - 10 000 points when the destination is within Europe.
SAS Lounge Travel class upgrade Starts from 5000 Eurobonus points by the auction,
one can also offer money.
Aspire Lounge Diners Club,
Priority Pass,
Lounge Key,
Lounge Club
Card issuers have their own price lists.
Almost@home Lounge Diners Club,
Priority Pass,
Lounge Key,
Lounge Club
Card issuers have their own price lists.
Plaza Premium Lounge Priority Pass,
Lounge Key,
Lounge Club
Card issuers have their own price lists.
Fly Inn Restaurant Priority Pass,
Lounge Key,
Lounge Club
Card issuers have their own price lists.

Taking part in the Scandinavian Airlines lounge auction requires a SAS flight ticket. Finnair also requires its own (or Norra's) flight ticket from people using Finnair's lounge vouchers.

Purchasing an admission voucher with Finnair Plus points was a good way of accessing lounges before. The voucher could be bought with just small amount of Finnair Plus points + 20 euros. However, the vouchers are nowadays more expensive and vouchers can not be used during peak hours. Obviously, this limits significantly one's access opportunities to Finnair's airport lounges.

We find that Finnair's lounge vouchers are not an attractive option considering its usage restrictions. However, it is worth keeping track of Finnair's marketing as sometimes, vouchers are being sold at a competitive price, say two vouchers for price of one.

You should seriously consider airport lounges as substitutes for expensive food in airport restaurants. It is important to find out what is your best way to access lounges. This decision is often influenced as to how often you travel and also which credit cards you have. It is also significant to remember that, your chosen method of accessing lounges determines which lounges will be available to you.

Plaza Premium Network is an international premium lounge company that has opened a new lounge to the non-Schengen area of Helsinki Airport. Plaza lounges are really stylish but they may be a little pricey. We recommend you to have a visit on Plaza Premium Lounge next time when travelling outside Schengen area. The current price is about 50 dollars. The best part is that Plaza Premium Lounge accepts Priority Pass that makes Priority Pass membership really worth the money.

Book a Lounge Visit

In Helsinki Airport you may pre-book a visit to Aspire Lounge or to Plaza Premium Lounge independent on your travel class.

  • Schengen area: Aspire Lounge (book)
  • Non-Shengen area: Plaza Premium Lounge (book)

Summary of Helsinki Airport Lounges

For a traveller who does not have access to lounges by means of a credit card, Priority Pass or by a flight ticket, we recommend a few affordable alternatives.

When travelling inside the Schengen area, we recommend you to visit Aspire Lounge if you are not entitled to visit Finnair's or SAS' lounges with your flight ticket. You can buy one-time entrance to Aspire Lounge on Lounge Pass for a price of 32 euros. The Lounge Pass also sells lounge vouchers to many other large airports worldwide for even under 25 euros so the service is useful worldwide. These vouchers usually have no restrictions on peak hours and can be cancelled as your plans change. In this case, the money will be refunded. However, we recommend you to read their terms as they and prices may have been modified them since our last review.

When travelling outside the Schengen area, Plaza Premium Lounge is the most stylish lounge to visit. The lounge may be crowded so we recommend to secure an entry beforehand. An entrance can be bought on Plaza Premium Lounges website.

In the non-Schengen area you may also want to visit Almost@home Lounge. A voucher to this lounge can be bought from LoungeBuddy's website for 34 euros but the payment is only accepted with American Express.

Buy a voucher to Aspire Lounge for the price of 32 euros. Special note: This is 3€ cheaper compared to the selling price at Helsinki Aiport's website.

For regular lounge visits while travelling in Finland or abroad, we recommend Priority Pass memberships, which are available on different levels. For the cheapest card, you pay for each visit separately and the most expensive card (399 euros) entitles you to unlimited lounge visits.

Would you like to have more information about airport lounges. We have also written the Ultimate Guide to Airport Lounges. Check it to learn the best ways to get in.

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