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LoungeBuddy - Airport Lounges for Everyone

Puerta del Sol Lounge Madrid

In airport lounges there is typically a complimentary warm or cold buffet with drinks included.

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Table of Contents

  1. LoungeBuddy Is Our Newest Partner
  2. What is LoungeBuddy?
  3. To Whom LoungeBuddy Suits?
  4. Is LoungeBuddy Better than Similar Services?
  5. Interested in Trying Lounges? Discount Available

LoungeBuddy Is Our Newest Partner

Airport lounges have become a solid part of our travelling. Relaxing in an airport lounge is the best way to start a holiday or a business trip whether you have a short or long flight ahead. For us, we do not consider airports anymore as only crowded transport stations, instead we have learned to enjoy them.

Finnoy Travel has been reviewing many airport lounges and absolutely more reviews will be coming. We have also collected information about the different access methods of airport lounges to a single page:The Ultimate Guide to Airport Lounges describes the best ways to enter airport lounges for different traveller types.

Currently in the public market, there are many ways to grant an access to airport lounges. There are services that are selling continuous memberships and some services are selling single entries. We have found a new partner called LoungeBuddy. In this article, we will introduce what is LoungeBuddy about and what are the benefits of using their services.

Make sure to read the whole article and find a discount link at the end of the article.

What is LoungeBuddy?

LoungeBuddy* is a company which promises to make premium airport lounges available for everyone. They have a user-friendly website that is filled with airport lounges related information. They have, for example, published airport lounge reviews and many comprehensive guides about accessing the lounges.

LoungeBuddy is not just an information package, but they are making it possible in reality to access airport lounges worldwide. On their web pages, you can buy entry vouchers to premium lounges.

To Whom LoungeBuddy Suits?

LoungeBuddy is suitable for every traveller but its services are the best for people who are travelling a few times in a year especially for leisure. When you are travelling less than 5 times in a year, it is not worth buying any lounge membership like Priority Pass or DragonPass. Probably you do not also have any status card of airlines. In other words, LoungeBuddy is the solution when you do not have any permanent method to access airport lounges but you still want to enjoy the same quality as business class travellers are having.

Is LoungeBuddy Better than Similar Services?

LoungeBuddy is a great information source. We can't say, if it's better than other lounge related websites but its information is comprehensive and easily readable. If you just need to find one good starting point, LoungeBuddy is suitable.

As a lounge voucher seller, LoungeBuddy has some clear advantages. They have a wide collection of lounges all over the world and the price level is competitive. However, we can not guarantee that it is the cheapest so comparing prices is always a good to do but on LoungeBuddy, you will surely find good prices for quality lounges. Vouchers can also be cancelled in case of unexpected changes in your travel plans so basically there is no risk. The money will be refunded as long as you do the cancellation according to LoungeBuddy's terms.

Unfortunately, LoungeBuddy and actually not any single service can sell vouchers to all airport lounges in the world. Some airport lounges are purely meant for airline's own customers and there are no easy way to access them. We suggest you to read our Ultimate Guide to Airport Lounges to understand the basics of airport lounges.

Interested in Trying Lounges? Discount Available

Have you ever visited an airport lounge before? If not yet, now it is a great time to try because we were able to negotiate a discount for LoungeBuddy exclusively meant for our readers. Even though airport lounges may be already familiar for you, the discount is definitely a good reward to all our readers.

The discount is valid until October 31st 2018 and you will get 10 percent off from the total sum of your purchase. To be able to avail the discount, please visit LoungeBuddy service via this link*.

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